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Cootie Monster
Season 1, Episode 19
Post Date

August 13, 2015



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Dinosaur Invades

The Chocolate Kiss

"Cootie Monster" is the nineteenth episode of Mod Mod World. It premiered on August 13th, 2015.


"Really? We're going back to this elementary stuff? Geez Tommy! Seriously!?"

Episode Overview[]

Aphmau is interrupted in her house by Tommy barging in and hiding under her table. Tommy cries that Megan is trying to take away his smartness and spread cooties. He's convinced she's evil. Megan enters next, scaring Tommy away. Aphmau explains that he thinks Megan has cooties, then she misunderstands and goes to rescue Tommy from monsters so they can be best friends. Aphmau finally finds the two of them, talking it out and finally becoming friends.

Suddenly, a giant grey slime-cube jumps out and attacks Aphmau. After defeating it, a blue man appears from the slime. Aphmau brings the man back to the lab, and Prince Reese identifies him as his brother, Prince Marsh, whom he believed was devoured by their mother.