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Old Man (By Laurance and Garroth)



  • Dual Silver Katanas (Former)
  • Dual Red Crystal Katanas (Current)




Hair Color

Royal Blue

Eye Color

Navy Blue

Professional Status

Phoenix Drop

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Head Guard of Phoenix Drop


Kawaii~Chan (Wife)

Previous Partner

Nicole (Ex-Girlfriend)

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Dante (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"The Pendant"

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It's tough work, being a guard. It can wear you down. I was never able to do magicks or witchcraft. I wasn't born blessed. I don't have relics, I'm not gifted. Anything I've been able to do, I've done on my own. Even then, it's not enough. I can't protect the people I care about.

―Dante, Season 3 Episode 33, "Aphmau Goes Alone"

Dante is a protagonist in Minecraft Diaries. He is Gene's younger brother. Dante is a guard in Phoenix Drop along with Garroth and Laurance. He first met Aphmau when he was in the werewolf tribe close to Bright Port and became her guard ever since.


Dante was born in the village of Boboros and was the younger brother of the Shadow Knight named Gene. When Dante was young, Gene became the Head Guard of their village and Dante looked up to him. 

When Dante was 12, Gene fell in love with the daughter of his village's lord, but she did not return his feelings. Therefore, he tried to alter her memories. However, Dante told the guards of his brother's plan, which, untold to him, led to the execution of Gene. However, he came back soon after as a Shadow Knight and killed the Lord. He then gained his immortality and proceeded to wipe the memories of everyone in the village, including Dante's parents.

However, when he got to Dante, he decided to spare his memory and told him 'Someone needs to remember", but not before telling him that he will now spend his life alone with no one else remembering who he is. After this, Dante was unable to go home, as his parents no longer remembered him, so he traveled to another village where his uncle lived and this is where he stayed until he graduated from the Guard Academy. Although Gene now has a hatred for his younger brother due to his betrayal, Dante still has grief for Gene's death and regrets his own actions in the past.

Upon graduating, he traveled out on his own in search of a village to live in permanently, only to be captured and imprisoned by the Eastern Wolf Tribe. While he was held there and starved, he met Donna and Logan, who had also been captured, and befriended them. Eventually, he helped Donna escape and they ran into Aphmau at the werewolf village near Bright Port, where Aphmau agreed to go back with Dante to rescue Logan. 

After being chased by the werewolves, they took shelter in an abandoned castle which was haunted by a spectre child, Malachi. Garroth and Laurence arrived just in time to be shown an illusion of Dante and Aphmau kissing, but Malachi's magic was undone when Laurence attacked him and revealed the trick. Once Malachi was freed from the castle, they set off to the Eastern Wolf Tribe village again, only for them all to be captured. There, they met Lucinda, who was imprisoned as well and helped them escape with Logan. After they had settled in at Lucinda's house, Aphmau offered Dante the opportunity to be one of her guards in Phoenix Drop, which he accepted. 

From then on, Dante has lived in Phoenix Drop. 

Before the war between Phoenix Drop and Scaleswind, Aphmau witnessed Dante speaking into a communication amulet and later confronted him about it, questioning if he was working for O'Khasis and Zane. Dante denied this immediately and revealed the amulet was given to him as a child by Gene, who said "If you ever get scared Dante, just use this communication amulet and I'll come fight the monsters away". Now that it was broken, he only keeps it for the memories and to talk into for comfort. 

After the war, when Garroth attacked Laurence and stole the amulet, Dante attempted to pursue him with Aphmau, but she stopped him and asked him to stay back in Phoenix Drop in case something went wrong. He obeyed and this led to him not seeing her or anyone that left with her for 15 years. 


Phoenix Drop, 15 Years Later[]

When Aphmau, Laurance, and their friends returned from the dimension of Lady Irene, they found out that fifteen years had passed in the Overworld since their departure, as time passes differently in Irene's Dimension - one minute there is the equivalent of one year in the Overworld. Phoenix Drop was overgrown and in ruins, the only remaining villagers were living in a small settlement on the outskirts. On her first day in there since returning, Aphmau was at the statue of Lady Irene, where she was praying, and was discovered by Dante, who became emotional upon seeing her, hugging her and telling her how much he missed her. 

