These are pages based on content from Minecraft Diaries where the main character, Aphmau, moves in with Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan to a very lovely house, but she doesn't know that Garroth, Laurance, and Dante move right across from them on purpose. It is a more modernized Minecraft Diaries, and until season 6, the series had less fairy-tale aspects that were limited to werewolves and wiches. As of now, the series is in production.
The New House Minecraft MyStreet Ep

The New House Minecraft MyStreet Ep.1 Minecraft Roleplay-0

Season Names~

Season 1 - My Street Season 1

Season 2 - Love~Love Paradise

Season 3 - Lover's Lane

Season 4 - Emerald Secret

Season 5 - Starlight

Season 6 - When Angels Fall

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