MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Episode 5 Screenshot Chad
Full Name

Chad G. Augistine Au'Leopold III






Pale White

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Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)

Phoenix Drop High

  • Inventor
  • Mayor
  • Principal
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Personal Status


First Appearance

"Weekend Friends!"

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Chad was the headmaster of Phoenix Drop High and an unintentional antagonist in The Bigger Move.


Not much is known about him. He was the principal of Phoenix Drop High, but seems to care more about his hobbies than his job. He was either resigned or fired from his position between seasons one and two.

Chad became mayor years later and was looking for an area to build a puppy hospital. While Aphmau and her friends were at Love~Love Paradise, Chad claimed their neighborhood to be abandoned except for Brendan's house, who was paid handsomely to move out. The exact moment the gang arrived back at the neighborhood, Chad didn't see them and declared the neighborhood closed, detonating all the houses and leaving everyone but Zane homeless. His house was destroyed on accident a moment later when TNT fell on it.

When confronted by the now homeless group, he felt bad and gave them rooms in a hotel. He also promised to replace everything that was destroyed. The promise was most likely forgotten as they had to pay to furnish their new homes with their own money.


Chad has brown hair and a beard that doesn't seem to be cut. His eyebrows are out of place. One eyebrow is higher up than the other one. He doesn't look like he bothered to wash it for ages. Chad wears brown clothes.


Chad loves science and discovering new things related to science. He cares more about his hobbies than his job. He is very egocentric and "wild". He doesn't respect personal space too well, as shown with Hyria during his speech.

As mayor, Chad acts before he thinks. He blew up an entire neighborhood without finding out if it was actually abandoned. He is also forgetful when it comes to paying back others for his mistakes, focusing more on his own goals. This is shown when he failed to pay the residents of the neighborhood he destroyed any compensation other than hotel room keys. This especially applies to Zane, as his house was destroyed by accident. They all had to find a new place to live and new furniture using their own money. Zane himself couldn't even afford to live on his own anymore.

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