He went on to say he went and waited by the gate every day for the 15 years she was gone, awaiting her return, until the day she actually came back when he had given up and decided not to wait for her. He led Aphmau through the ruins of Phoenix Drop as he explained what had happened and they stopped outside the wall to the settlement, where Levin, Aphmau's adopted son and the biological son of the deceased previous lord of Phoenix Drop before Aphmau's reign - recognized Aphmau. Later, it's found out from Kawaii~Chan that six or seven years prior to Aphmau's return, Dante and Kawaii~Chan had gotten married, and now have a six year old daughter named Nekoette, referred to as Nekoette by her mother, who has a tendency to refer to everyone by Japanese honorifics. Dante is now the Head Guard of Phoenix Drop and serves Levin.

Soon after Aphmau returned, his daughter was kidnapped by bandits. He ran to save Nekoette and Aphmau wanting to ensure that Dante had backup in case he got hurt, followed. When they got there to save his daughter, Dante was badly wounded by an arrow and was defended by the Stranger (later revealed to be Aaron). When they got back to the settlement, Dante was dying and he couldn't be saved. As Aphmau went in to hug Dante, a blinding light came from her hand and Dante was suddenly fully healed, but Aphmau fainted due to loss of energy. When she awoke, Emmalyn explained that it might have something to do with her having a connection to Lady Irene. Aphmau thinks it might be due to the relic she absorbed in Irene's Dimension that is possibly giving her mystical abilities, as she was unable to do these things before absorbing the relic.

In Episode 24 of Season Two, while Aphmau and Katelyn are in Scaleswind, they inadvertently come across Nicole's diary, which indicates that Dante and Nicole were romantically involved at some point prior to his marriage to Kawaii~Chan, and that they had a nasty breakup. During their stay in Scaleswind, it is also revealed that Nicole has a six years old son, Dmitri, who shares some physical resemblances to Dante, which led to a vast amount of speculation among the fan base that Dante was the father. In Episode 25, it is revealed when Aphmau arrives back in Phoenix Drop that Dmitri had been a stowaway on the ship, since he had always wanted to go to Phoenix Drop because of his grandfather's stories about the place, but Nicole refused to take him there. Aphmau sends a message to Nicole telling him of her son's whereabout and that she should come and collect him.

When she arrives, however, Nicole decides to stay on the boat to avoid meeting anyone, and asks for Aphmau to bring Dmitri to the docks on her behalf. When Dante is told that she is at the harbor, he runs up to her furiously, demanding to know why she has been to evidently avoiding him for the past seven years, and a heated argument commences, during which, it is revealed that Dmitri is Dante's son. Nicole explains that after the breakup seven years ago, Nicole left Phoenix Drop and returned to Scaleswind, but soon discovered she was pregnant, and decided to go back to Phoenix Drop to tell Dante that they should try and work something out for the sake of the baby, but found out that he had moved on, and was in a relationship with Kawaii~Chan, who was already pregnant with another child belonging to Dante.

Though Nicole was shocked and heartbroken, as she still loved Dante, and felt somewhat betrayed by the fact he had gotten over her so quickly, her morality kept her from telling him about the baby, in case it tore apart his new family, and she went back to Scaleswind. Dmitri was born a few months later, and, because she didn't want anyone knowing about the situation with Dante being the father, she made up a cover story that Dmitri was born posthumously, in other words, after the death of his 'father'.

Dante is infuriated by the revelation, but also seems incredibly shocked. Aphmau had made Nicole agree to explain everything to Dante, Kawaii~Chan, Nekoette, and Dmitri, but Nicole has said that she needs some time to recuperate before doing so.

After Dante comes to after being knocked out by Katelyn, he desperately asks Laurance to go seek Aphmau as he is in deep need for assistance in coping with the sudden issue. When Aphmau meets Dante in the Old Guard Tower, a carving in the cobblestone is shown that says, "Dante ♥ Nicole". It is this moment that Dante tells Aphmau everything that has happened in his personal life the last 15 years since her disappearance.

As Dante reminisces, it is revealed that after everyone had begun to slowly leave Phoenix Drop, Nicole had stayed with Dante to keep him company for a long period of time. He says that while they were together, they lived in the Old Guard Tower, and that Nicole kept him company, brought him food, went on patrols with him, and sparred with him to hone his fighting skills. But he states that Kawaii~Chan came back soon after and confessed her feelings for Dante, but gave him and Nicole their space when she discovered they were together. Soon, Nicole's father sailed to Phoenix Drop looking for her and informed her that Scaleswind was in war with a rivalling village, and that she was needed. Nicole, feeling an obligation to her village broke up with Dante without explaining and left. Dante, during the slur of the moment and out of anger, expresses his anguish by crying out to Nicole that he never loved her.

