Full Name





Siberian Husky



Hair Color

Black and White Fur

Eye Color

Light Blue

Professional Status

Phoenix Alliance



Personal Status


  • Luna (Mother; Deceased)
  • Nathan (Former Owner)
  • Aphmau (Owner)

Celestia (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"Puppy Love"

Bark Bark!


Biography Edit

Celestia was found in the woods by Aphmau, who was originally looking for a portal for the Shadow Souls as well as Dante, Levin and Malachi. While walking, she came across a few Shadow Souls attacking a puppy.

Once Aphmau fends off the Shadow Souls, she finds that they had already killed the mother dog. Feeling sorry for the puppy, she takes her to Phoenix Drop and names her Celestia, or Celeste for short. Aphmau names her Celestia after the same theme as her mother, Luna. Their past owner's name is Nathan.

In a later episode, she helps Aphmau find the flowers necessary for Zoey's barrier ritual. When Aphmau, Laurence and Katelyn were knocked out by Michi, Celeste swam back to Phoenix Drop and was last seen leading Aaron (aka the Stranger) to (most likely) save Aphmau and the others.

Celestia also made her appearance in MyStreet. In the series, Celestia is Aphmau's dog, but Celestia likes Aaron better. Celestia looks just like herself in the Minecraft Diaries.

Appearance Edit

Celestia is a siberian husky puppy with blue eyes and black and white fur.

Personality Edit

As one would probably expect from a puppy, she has a tendency to be very hyper, but she is well behaved and likes to help her owner in any way possible. The typical temperaments of a husky consist of a, generally, very active and energetic dog, which relates to her personality.


  • The name Celeste is of French origin and is typically considered to be a unisex name, though it was actually traditionally used as a boys' name, though Celeste is a female dog. The name is based on the Latin term "caelestis", which means 'heavenly'. Celestia's mother was called Luna, which is a Latin name meaning "moon". Since it is a popular belief that when you die, you go to Heaven, the name Celeste seems fitting, with consideration to the fact that her mother is dead.
    • She also could have been named after Princess Celestia, a character from My Little Pony, seeing as her mother's name is Luna.
  • Celeste, which should be pronounced "Ce-les-tee", is consistently pronounced "Ce-les-tee-ah". The spelling "Celestia" has never actually showed up in the series and Celestia's name has always been written as the shortened version.
  • In episode 17, Aphmau mentioned to Michi that Celestia is around 8 weeks old, even though it's a known fact that she would be older than that since it's been more than 50 episodes.
  • The Siberian Husky (Russian: Сибирский хаски) is a medium size, dense-coat working dog breed that originated in north - eastern Siberia.

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