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Daniel Everheart[citation needed]


Brother (By Aphmau)





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Phoenix Drop High

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  • Phoenix Drop High
  • Student Omega
  • Student Alpha
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"Reborn PT.2"

Voice Actor

Daniel is a character that appears as the tritagonist in Phoenix Drop High Season 2 and a main character in MyStreet: Starlight.


Daniel is a werewolf that attended Phoenix Drop High. He played piano, and was known as one of the weakest werewolves of the school, along with Dottie and Rylan. They instantly bonded when Gavin summoned the three to a room where he informed Aaron to pick one as the Omega. When Aaron spared them and said he would remain the Omega, they immediately respected him. He quickly became friends with Aphmau when she became Alpha and along with Dottie and Rylan, helped her learn more about werewolves and how to be Alpha. Daniel was disappointed that Ein chose him out of the Werewolf Trio to be the Omega, and what made him start to lose trust in Ein is that he did it without Aphmau's consent. They told Aaron about Ein's action and Aaron told Aphmau about it. After Ein was defeated by Aaron, Aaron made it look like Daniel defeated him, therefore making him Alpha Male in his sophomore year. He kept his title by the time Aphmau graduated, but he was unfortunately set back a year.

He, with Dottie and Rylan, returned in Aphmau's Year, making his first appearance in MyStreet. He, along with his friends, came to help Aphmau learn more about werewolves to help her have a better understanding of Aaron.

Because he was a past friend of Aaron, he, along with Dottie, Rylan, Blaze, and Maria, was summoned by Aaron's parents to Starlight Wonderland so Aaron could be around his own kind while he underwent physical therapy. He and the other werewolves have spent time with Aaron and Aphmau in Starlight Wonderland, playing games with them.


Daniel has olive/dark green hair that matches his olive/dark green ears and tail. He has bright, semi-dark blue eyes.

In his school uniform, Daniel is presented with his tie hanging out of his shirt, which is half-unbuttoned, revealing a white under-shirt.

In his outside attire, he wears an orange jacket with light orange accents. His white jacket strings are uneven. He also has rolled up sleeves which reveal a white sleeve. His open jacket leaves space for his light blue under-shirt to be seen. He wears a dark gray pair of pants and his shoes are mostly white with an orange tongue and gray accents.


At the beginning of the series, Daniel's personality and voice actor was different, but both were changed for unknown reasons. His personality at the beginning was quite generic which maybe the reason Aphmau changed everything about him.

Daniel is very shy at times, but when he is excited and happy he can be very energetic and outgoing. Daniel also hates fighting and shows general concern for his friends.

Episode Appearances[]


  • In "Howl With Me", Daniel says that he has trouble howling.
  • He doesn't like germs.
  • He has the ability to go "full snooter".
  • Daniel is a Hebrew name and means "God is my judge".
  • Daniel represents the "pacifist" trope, in which one hates fighting.
  • As of "An Omega Is Chosen", Daniel was made the Omega. However, following the events of "Ultima", Daniel is made the new Alpha male.
  • He repeated his senior year at Phoenix Drop High.
  • Aphmau considers him a younger-brother figure.
  • Cinnamon rolls give him gas.
  • His original voice actor YourPalRoss left CatFace, later being replaced by James Brown Jr. Though Ross has seemingly returned to the role as of “The NEW WEREWOLF in Minecraft school!”.
  • His mother is a doctor.
  • In “Ultima”, Daniel finds out that Aaron is a werewolf (being the first of the main cast to do so).
    • Though his mother is the personal doctor of the Lycan family, so if he knew of this prior is unknown.
  • After defeating Ein, Aaron threw both Ein and Daniel out the window, framing Daniel as if he was the one to defeat Ein and leading to him becoming the new alpha male.
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