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CatFace is the studio behind the production of the Aphmau Gaming channel and Aphmau merchandise. Catface has around 50 employees located in Austin, Texas.

Jess and Jason decided to bring in a studio to aid with their YouTube and merch content so they could have more time to spend with their kids.[1]



  • According to their recruiting criteria in 2024...
    • Script writers are required to produce 7-8 scripts a week and must meet deadlines.
    • Script writers are encouraged to follow current and upcoming trends.
    • Script writers must be comfortable using Generative AI for concept reference to use as video concepts, outlines, and scripts.
    • Gaming directors lead employees to produce games and assets for Minecraft Marketplace and the Roblox Marketplace.
  • According to Glassdoor reviews in 2024...
    • CatFace generally receives poor reviews by current/former employees.
    • Lots of turnover and random/frequent firings happen at CatFace.
    • Former employees state that there is poor communication, verbal workplace abuse, management incompetence, and lots of crunch and stress.[2]
  • Brands Catface worked with include: Claire's, Blox Snacks, Bonkers, Epidemic Sound, Night Media, and VidCon.


  1. Future Of MyStreet And Other Roleplays! / AphCraft E5 [LIVESTREAM]
  2. Anonymous former employee under Production: "Great place to meet people with a lot of talent. Also great if you love helping your managers shove their heads up their rear ends and boosting their egos! There are a lot of good times here and a lot of really bad The good will not make your burn out and stress levels worth it. / You will be worked to the bone and it will never be enough. You will exceed expectations and that will become what you are supposed to do every time and more. Some of the managers are great and try to keep things in line. Others seem to not really care about the people who work for them except for how they can further their personal success."