• Traveler & Runner

    Different Forms?

    February 7, 2019 by Traveler & Runner

    If The Mystreet Characters Were Wolves...Would Their Fur Just Be The Same Color As Their Hair? I'm Just Curious..

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  • Stayuptillmidnight

    Luca is a female, 14 year old girl. When she turned 13, she was a normal girl, celebrating her birthday. When she went to sleep, though, a ghost possessed her. This ghost, whom she named Spirit, told her stories of a group of friends. The friends are named: Aphmau, Aaron, Garroth, Katelyn, Lucinda, Zane, and Kim. Spirit told her that Kim was like Luca; possessed by a ghost. Luca woke up the next morning. Spirit was still in her head, but for now, Luca was in control. Luca put on her shoes, and grabbed the keys to her parents cars. She asked Spirit to take control, because Spirit knew where the friends were. Spirit drove them to an airport. Luca bought a ticket to Starlight. Although, the flight was cancelled because a creature named The Ul…

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  • Wolfboy561

    Altima werewolves

    January 20, 2019 by Wolfboy561

    They are deadly and they will kill anything in their path. They also look like us, but my alpha never really wants to kill any one. People are still looking for my alpha. I understand that I am the omega but that doesn't stop me from talking and trying to save my alpha. I was the male alpha but this time I am not. I know that my alpha is still running and hiding for her life. I need everyone to help her. I need your help to find her she is the best alpha that has ever lived. She cared about all of us. I still want to be with her but I can not be with her because I have no idea were she is at.

    SO pls look and find her. She has been hiding her ears and tail for most of her life. She is being treated in a mean and bad way. Is locked up some we…

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  • Animelover 329

    so I was browsing the internet when I came across a picture about the "Ghost is Emmalyn" theory when something clicked. The picture explained that Michael had said "That aura. You've been on this island before, haven't you? With her though." When I read that, it clicked. What if the Phoenix Alliance Island from MCD Seasons 2 and 3 became Starlight Wonderland? And with that, I rest my case....For now...

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  • ASHLEYB2022

    entry 3

    November 13, 2018 by ASHLEYB2022

    hey so I told my sister that I was not human and she said "I knew it" and I also told her that I'm an ailen from out of this world and I told her not to tell any one she said "I knew it dad ashleys an alien from out of this world" 

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  • Animelover 329

    So, I was rewatching MCD a while ago and I took notice of something. Laurence said in episode 1 of Void Paradox that all he remembers is that he was in front of Ungrth's grave before he was knocked out by Garroth and woke up in the middle of the forest in the dimension he is currently stuck in. He has no memory of anything after the "war" against Scaleswind. My theory is that maybe a physical representation of Laurence was sent into the dimension of Void Paradox while the first physical representation of him was left in the dimension of MCD as to not raise any suspicion among those in MCD, or something like that. That being said, I don't think the Laurence in Void Paradox will be able to go back to the dimension of MCD. (Note: I use the wo…

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  • Skittylover3

    Who was the guy that terra fought aphmau over in Pdh 

    Who is Aphmau's half sibling

    Who are Eins parents

    What kind of upbringing did ein have

    Who are kawaii~Chans siblings

    How did luka & katelyn meet

    who is ghost ((I have an idea))

    How did micheal get to mystreet ((Clearly not from that universe))

    Can Ultima's be girls? 

    Can there be more then one ultima at a time?

    How will Aphmau come back to life

    Why does Ein care so much about micheal?

    What did Zane do in pdh?

    Why did aphmau refer to the shadow knights in pdh graduation days. I thought zane was ruling the jury 

    What happens with kacey in pdh? 

    Why does Jeffory hate Zane?

    How did aphmau meet Luka? 

    Will we ever meet the jury in pdh? 

    How does the ultima curse work? Like I need details! 

    Where the hecky is Z…

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  • TheRealSylveonChild

    More theories

    September 30, 2018 by TheRealSylveonChild

    Hi. It's been a while but I think I have a new theory. I do not watch Minecraft Diaries so correct me if I'm wrong.

    If I'm not wrong, there is Shade of someone who looks like Aaron in diaries and he knows Mother Irene. So what if the person possessing Michael and Travis is Shade?? 

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  • ASHLEYB2022

    entry 2

    September 21, 2018 by ASHLEYB2022

    Hey there my people I'm back and I think I will stop doing blogs for a wilole.

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  • SwiftManor

    So, I may be really late in realising this, but when Aaron should’ve died in the Emerald Secret (You know when he was pushed of a cliff with a knife in his chest) there was an angel there that gave him a second chance. Of course we have ‘no idea’ who that angel was *cough* it was Lady Irene/Lady Aphmau *cough*. I alreay figured it out, but when I went back and rewatched a few episodes, the house he woke up in looks uncannily like the one Aphmau and Lilith lived in in MCD, or at least one of the ones from that village. I’m probably really late in realising it though.

    I have a very important question though: In your opinion are MCD and MyStreet a) Set in alternate universes, b) In the same Universe just in different time periods, or c) Not re…

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