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Cat Fight!
Phoenix Drop High 3
Season 1, Episode 3
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March 23, 2016



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"Alone with Him"

"Cat Fight" is the 3rd episode of MyStreet Phoenix Drop HighIt premiered on March 23rd, 2016.


"Aphmau heads to her second day of school, however something stands in her way of her and her classroom."


The scene starts with Aphmau ready to go to school. On the way there, she approaches Ivy, Lily and Alex who insults her drooling over Garroth at the club social yesterday. As the conversation goes on, Ivy once again threatens Aphmau by saying that Garroth is hers and only hers, and if she gets near him again, she'll be in a world of hurt, which makes Aphmau very worried.

At school, she manages to find her homeroom class. When she comes in, she realizes that Travis isn't at his seat, which makes Aphmau as she thinks that he transferred to another class. She takes a selfie, in hopes that it will calm her down, but it only makes it worse. She then realizes that she text FC as to not make her feel alone. Aphmau asks FC for advice on how to stop bullying. FC says that go ask a teacher for help, and the conversation ends with her asking to focus on her classes. Just as Aphmau was done texting, Travis arrives and he and Aphmau have a talk about how their classes were yesterday. The bell rings and Aphmau and Travis start heading to their first periods.

As Aphmau walks in, she notices Garroth and Laurance, and they invite Aphmau to sit at their table. They later have a nice conversation with each other and during their conversation, Aphmau learns that Garroth and Laurance became friends due to them running into each other a lot during their freshmen years. The bell later rings and Aphmau, Garroth and Laurance head to their next classes. We find out that Laurance had orange hair in freshman year, since Cadenza dyed it, Laurance also mentions that he was homeschooled during part of elementary school.

As Aphmau heads into her next class, which is Witchcraft class, as she walks in, she sees Katelyn and Lucinda arguing. Aphmau approaches to them. Katelyn realises that this is a perfect opportunity to make Aphmau her BFF. However, that turns into an argument of who get to have Aphmau be their friend. Suddenly, potions were dropped onto both of the girls, which turned them into cats. The class' |teacher, Hyria, approaches the scene. Aphmau asks her why the two girls fight, and Hyria replies that one of the girls is her daughter. She later tells the students to take their seats and assigns Aphmau, Katelyn, and Lucinda to sit together. Aphmau is very joyful at that thought, but she later gets annoyed as the two girls can't stop meowing at each other,



  • The title 'Cat Fight' comes from an altercation between two women. However, the title most likely refers to Katelyn and Lucinda, who were changed into cats and had a fight while under the spell. 
  • The two girls that bullied Aphmau in the first day are named Ivy (the pink-haired girl) and Alex (the black-haired girl).
  • One of Aphmau's classes is Creative Writing. This is a reference to the MyStreet episode "Fan Fiction", where Aphmau, Garroth, Laurance, and Dante wrote stories together.
  • Garroth mentions that Laurance had orange hair during their freshman year. This is a reference to Laurance having orange hair in Minecraft Diaries. 
  • Laurance mentions being "homeschooled" for most of elementary school. This is the first of many hints he dropped that he actually spent part of his childhood in an orphanage due to the fact that he is the adoptive son of Hayden in both Minecraft Diaries and MyStreet.
  • In "The Girl's Contest", it is revealed that Katelyn and Lucinda had a fight in high school. The same event occurs during this episode.
  • Aphmau is revealed to not be allergic to cats. 



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