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Cursed (FINALE PART 2)
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"The Business of Forever Potions"

"An Uncertain Future"

the episode starts off right on the ending of the last episode, The Business of Forever Potions. an enraged Aaron, glaring his cursed eyes right at the man he absolutely despises the most, Ein. thanks to the judgement given to him by Aaron, he is still stripped of his ears and tail, but by the color of his eyes, it's obvious a forever potion was used on him. the 2 stared down each other, Ein giving Aaron an ugly grin before he departed away.

Aaron: *breathes in anger to which Derek notices*

Derek: *amazed expression*, MELISSA! RACHEL!

*both Melissa and Rachel look at Aaron, immediately getting the same expression as Derek*

Rachel: MELISSA!

Melissa: ON IT!

*Melissa pushes Zane, Kawaii~chan and Garroth on the deck*

Rachel: *pushes Aphmau away*, shield your eyes!

*Derek goes in front of Aaron, an angry expression on his face*

Derek: AARON! get a hold of yourself! *Aaron pays no mind and tries to go right through him, getting held back* Aaron! Aaron. Lycan! CALM YOURSELF!

Aaron: *breathes in anger* EIN.

Garroth: wh- *amazed expression* what did he say?

*Aaron pushes over Derek and charges off, on the hunt for Ein*

Derek: AARON!

Aphmau: Aaron!

*Garroth jumps up and stops Aaron in his tracks by placing his hand on his shoulder*

Garroth: AARON!

*Aaron stares right into his eye, Garroth saying nothing, falling onto the deck hard. thanks to it, Aphmau jumps up immediately, going right in front of Aaron WITH her eyes opened*

Aphmau: AARON! *spreads out her arms* PLEASE STOP! YOU LOST CONTROL...!

Aaron: *breathes in anger*

Melissa: *stands up and gasps at Garroth who stays down, immobilized* n-no... he's already... n-no...!

Aphmau: please! come back to me...

Derek: *gasps at seeing Aphmau not effected by Aaron's eyes*

Aaron: *heartbeat*, A-Aph... I- ugh, EIN! EIN IS HERE!

Aphmau: w-what...? *looks around behind her and sees nothing* I-I don't...

Derek: *approaches Aaron and grabs him, turning him around, them both staring at each other angrily* what, did you do?! YOU TURNED HER DIDN'T YOU?!

Aphmau: oh no...

Aaron: I did it to protect her!

Derek: do you even realize WHAT YOU'VE DONE!

Aaron: I didn't do it on a win!

Derek: what on earth possessed you to freak out?! right now! right in the middle of everyone!

Aaron: he's here! the one who tried to kill me and hurt my fiancé!

Derek: *curious expression* fiancé? *looks at Aphmau's finger with the ring on it* you proposed?

Garroth (off screen): *screaming in pain*

Zane (off screen): GARROTH! (on screen) Garroth! please, hold on!

*Melissa and Rachel approach*


Rachel: *turns to Maria and Blaze* Blaze, Maria! please! help us carry him back!

Blaze: *sad expression* right!

Maria: *sad expression* on it!

*the 2 leave (this being the last ever scene we see of Maria)*

Aaron: Garroth! *eyes turn back to normal in sadness as he sees what he's just done*

Derek: no! you stay away from him! you've done enough damage as it is.


Derek: I have no idea right now, but... what I do know is that you BOTH have some explaining to do! both of you to the house! now.

*Derek and Aphmau leave immediately, Aaron looking back at the place he saw Ein before going to*

*with Melissa, Zane, Kawaii~chan and Rachel, Garroth being on a hospital bed*

Garroth: *loud groaning of immense pain*

*with Derek, Aphmau and Aaron*

Derek: what in Irene's name were you thinking?!


Derek: this isn't about him right now. you better hope to Irene he'll live through what you just set in motion for him! but right now I'm more concerned on what you did to her! *looks at Aphmau*

Aphmau: h-huh..?

Derek: do not play dumb for his sake!

Aaron: *angry expression* DON'T YELL AT HER!

Derek: you turned her! there is no way she would be standing right now if you didn't! I saw her look you straight in the eye AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN FLINCH! the only she would've been able to do was was if YOU- *notices a sound and looks at Aphmau with Aaron who has her ears and tail out* *surprised expression* he actually did it...

Aphmau: it wasn't Aaron's fault...! I-I asked him to...

Derek: *sighs in frustration while looking at the ground with his eyes closed*

Aaron: dad, I had my reasons.

Derek: *opens eyes* what in Irene's name would possess you to do such a thing?

Aaron: Aph is my one and only. the person I plan to spend the rest of my life with! the reason I turned her was for her own safety!

Derek: that's not-

Aaron: you had mum! mum was already a werewolf so you didn't have to worry about turning her! but Aph... I ran the risk of losing her!