While still in thought over the memory, Dante considers that Nicole may have been hormonal because of the pregnancy with Dmitri and assumes she wasn't thinking straight. This assumption however is proven false when Nicole appears at the Old Guard Tower, much to both Dante and Aphmau's dismay. She says that Dante is wrong, and elaborates on the memoir and says the reason she ended the relationship was because she didn't want Dante to feel as though he had to choose between being a guard and being with Nicole. Dante denies this and says he would've given up being a guard to be with her, but Nicole says being a guard is his calling.

Nicole, curious and still hurt, asks why Dante moved on after only a time spam of three months. Dante tells Nicole that after she left, Kawaii~Chan was there while he was lonely. He refers to Kawaii~Chan as: "the light in the darkness you left" and admits that he had feelings for her very well before he and Nicole ever got together. Nicole accepts this and says she was stubborn. Dante then asks if Nicole broke up with him because of the pregnancy. She denies this and explains that it was unknown to her that she was with a child until she got to Scaleswind. But due to the fighting, was unable to return to Phoenix Drop. She then says that when she was able to return three months later, she discovered that Dante had already moved on and was engaged to Kawaii~Chan, who at the time was three months pregnant with Nekoette. Dante full-heartedly apologizes to Nicole and they're seen hugging.


While still in embrace, Nicole questions how they're going to reveal to Kawaii~Chan Dmitri's father, as she doesn't want Kawaii~Chan to think Dante had cheated on her and she knows that their time has passed. Another surprise occurs when Kawaii~Chan shows up and reveals to Dante, Nicole, and Aphmau that she already knows Dmitri is Dante's son. She explains that when Nicole had returned Kawaii~Chan could tell she was pregnant but she just didn't realize it was Dante's. Then she says that when she saw Dmitri on the docks, then discovered his age, she put two and two together.

Dante and Nicole, both panicking over the realization, try to convince Kawaii~Chan that nothing is between them and accidentally drag Aphmau into the quarrel. Kawaii~Chan reassures both when she says that no one did anything wrong, and that all she wishes is for Dmitri to have the father he deserves. Nicole gratefully embraces Kawaii~Chan and Kawaii~Chan adds that she has always treated and thought of Nicole as a great friend and sister, and Dante watches the reunion between them.

Since he is Father to both Nekoette~Tan and Dmitri, Aphmau once made a joke that he was everybody's Father, because it is stated by Levin that Dante treated him like a Father.

Three years later[]

In S3 Episode 4, it is revealed that it was Dante himself that cause Gene to be executed and reborn as a Shadow Knights and caused the wipeout of his village due to actions he did as a 12 year old.

He told the story to Aphmau about the true cause of Gene's death after he asked her if she went to the Nether and saw Gene. Even after all the years that had passed by, Dante is still full of grief of telling the guards of Gene's plans that he broke down crying after telling the story knowing that Aphmau is the one person that he trusted after he wandered around the area.

While worrying about the events going on, he was shocked to see Gene return to Phoenix Drop, who wanted Dante to find Zane so he can kill him. When Dante refused, Gene manipulated everyone's memories in Phoenix Drop twice, once so that they see Gene and Dante as just friendly brothers to be familiarized in the village, the second so that they will completely forget who he is to push him into finding Zane. Dante was extremely shocked to see that Kenmur, Brendan and even Kawaii~Chan's memories warped and erased about him, all to push him to find Zane.

Determined to stop his brother, he confronted him in the forest with Kawaii~Chan, challenging him to a fight. Gene managed to get the upper hand as a Shadow Knight, until Nekoette and Dmitri saved him. Nekoette managed to fend off Gene, but she too was eventually defeated. Suddenly, Kawaii~Chan, free of her brainwashing demanded Gene to stop hurting the kids and Dante realized that Gene was so shocked at seeing how he has kids caused him to lose focus on his magic. Swearing that he will come back one day, Gene disappeared and Dante forgives Kawaii~Chan for what she said.

Dante then took Kenmur to find his wife, Emmalyn. There they run into a burning village with Zane laughing at the massacre and Emmalyn slapping him. Remembering the memories from Season 1, Dante challenges him in the name of the guards. Zane got the upper hand and thrust him into a tree nearby. Kenmur tried to attack Zane, but he was fatally wounded. Seeing Kenmur "dead" caused Dante to be enraged and fight him off until Lucinda appeared and managed to stop the fight. Dante tried to plead Emmalyn to come with him, but Emmalyn has seen enough of the tragedy and has useful information for Zane as she told him not to run after them as they teleport. Dante and Lucinda rush to Kenmur, who regained consciousness, and asked if his wife was safe. Dante is reassured that she is still safe, although leaving out that she was still stuck with Zane, and Kenmur, relieved, dies from his wounds.

