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Lord of New Meteli




Sword and Fists





Hair Color


Eye Color

Pale Blue

Professional Status
  • New Meteli
  • Phoenix Drop
  • Phoenix Drop Alliance
  • Lord of New Meteli
  • Seamstress (Often)
Personal Status


  • Lord Hayden(Adoptive Father; Deceased)
  • Laurance (Adoptive Brother)
  • Mother (Biological; Deceased)
  • Father (Biological; Deceased)

Cadenza (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"Roses Are Red"

Voice Actor
  • EileMonty
  • PrincessRizu (Fill-in)


Cadenza's parents died in a village fire when she was a young child while she was out in a field picking flowers. Lord Hayden of Meteli, found Cadenza in a flower field and adopted her.

She is now the adopted daughter of Lord Hayden, and a loyal friend to Aphmau. Also she has magicks as said in Season 1 of MCD. Her hobby is sewing and clothes designing, which helped the village of Phoenix Drop to stay bright and cheerful about Donna and Logan's wedding during dark times. Her adopted brother is Laurance.

When Aphmau started leaving more often, Cadenza was feeling lonely, and Cookie took a liking to her. Aphmau let Cadenza keep Cookie as her pet. 15 years later, Crumb, a puppy from a litter of Cookie's, is by Cadenza's side as she takes over the role of her deceased father as Lord of Meteli.

Laurence also teased her with the words about her current self, "You used to be a prissy princess, but now you're a trash can!" which earned him a punch in the face from Cadenza, while Cadenza realized that Laurence is the same old funny guy.

Later, it is found out that she ships Larmau, after she has a talk with Laurance at the bottom of the tree.

Her status as of Season Three is unknown.


Cadenza has long, wavy orange and red hair with a wide range of hues including auburn, amber and a gold color, which according to Laurance looks like her hair is on fire all the time. The reds and yellows fade in and out without much pattern. She has pale blue eyes, and, throughout Season One, predominantly wears a lime green and white dress with lace sleeves. In season One, as a chicken, she was a rosy red color, this is probably because of her reddish hair.

In Season Two (15 years later), Cadenza wears iron-plated armor with silver shoulder pads and a silver midriff, both of which seem to have black detailing and rims, and her hair is tied in the back, rather than in large locks in the front.


Cadenza is a kind and caring person with an interest in fashion and clothes designing. She has a great sense of style and is very fashion conscious. She is also somewhat promiscuous in the first season and seems to have a tomboyish side which may have developed from growing up with Laurence. She is arguably the most mature of the Zvahl children and as such adopts something of a maternal role towards her brother, feeling the need to be there for him whenever he needs help.

She isn't very aggressive but can defend herself very well, and in Season Two it is very notable that she became more selfless and her promiscuity has lessened considerably over fifteen years, presumably due to her brother's mysterious disappearance, the death of her father and taking the burdening responsibility of being Lord of Meteli.

She definitely thinks of her people first and foremost, staying in New Meteli despite wanting to help Aphmau. Cadenza is also a very caring and compassionate person.


  • The name Cadenza is of Italian origin, and means "rhythmic". A cadenza, with regards to music, is a passage of music that can either be written out beforehand or improvised that is performed by a soloist in an orchestra.
  • She has stated that she believes that Laurance should be with Aphmau, since she believes her brother deserves someone he truly loves to love him back equally as much.
  • She is one of the few characters in the fifteen-year time gap between Season One and Season Two who hasn't made a family, or at least attempted to.
  • Though under most circumstances Cadenza is voiced by EileMonty, PrincessRizu, who also voices Katelyn, Nicole, and Hyria, fills in as her voice actress when EileMonty is unavailable.
    • Cadenza is also one of the few characters with an English accent, along with Garroth and Jeffory
  • She has the longest hair out of any Minecraft Diaries character.
  • In Episode 11, When Cadenza gets kidnapped by the Shadow Souls, Vincent mentions, that they might use her to open the nether portal. He also said: 'She's a medium, she can focus the portal energy to expand it to allow actual Shadow Knights to escape. This situation is very similar to the one with Glenda in Season 1.
  • She seems to be in some sort of relationship in Season two with one of her guards, Vincent, although Vincent in Season 3, seems to be with Hailey.



Cadenza, Season 2 Episode 8

Why hasn't she given you a chance?!

Cadenza, Minecraft Diaries Ep. 7, "Her Power"
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