Minecraft Diaries is one of Aphmau's most popular series. Set in the world of Minecraft, this roleplay series is all about Aphmau's rise and fall as the Lord of Phoenix Drop, and her adventures along the way. While this series started as a small roleplay series, it has now become a very popular roleplaying series.

Minecraft Diaries currently has four seasons thus far, Minecraft Diaries Origins (doesn't effect the storyline that occurs in seasons one, two and three), Season One: The Rise of Phoenix Drop, Season Two: The War of the Magi and Season 3: Realm Protector (Discontinued). Minecraft Diaries Season One, The Rise of Phoenix Drop, is focused on Aphmau's adventures as lord, and her troubles with the main antagonist Zane. Throughout season one we see Aphmau start to depend on others more, and trust those around her as she gains good friends and allies. Season one ends with Aphmau and the gang narrowly escaping the Irene dimension, leaving a newly resolved Garroth behind to fight his evil brother, Zane. But before they leave Aphmau gains Irene's relic. This season had 100 episodes in total; the longest being episode 100. Minecraft Diaries Season Two, The War of the Magi, starts on a startling 15 year time skip, a side effect of going into the Irene dimension. In this season, Aphmau gains new friends and loses older ones in her adventures as she tries to reform the Phoenix Alliance. In addition to trying to run and maintain this newly reformed alliance, Aphmau is also trying to find a way to get Garroth out of the Irene dimension and is figuring out her new powers of healing and maybe more, from absorbing Irene's relic. In addition to having all this on her shoulders, she is struggling to figure out her feelings for her male companions. And with war brooding on the horizon and news of evil kings and lords, Aphmau has a very difficult journey ahead of her. In Season Three, after the revelation in the Season two finale that Aphmau is Lady Irene, there is a three year time skip where Aphmau now has given birth to her biological daughter and now is on the run from Shad, who have returned with a physical body and determined to get both of them as the second War of the Magi begins, while seeking more information about him and meeting with long-lost friends and old enemies. While in the doing so Aphmau is on another seek to reform The Divine Warriors.

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