Derek: *sighs in frustration and closes his eyes* do. you. understand. *opens eyes* your actions have consequences. her entire biology, her bone structure, everything has changed! what are doctors going to do when they look at her medical records and realize that she's changed?!

Aaron: that's not-

Derek: they're going to make links Aaron! people don't just, turn into werewolves!

Aaron: I wasn't going to risk her dying from an accident

Derek: then you should've thought twice about your temper Aaron. the very fact that one of your friends, at this. very. moment, is lying in his room suffering, because of you! this shows me that I never should've let you have relationships.

*the face of Aaron is shown, his expression being more sad and guilty*

Rachel (off screen): Derek! (on screen with Melissa and Sylvanna) he isn't a child anymore.

Derek: do you not see what he's caused...?

Sylvanna: *walks up a step and notices Aphmau's new appearance, putting her in a surprised expression* M-Mija...?

Aphmau: M-mom..!

Rachel: Derek. I see, that what's been done is done. yelling isn't going to do anything.

Derek: but he-!

Rachel: we should be rejoicing this engagement. but as it stands, it seems we need to come together, and discuss what choices have been made today

Sylvanna: indeed. Aphmau, may I please speak with you, in private?

Aphmau: y-yes... mom..

*the 2 head off somewhere else, Rachel watching them as they go, then turns her attention to her own family*

Rachel: Aaron. please, I need you to explain to me 2 things. 1, why did you turn Aphmau? and 2, why did you have your outbreak of rage...?

*with Zane and Kawaii~chan, them both hearing something, Zane opening the door*

Daniel: *enters* I've brought the doctor

Doctor: *enters* Daniel, please, call me mum.

Daniel: alright doctor mum!

Doctor: please, where is the patient?

Zane: he's upstairs...!

Daniel: I'll take you to him.

*Blaze comes down the stairs, noticing Daniel and his mother go up, turning his attention back to Kawaii~chan and Zane*

Zane: how's Garroth?

Blaze: I.. I don't know. he's in utter pain. Melissa gave him some severe painkillers to calm him down from screaming

Kawaii~chan: is...?

Blaze: please. I don't know anything on his condition. all I'm going to tell you is that he's in pain, but. at least he's alive.

Zane: that's... that's...!

Blaze: hey, look, the only comforting thing that I can tell you, is that Daniel's mum is one of the only doctors that has dealt in cases of Aaron's family. she's a good doctor, and that's why Mr Lycan had her here on the island, in case.. something like this happened. *a little clip of Kawaii~chan going next to Zane* just.. take it easy knowing that she can.. try to help.

Zane: t-thanks...

*with Aphmau and Aaron*

Sylvanna: I see. if that's the case, then I can understand why Aaron wanted to turn you. but what I can't understand is, why did you want to be turned?

Aphmau: huh...?

Sylvanna: this decision, I want to hear your reasoning.

Aphmau: I.. I wanted to be turned because.. I wanted to understand Aaron better.. I felt that something was calling me to..

Sylvanna: w-w-what..?!

Aphmau: I didn't want Aaron to be going alone through something again.. I wanted him to know I was there and..

Sylvanna: that's not a good reason to become a werewolf! Mija.. we are hispanic, someone doesn't have to become hispanic in order to understand us. that's ignorant and, flat-out. disrespectful to that culture, essentially, that's what you did

Aphmau: I.. I didn't think about it that way...

Sylvanna: no. you didn't think about it that way. I'm disappointed in you. *looks away and looks back* one other thing. you said that, something was, calling to you. what do you mean?

Aphmau: I.. I don't know.. I felt a part of me wanting to be turned. but for the idiotic reasoning I had, it wasn't justified, it...

Sylvanna: *sigh* Mija. yes, you had a dumb reason for turning. but that calling.. perhaps.. a part of this is my fault.

Aphmau: huh..?

Sylvanna: M-Mija..! *almost says something but sighs* your.. *clears throat* father..

Aphmau: huh..?

Sylvanna: nothing, nevermind.

Aphmau: tell me.

Sylvanna: it's nothing! I, have to go. *tries to leave but is stopped by Aphmau grabbing her arm*

Aphmau: no! mum you never ever bring up dad. not even when I was little did you ever even make mention of him! n-not to my face! *sees the sad expression on Sylvanna's face and lets go of her hand* now suddenly you mention him..?

Sylvanna: it's not important..!

Aphmau: mum.

Sylvanna: Mija.. *sigh* he's... he just... *breathes in and out* you're father, was a werewolf

Aphmau: *breathes in disbelief* mum. if you're trying to make me feel better for a stupid decision that I made, this isn't the way..

Sylvanna: Mija. it's true.. your father, was a werewolf..

Aphmau: *chuckles in disbelief with a surprised expression* y-you're lying!

Sylvanna: I swear it, on my grave.

Aphmau: then. why am I not..?

Sylvanna: you didn't take after him. human and werewolf relationships don't always produce children of the same descent as their parents. it's either one, or the other, and you.. you're a pure human

Aphmau: o-oh...

