His name sounds like a greek god or something
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Chad G. Augistine Au'Leopold III






Pale White

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Phoenix Drop Alliance



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Aphmau (Friend)


Chad (MyStreet)

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S2. Ep 45 "Into the Forest"

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Biography Edit

Chad was first seen in Episode 45 of Season Two, when Aphmau, saw him in the clearing. He claimed to be very thirsty, so Aphmau gave him a bottle of orange juice, after which he appeared to be instantly revived, and then ran off. When he reappeared, later on, Aphmau followed him and after a short discussion that revealed that they both wanted to escape the forest. Aphmau agreed to take him back to her camp so that he could join the group. However, when they started walking, they lost sight of the clearing where the others were staying and stumbled upon a house, where Chad called out to see if anyone was there. They were suddenly surrounded by several familiars armed with spears, and their master, a witch called Hyria appeared soon afterward.

In Episode 46 of Season Two, Chad starts annoying Hyria's familiars and wants to study them for the information that he wants. Thus, making them so annoyed that they threw him through a window. After annoying them for a period of time they turn into a giant familiar. After Aphmau was cured Hyria gives Aphmau the directions to her friends via fairy. Chad is fascinated by the fairy and starts to chase it with Aphmau close behind. I believe Chad G. Augistine Au'Leopold The III's occupation is a scientist just thought you should know! He is also belived to be quite strong as he got smashed through a window and immediately ran up without a scratch and Katelyn punched him but he wasn't knocked out.

During S2 Episode 50, Chad comes along Aphmau's path and tells her that he is able to act as the priest for Emmalyn's wedding. He says that when he was "much, much younger," he followed the teachings of Lady Irene by book until he discovered the wonders of study and inventing. Though at this age, he's a little rusty.

During S2 Episode 60, Chad completed constructing what appears to be a steam-powered ship, after Aphmau mistakes the dinky box as his creation.

Appearance Edit

Chad has light skin and chestnut colored hair and mustache, and has beady eyes with black irises, and his left eyebrow is constantly raised; as if it is permanent. He wears what appears to be a Victorian frock coat that seems to be sepia colored. The collar of his coat is a more tawny color than the rest of the coat, and is jagged, suggesting that it is torn. The sleeves of a white undershirt peek out of his coat sleeves, and what is either a shirt collar or a cravat is visible. He wears black trousers. Chad also appears to have crow's feet (the name for wrinkles in the outer corner of the eyes as the result of aging), which suggests he is older than most of the other characters.

Personality Edit

Chad is a cheerful, energetic man with a love for science and nature; often at times too much, which gives off the impression that he is a little crazy. He has the habit of sticking his nose into everyone else's business, and tends to bring his face very close to the person who he is speaking to, which they consider to be an invasion of their personal space and makes them feel uncomfortable. He is also portrayed as being rather eccentric, and seems to have the stereotypical personality of a bumpkin - an unsophisticated person from the countryside, although he does appear rather dapper. He can easily get up from a hard blow, like when Katelyn punched him. But, when in a very serious situation, such as a Wedding Ceremony, he can act fairly calm. When Aphmau voices him herself, she gives him a heightened British accent, which adds to his excitement at times.

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-Chad, Season 2 Episode 46

Because I am young AT HEART! NOT LEDGES!

-Chad, Season 2, Episode 64


-Chad, Season 2 Episode 46

Trivia Edit

  • Chad had in appearance in Nahakra Village when Aphmau was having her first trial to join the thieves guild. You could see a quick glance of him Aphmau was saying, "Stop looking at me, whoever you are."
  • The name Chad is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Chad is: "Protector". It is the modernized form of the Old English name Ceadda, influenced by the Welsh word cad meaning the word "battle".
    • As for his middle names, Augistine is a name derived from the Latin word augere, meaning "to increase." The name is a variation of the Roman names Augustus and Augustinus. Augustus, meaning "the great" or "the venerable" was a title given to Roman emperors.
    • The name Leopold is of Germanic origin and can be separated into two parts. The first part is related to the Latin word Leo, meaning "lion" (although some say the first part is related to Old High German liut meaning "people", since the Germanic peoples had no word for "lion" as they weren't aware of the existence of lions until they established contacts with the Romans). The second part is also of Germanic origin and means "brave", compare "bold". The name hence originally meant something close to "as brave as a lion".
    • Therefore, Chad's name in it's entirety means something along the lines of "To increase the great lion".
  • Apparently, when he was younger, he was a priest until he discovered his interests in biology and nature. Due to his previous experience, he decided to offer his services and be the priest who would hold the ceremony at Emmalyn and Kenmur's wedding.
  • It is indicated that both his father and his grandfather had the same name as him, since he calls himself "the third". This would mean that his grandfather would be Chad G. Augistine Au'Leopold the I, and his father would be Chad G. Augistine Au'Leopold the II.
  • In MyStreet Phoenix Drop High, he is the principal of the high school. This could mean that he is much older than most of the characters in Minecraft Diaries.
  • Jason revealed in a tweet that the reason why Chad's gets into people's faces when he's talking is due to a body-acting mistake he (Jason) made in S2. Jess just kept recording, so he just rolled with it.
  • Andy (A.K.A. TheDragonHat) Has stated in a MCD Hide and seek video that One of his Favorite Characters to voice For Jess is Chad!
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