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Cyrus Alejo






September 15

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  • Theo (Love Interest)
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Austin Lee Matthews

Cyrus is one of Aphmau's best friends in Heart Point. He's known for his not-so-subtle crush on Aphmau, but in the end their relationship doesn't work out, and he seems to have interest in Theo instead.


Cyrus is first seen comforting Aphmau in "YOU'RE BREAKING UP WITH ME?!". He comes to her dorm and gifts her some fuzzy corgi stickers to cheer her up, and invites her on a walk to get some fresh air. He offers to get smoothies with her at the campus cafe, but changes his mind when she tells him that's where Vance broke up with her. He goes in by himself, and has her wait at the fountain. He pokes his head out and relays her very specific order to her (strawberry mango pineapple with extra ice, half blended with rainbow jelly on the bottom) and asking if she wants anything else- like matcha cupcakes, which he also knows she likes. He even decides he's paying for all of it, and that he's never been so sure of something in his life.

He finds her passed out at the fountain when he comes back, and (presumably) is the one to bring her back to her dorm. Alongside Theo and Nakano, he frets over her when she wakes up. Aphmau can see he has full hearts, and three stars. He tries to understand Aphmau's rambling about hearts and stars, and is shocked to see her friend vanish into thin air. He later finds her in the library, worried sick about her, but she disappears again.

After hearing that Cassidy and Vance are running for prom royalty, he checks in on Aphmau to make sure she's doing okay. He sits beside her and tells her he understands her pain- wanting something, knowing it'll end in disaster, and still wanting it. Suffering because it comes from a place you can't control. He lets her know that if she ever wants to talk, he's always there for her.

She suddenly reveals that she knows about his feelings towards her, humiliating him in an instant. He profusely apologizes and tries to leave her alone, but she assures him it's okay. His embarrassment only gets worse when she asks to kiss him, insisting this.. might be the natural evolution of their relationship. They kiss, but Cyrus pulls away fast (losing a heart,) and says that because their friendship has been going on for so long, it feels like kissing his sister. Cyrus asks her on a date instead, which she happily accepts, and he retreats to his dorm to process all of his feelings.

Cyrus comes directly to her dorm to ask her on a date, even though she's already heard about it from Nakano and Theo. He invites her to lunch before and dinner afterwards too, trying not to mind Nakano and Theo both threatening to destroy him if he ever breaks her heart.

They go to an escape room for their date, and have an easy time figuring it out thanks to Cyrus' proficiency with puzzles. However, in a moment that makes him appreciate her friendship more, Cyrus loses a heart and gains a fourth star. They have a great time at dinner, too, and Cyrus drops her off at her dorm after a very awkward wait, where neither of them initiates anything.

At the campus cafe, Aphmau tells Cyrus that they need to talk. She breaks up with Cyrus in the same spot Vance broke up with her, and though it breaks his heart (including the ones on his meter,) he understands and says he only needs to spend time away from her.

He next appears at the end of "FACE-OFF!" outside of Aphmau and Theo's dorm room with a huge sign that says 'PROM?' strung above the door. At first, it's guessed he's asking Aphmau, but he quickly becomes flustered and explains that he actually meant to invite Theo, for being such a supportive and amazing friend. Once she accepts they hug, and he tells her that he has the entire night planned out- and they can chat about it over dinner. They leave, excited for prom.

On the night of the prom he swings by to pick up Theo, telling her how pretty she is, and leaving without Aphmau after they make sure she'll be alright. At the prom they dance together, surprised to even see Nakano dancing too. They take prom photos together, including a coordinated silly picture together. When Aph and Ryo arrive they rush over to greet them. Theo demands Cyrus tell her if he invited her as a friend or a boyfriend, before she 'ends up accidentally smooching him'. It prompts Aph to leave them alone to talk about their relationship.


Cyrus sports a gray beanie and round, gray spectacles. His hair hangs over his right eye. He wears the school's uniform with a gray vest, along with a mint green tie and overalls, khaki pants, and black shoes.

On his date with Aphmau he wears a khaki jacket over a white t-shirt, with light jeans and shoes.

To the prom, he wears a simple gray tuxedo, with a bright green bow-tie.


Cyrus is a somewhat timid but dependable friend. He's somewhat of a nerd trope, and horrible at hiding his feelings. He seems to be very easily embarrassed, with little to be embarrassed of. He's particularly smart, shown in how quickly he solved the escape room, and how he attended a scholastic decathlon (likely meant to be an academic decathlon).

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