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Curse of Mermaids
Episode 2
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July 11, 2017



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"The Heart of The Sea"


"Curse of Mermaids" is the 2nd episode of Mermaid Tales. It premiered on July 11th, 2017.


"Mermaids aren't all they seem...".


Teony and Katelyn rush to the king to find help for Aphmau. Despite their pleading and apologies, King Eric decides that Aphmau should now be declared dead, since going out after her would only put his only remaining daughter into danger. Katelyn and Teony decide that they're not going to give up anyway, since Aph has never given up on them. Teony dons her armor, and Katelyn gathers as many crystals as she can find, and they head off for the barrier together.

Garroth's ship docks at the port, while Aphmau continues to talk to it as if it were a whale. She leaves to find seaweed and flowers to make flower crowns for 'Mr. Whale'. On the dock, Garroth laments losing the crystal heart. He and Aaron find Kawaii~Chan once they exit the ship, and Garroth immediately flirts with her. He's slapped across the face by Amber, one of Prince Travis' guards- and she introduces Kawaii~Chan as one of Travis' maidens. Amber decides to take Garroth in to see Travis himself and tell him where the crystal went.

Aaron goes off on his own, but gets approached and slapped by a woman he'd spoken to last time he was at the port. She curses him for leaving her, despite him warning her that he was trouble and that he didn't want a relationship. He decides to head to the tavern and get something to eat.

Aphmau asks 'Mr. Whale' why he keeps his head up in the sky, and slowly gains the courage to go up there herself. She sticks an arm up out of the water, giddy to have managed to do it- and that it didn't hurt, even though King Eric told everyone it was toxic up there. She retracts her arm to find it has a patch of purple scales, and she begins to panic. The anchor from Garroth's ship drops nearby, scaring her away.

In the tavern, Logan gives Aaron a small job to pay for his meal plus a little extra. Aaron asks him if he's ever seen the girl he saw under water- raven hair, sun-kissed skin.. and a star scar on her arm. Logan says he's never seen any lady with anything like that, but Aaron doesn't mind, saying Titanus probably got her anyway. The mention of Titanus attracts Ivan, who starts to pester him. Aaron threatens him with his sword, but he persists- begging to know if Aaron really saw Titanus. He starts to ramble on about mermaids, until Aaron finally leaves.

Aphmau finds a fishing net with sea buns trapped inside, their mother frantically trying to help them out. She offers a flower crown, and then helps the sea buns out of the net. She gets caught in it instead, and the crook fishermen Logan hired Aaron to take care of start to pull up the net with her still inside. Once she breaches the water, scales break out all across her torso and arms- but luckily, Aaron arrives and knocks both fishermen off the dock, forcing them to drop the net. He finds a purple scale in the ropes, inspecting it with confusion at what it even is. Underwater, the sea buns offer to take Aphmau to someone who can help her with her problem.

Garroth tries to talk his way out of things, but Prince Travis demands to see where the crystal heart is.



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