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Hair Color
  • Dark Blue
  • Royal Blue (Formerly)
Eye Color

Navy Blue

Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)

Phoenix Drop High


Unknown Job

Previous Occupation(s)

Phoenix Drop High Student

Personal Status


  • Gene (Older Brother)
  • Maria (Mother)
  • Zack (Uncle)


First Appearance
Voice Actor

Kestin Howard

Dante is a main character in MyStreet, and the younger brother of Gene. Dante shared a home with Garroth and Laurance, then later moved into a house with Travis.


Phoenix Drop High[]

Dante is a major flirt who blindly looks up to his older brother, Gene. He is a negative influence to Travis, giving him bad advice on how to flirt with girls. He mainly appears in season one of Phoenix Drop High (PDH), with fewer appearances in season two.

One of these appearances shows him trying to sell his awful dating book at school with Travis.[1]


In season 1, Dante tries to date Aphmau, often messing with Garroth and Laurance in the process. Despite his flirtatious and joking nature, he's shown to be level headed at times, expressing regret for the feathers and wanting to fix the money mistake. He is also shown comforting Kawaii~Chan after the girl's kitchen burned down, with seemingly no intention of flirting. He's changed from his immature behavior in high school, and can even be seen scolding Travis at times.

Valentine's Day Arc[]

Dante spends most of the Valentine's Day Date trying to spend time with Nicole. The guys warn him that that will be difficult, as Nicole and Katelyn are joined at the hip.

Season 2[]

Dante appears frequently in season two. He was the one who actually got the tickets to go to Love ~ Love Paradise. He appeared more in episodes, and overall became more of a main character. His character was fleshed out more and went through major character development.

Dante starts hanging out with Jenna, a girl he met at the beach. Then Nicole comes to Love~Love Paradise, and it's revealed that although at some point Dante had told Nicole he wanted to end things with her as they were just seeing each other, he didn't actually do so and instead told her that he loved her out of panic, doing the exact opposite of what he wanted. When Nicole and Jenna meet, this creates a lot of tension due to Nicole and Dante's bad communication. In the end, they both end up "breaking up" with Dante, despite neither of the two girls ever getting into an official relationship with him. The entire situation caused Dante a lot of stress, and he ending up panicking any time they were around. Even though Dante had not wanted to hurt either of them, the misunderstandings and lack of communication he created ended with all three of them getting hurt.

Season 3[]

In season 3, Dante is shown less talking to the others and more hanging out with Travis.

He is shown to have a deep trust in Travis, probably due to how long they've known each other. At one point, Dante works with Travis to try to become internet famous,[2] but this is only mildly successful. He acts more calm and level headed than before, even acting as common sense for Travis while trying to keep him out of trouble. The character development from Season 2 is obvious in his demeanor and overall attitude during this season. He is not as prominent of a character as he was in season 2, but this is the last season where he has any sort of meaningful appearance.

Aphmau's Year[]

Dante appears in episode one of Aphmau's Year, welcoming Aphmau back home with the others. He tells Aphmau that everyone is there for her if she needs anything. He is mentioned in episode two and three, but does not appear after that.

Other Appearances[]

Dante appears in character Side Stories and bloopers.

Dante and Travis: The Show[]

This is a gag seen in some bloopers episodes. It takes place during When Angels Fall. In this gag, Travis left Dante home alone to go on vacation with Katelyn. The rest of the main characters are played by pillows, with something similar having happened to Travis at the beginning of MyStreet Season 2. The series was most likely made to help advertise the character pillows, which Jess was actively selling at the time.[3] In Dante's view, the pillows are somewhat sentient, and he keeps trying to flirt with Kawaii~Chan's character pillow. This results in Zane's pillow attacking Dante... and winning.

The only other non-pillow character shown is Laurance.


Dante has a tan complexion with navy blue eyes and navy-blue hair in a multitude of different shades, in Season 1 it is three shades of bright blue, and in Season 2 it is a mix of many dark blue shades.

He tends to favor the color red in his attire, often seen wearing a light red jacket, and white t-shirt with black pants

Dante's hair had been dyed a darker blue by Jenna.

In his cat form, he is similar to his hair; royal blue with darker blue areas.

Screenshot 2017-05-21 at 5.31


As seen above, In his early life, Dante grew up with his older brother Gene, who influenced him greatly. He acquired the same mannerisms: arrogant, trouble making and somewhat deceitful, though the traits were perhaps not as severe in Dante as it was in Gene. In high school, Dante was thought of as being quite a womanizer and is shown to have dated two girls at the same time: Kawaii~Chan and Nicole, though it is possible he was dating even more unmentioned girls at time. He is also often held responsible for making Travis flirty, as he often told a younger Travis misleading dating advice during their school years, some that Travis still upholds in his adulthood, thankfully not all pieces of advice were kept.

As an adult, he has matured considerably, though he is still flirty at times, but not as bold as he used to be. He is shown to no longer take advantage of other people's feelings and he instead strives towards being a compassionate and caring person, which he accomplishes in many ways throughout the seasons he is shown in.

Episode Appearances[]

MyStreet Phoenix Drop High

Season 2

The Big Move


Season 1

Season 2

The Bigger Move

Season 3

Holiday Special

Post Third

Aaron's Ticket

Aphmau's Year

Her Wish


I Quit! I'm Ordering a Pizza!

-Dante, MyStreet S1 E5, "A Present of Love."


-Dante, MyStreet S1 E8, "Mistletoe Wars PT1."

Oh Shut up, Garmau3407 on Wattpad. We all know you read fanfics about you and her too.

-Dante; MyStreet S1 E21, "Aftermath."

Why are you buying clothes AT THE SOUP STORE?!?!?

Dante; Mystreet; to Gene in a phone call


  • Dante is an Italian name and is a diminutive of Durante, a Latin name of a similar meaning.
  • He appears to have a habit of spending excessive amounts of money without much thought, though this has only been displayed in side stories. (being notably Her Special Gift and The Love Fortune Master)
  • Dante was a sophomore student when Aphmau and Travis were freshmen, meaning he is a year older than the two of them, as well as being a year older than Nicole, Kawaii~Chan and Zane.
  • His older brother, Gene, is two years older than him.
  • He doesn't know about how Gene used to treat everyone in high school.
  • Dante has a peanut allergy, as shown in MyStreet Trick or Treat! PT. 2, where he says there is a “scary candy”, which apparently contained peanuts.
  • He has an Undertale poster and a Hatsune Miku poster, shown in his room.
  • Dante has been hinted subtly to possibly be romantically interested in men.
    • In one such instance, Dante states, “Leave me and my new possible boyfriend alone!” in reference to 707, a fictional character from the dating simulator Mystic Messenger.[4]


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