Aphmau is a cheerful, caring, brave young woman from Phoenix Drop village in Diaries, and lives in the Phoenix Drop area in MyStreet. She's fashionable, and has a taste for the color purple.


In Diaries, she has a lot of people in her village, but instead of treating them like they are only her people, all of them are treated as family or friends, with few exceptions. Yes, Garroth is in love with Aphmau, but the problem is that as far as we know she doesn't feel the same. And of course, we all know that Aphmau is incredibly beautiful so that leads us to her admirer; cheeky Laurance. She would not return her feelings, even though Laurance tries his best to impress her; to which she playfully says 'No' 24/7. But we know something was, at some points, going on between them. We can't deny it! The two most favorite ships were Garmau and Laurmau before Aarmau came; it's debatable whether or not the fandom's favorite ships have shifted. Aphmau is a kind, wise, clever girl who speaks her mind, has a good head on her shoulders, is courageous, and stands up for what's right, even when it's hard. It's known in Diaries that any man who marries Aphmau is incredibly lucky to have such a kind, loving woman who will do anything to help others in need; In MyStreet, it's safe to say Aaron was aware of this, and will never forget it now that her surname shall soon change to Lycan.


MyStreet is quite similar, as it is the Diaries characters in modern day, so it would seem to those who are not huge fans that not much changes. Though the characters we know and adore are the same (mostly), the thought that not much is different is false. She is engaged to Aaron in MyStreet, she is now a werewolf, and she is a lot sassier, to name a few examples. She once kissed Garroth in High School, and he and Laurance harbored feelings for her still until the end of season 1. At that point, when she and Aaron announced they were now Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Garroth and Laurance agreed to not try to break them up anymore, and realized that since they truly loved her, they should let her be happy with the man she loved, even though it wasn't them. Quite a few fangirls were sad at this, naming that episode 'The Worst Day Ever', though a new ship for them (Garrance) has been on the rise, meaning the fangirls can enjoy a ship they like after all. Garrance wasn't a thought in Diaries- it was team #Garmau or #Laurmau - so that's one more difference. Something revealed in MyStreet; Emerald Secret and MyStreet Season 6; When Angels Fall was something that most likely confused everyone that was a Diaries fan; Aphmau is not Irene now.

Connection to Lady Irene

Everyone is asking "Is Aphmau Lady Irene or not?" Well, she is in Diaries. As previously stated, she is not Lady Irene in MyStreet. She may possibly be a descendant of Irene in MyStreet- we really do not know. We do know she's Irene in Diaries, though, as she is informed by Hyria that she's a reincarnation of Irene at the end of Minecraft Diaries Season 2. Aphmau is a sweet girl in both series, but not only knows how to fight in both series as well, but is willing to do so if needed or provoked; so, I suggest you don't mess with her. That, I believe, is all you need to know about Aphmau.

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