Dante panicked, thinking that he failed as a guard to protect the village, a child, and Kenmur's life. Lucinda reassures him that he did the right thing as Kenmur is Emmalyn's husband so he should be worried, but Dante still panics at how he should've come earlier or let Kenmur stay home or even teach him some basic self-defense. Lucinda said that he did do something good like fending off Zane, who is a Shadow Knight with sentient awareness. She explains to him that the Shadow Knights she fought are all empty husks that only follow orders and Dante helped prevent further losses. Lucinda then explains that for now, they have to help the village.

Dante buried most of the casualties while Lucinda told him to calm down and take a break but Dante claims that as a traveling guard, he must bury all of the dead bodies since even the village guards are dead. He can also take his time since Zane slaughtered the guards from Tu'La as well. Lucinda then asked about Kenmur's body and Dante explains that he will take it back to Phoenix Drop and make a grave near the Lady Irene statue as it was what he and Emmalyn wanted.

As he buries Kenmur with his family, Kawaii~Chan noticed something is wrong with her husband, and her children, Nekoette and Dmitri asked to leave him alone with them. Dante is still guilty about Kenmur and the kids reassure him that he did what he could do and tell him not to be too guilty over Kenmur. They all share the same role as protecting citizens and Dante appreciates their kind words before heading back.


Dante has fair skin, royal blue hair and navy blue eyes. In his first few appearances, his eyes were ice blue. His original outfit consisted of a white and blue jacket and matching pants, brown boots, gloves and a holster belt. 

His new armor that was given to the guards by Katelyn, was brown chain mail with a gray chest plate, holster belt and red cape.

15 years later, Dante looks very much the same. However, you can see in his face he has aged since he has bags underneath his eyes. He no longer has bangs and his hairline seems to have receded. His armor looks much older and his cape has a darker color and is torn.

Dante the bronie

In the Side Stories, Dante wears a white undershirt, a red hoodie with gray cuffs, black pants and red and white shoes. This was later reconned to be his MyStreet counterpart.


Dante was very reserved and quiet at first, refusing to explain much about himself until he was confronted by Aphmau. Upon moving to Phoenix Drop, he hid in the old guard station for several days before going out to meet the villagers.

After some time though, he opened up and expressed how much he valued Phoenix Drop and Aphmau. Despite his shyness and his revelation, he was actually very scared about the war, he fought valiantly for Phoenix Drop during the battle with Scaleswind.

15 years later, he said he waited for Aphmau every day since she left, which shows he is very loyal. Despite being introverted at times, Dante is flirty as shown when he tried to flirt with Aphmau, but failed, in episode 1 of MyStreet. He also implied that he was handsome to Aphmau in Minecraft Diaries, season 2 episode 26, as when he was talking about how handsome Dmitri is and that "his father must be a good looker, especially if he had blue hair *he winks [at Aphmau]* Dante might be a romantic as well, since he called Kawaii~Chan "[his] sweet cherry blossom" in the same episode.

He also carries an overprotective nature towards those who he cares for as seen when Aphmau returned and when she reveals that she adopted a baby girl asking for who the father was and if they were perfect. 


  • Dante is an American name meaning "enduring" and is a diminutive of Durant, a Latin name of a similar meaning.
    • The most famous Pre-American to have born the name is Dante Alighieri, the author and protagonist the Divine Comedy in which he travels through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven to recap his beloved/muse.
  • His voice actor is KestinTheVoice, previously known as LucariusClaw.
  • Dante has jokingly suggested that he wanted to be a cardboard box.
  • In earlier episodes, his eyes color was a turquoise blue, but in current episodes they are a darker color.
  • Dante uses a dual katana setup rather than the standard sword-shield combo used by most guards.


I love you, Aphmau. Not in the way Laurance does, but I love you as if you were my sister. Maybe we could've been more in a different situation but, I would do anything for you and to protect this village.

-Dante, Season 1 Episode 98


-Dante, Season 2 Episode 1

Aphmau... you saved my life... Thank you...

-Dante, Season 2 Episode 5

You are my sister. Maybe in another situation we could have been more... but you have always been like family to me when I lost mine. Just... don't forget about me, okay?

-Dante, Season 2 Episode 12

I'm not just going to let this happen not this time I am going to end this!

-Dante to Gene in episode 14 s 3

Looks like you shouldn't have gotten distracted during our little fight, I think its time you left Gene.

-Dante to Gene Episode 14 Season 3.