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Bunny Hill Lodge MyStreet S4 Emerald Secret Ep4 Kiss ATTACK

The Bunny Hill Lodge is a massive cabin located in Bunny Hill and is the place where the majority of MyStreet Season 4: Emerald Secret takes place.


The cabin was inexplicably haunted by a ghost who had lost her memories over the years she had spent there.

Approximately 20 years[1] before the beginning of MyStreet, Garte had spent a vacation with his family at the lodge. Not long after, Michael, Garte, Zack, and Derek purchased the lodge together. The men brought their sons, Aaron, Garroth, Zane, Vylad, and Travis. As a child, Aaron collected emeralds that were strewn about outside and brought the gems inside[2], one of which he had placed in the lodge's boiler that years later exploded on Garroth was rediscovered by Aaron as an adult.

At the lodge, Michael and the group had used the nearby abundance of power-infused emeralds and secluded area to begin the production of illegal potions that last forever. They began to test their potions on their children in a series of experiments.

About twenty years later, Michael, Zack, and Elizabeth escaped from His Realm. Michael got in contact with Ein and used him as a pawn in order to aid him in creating more forever potions at the lodge. Michael left the lodge and left behind his production equipment. Ein took matters into his own hands and enslaved Tatiana's wolf pack to mine more emeralds for him to create more forever potions.


  • The lodge and themes present in Emerald Secret appear to be a reference to the setting of "The Shining". The hotel gets entrusted to Aaron and his friends and then supernatural occurrences begin to haunt and possess them after a snowstorm leaves them cut off from seeking help.


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