Sylvanna: but, you still had your father's blood in you. which is why, when you said that you had a calling, I thought. maybe it was that part of you. but.. I had tried to nurture that part in you, when you entered high school.

Aphmau: huh? what, do you mean?

Sylvanna: when you entered high school, I... I put in the werewolf class on purpose

Aphmau: WHAT?!

Sylvanna: I wanted to see if you would take to it. then maybe... maybe I would try to reconnect with your father.

Aphmau: wait what?! why?! why did you and dad, break apart...? you never told me..

Sylvanna: yes I have! I told you he was selfish, a jerk! he painted a beautiful picture! but in the end he was..

Aphmau: what. happened?

Sylvanna: your father and I, we.. we never married. we were going to but, then.. before you were born, I discovered that he... that.. he... he had cheated on me. he had a child from another woman. and I didn't know about it, until she called me and showed me proof.

Aphmau: h-he...

Sylvanna: there were more things (Aphmau: he's...) he never cared for me the way he did when we met. he treated me horribly, there were just so many things that added up. perhaps I would've tried to make it worse if I had thought, he had actually loved me... that he actually wanted to try and make this family work, but.. my world was you. and I didn't want him to do the same thing to his family, that he did to me..

Aphmau: mum...

Sylvanna: I guess, we're both idiots in someways

Aphmau: mum...! *hugs Sylvanna* you are not an idiot

Sylvanna: *laughs* now you're just trying to make me feel better

Aphmau: a little. but I never knew dad, and I never knew dad to actually try to reach out to talk to me. did he even, care about me..?

Sylvanna: ha. he helped raise you with money. which I never asked for. so if that shows you anything, that at least shows he cares about you. to enough to show up to anything apparently.

Aphmau: I understand

Sylvanna: it's best, we don't think about him. I honestly believe he was up to no good thinking back on some of the things I remember. it's up to you, if you ever want to reach out to him, now that you know who he was. but I'd personally advise against it. but that's your choice, not mine

Aphmau: thank you mum, for telling me, everything.

Sylvanna: it's no problem mija. I love you

Aphmau: I love you to mum

*they stare at each other*

Sylvanna: so. what's going on with your tail?

Aphmau: i-it's.. um.. I honestly don't know. Aaron and I were talking about this the other day and, my tail, doesn't seem to have, developed yet

Sylvanna: does it, hurt?

Aphmau: no, it just, looks funny. mum.. do you know if Garroth is alright?

Sylvanna: no.. but I overheard what's happening. this.. could mean, serious trouble

*with the Lycans, Melissa and Rachel being at the side while Aaron and Derek argue*

Aaron: *angry expression, his red eyes back into action* HE. WAS THERE. I SAW HIM! I SAW HIM AND I WANTED TO-!


Aaron: what?!

Rachel: *sad expression* your eyes son..

Aaron: *an angry moaning sound*

Derek: Ein. is. dead.

Aaron: we never recovered the body! I saw him! I swear!

Melissa: *sad expression* Aaron.. you said this before.. remember.. there was a guy that looks just like him.. you also flipped out then to..

Aaron: that was-

Derek: I've heard enough. it's clear to me Aaron, that you are unstable right now.

Aaron: but I-

Rachel: while I agree with your father on your anger. I do not agree that we should dismiss the fact that Aaron might've seen something. Aaron, did you see anyone else with Ein?

Aaron: *neutral emotion* uh... there was this other woman. blue hair, she looked similar to Katelyn *with Derek and Rachel, both being shocked and looking at each other* she had blueish green eyes, and...

Derek: excuse me. I need to... step out. *leaves with everyone watching him*

Aaron: *approaches Rachel with a sad expression* mum, please! *eyes turn back to normal* tell me.. how's Garroth..?

Rachel: *sad expression* he's... not good. the doctor we had on standby is seeing to him.

Aaron: will, he.. die..

Rachel: *same expression, this time with a little tears* I.. I don't know...

*Aaron says nothing, instead he starts to cry as well, looking at the sky. he could only hope*

*with Derek who walks around angrily and frustrated, then turning around only to get frightened by something and immediately after being punched in the face by Garte*

Derek: *falls on the ground and breathes in surprise*

Garte: you idiot! your job was to keep that monsters of a son of yours controlled!

Derek: *gets up with an angry expression* DON'T CALL HIM. A MONSTER

Garte: well now thanks to him! MY SON IS ON THE BRINK OF LIFE AND DEATH!

Derek: *sad expression* I'm doing everything in my power, to make sure he lives. Garte, please. this was an accident, but, there is something else..

Garte: what else could be more important tha-?

Derek: Elizabeth is here. which means, they're all here. and they have the boy who knows how to make forever potions. the one who tried to kill our kids before.

*Garte says nothing, thanks to an unexpected turn of events in his perspective*

*with Garroth*

Garroth: *again, loud groaning of pain*

*to be continued*