MyStreet Season 2 Episode 16 Screenshot Celestia
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Siberian Husky



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Black and White Fur

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Light Blue

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The Big Move Edit

The earliest appearance of Celestia. does not do anything, but is still there.

Season 1 Edit

Celestia in this season shows up in the backround throughout the season. She prominently shown in ep. 6, where she is shown to actually be sentient and is able to talk to other animals, at least to cats. besides this, she is shown randomly, depending on episode to episode.

Love ~ Love Paradise Edit

In the beginning of the season, she is shown to have been left behind because of the characters leaving so suddenly. she is shown to have been with Travis, but she swims across an ENTIRE OCEAN to get away from Travis and to get to Aaron and Aphmau. she is shown a few more times during the season, but other wise is barely there.

Lovers Lane Edit

In this season, Celestia is shown more prominently and is shown interacting more with Aaron, Aphmau, and the cat they get. she is blamed for spilling ingredients. when Aaron and Aphmau take some time apart they do talk about Celestia and the cat.

Season 3.5 Edit

In the massive in between of seasons 3 and 4, Celestia is shown more often and is shown to play with the other dog.

Emerald Secret Edit

Celestia is shown at the very beginning of the season, and is taken care of by another person when Aphmau goes to the lodge. Celestia is not shown anymore in this season.

Starlight Edit

Celestia is shown when Aphmau was taking the tour of the house and leads Aphmau to everybody else who came for a surprise. besides this, Celestia is barely shown and is mostly forgotten for other characters. Celestia is the only one of Aphmau and Aaron's three pets shown in this season, or any other appearance after this.

When Angels Fall Edit

Celestia does not show up a single time in this season. it is joked in "Everything Wrong With MyStreet Season 5" that Celestia, like in Season 2, Swam across the ocean to get away from Travis. this is not confirmed, but it is the best we have.


Celestia is a Siberian Husky with blue eyes and black and white fur.


As one would probably expect from a puppy, she has a tendency to be very hyper, but she is well behaved and likes to help her owner is any way possible. The typical temperaments of a husky consist of a, generally, very active and energetic dog, which relates to her personality.

She is hostile to people she despises. This is shown when she refuses to stay with another person other than Aaron. She expresses her violent nature during Travis' visit. It is implied that she dislikes Travis for his flirty nature towards Aphmau

In season two, she was given a completely new appearance by KamiWasa, along with a strong feeling towards Aaron. Aphmau takes Celestia's love for Aaron with a drop of jelly and a grain of salt, noticing Celestia loves Aaron more than her. She had shown great love towards him by traveling great distances in incredibly short time by traveling on foot from MyStreet to Love~Love Paradise. While participating in mini-games, she also showed her ability to draw and to even say "Aaron" and "Follow me!".


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  • Although she is Aphmau's dog, Celestia mostly favors Aaron. This may be because Aaron is part werewolf and Celestia somehow knows it! She even said it herself that Aaron was the Alpha.
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