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Phoenix Drop High Student

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Kestin Howard

Dante is the tritagonist in MyStreet: Love~Love Paradise, and a main character in Minecraft MyStreet & MyStreet: Lover's Lane He use to be the roommate of Garroth, Laurance and later, Travis. Now he is only roommates with Travis. 


Early life he grew up with His Brother Gene, who influenced him greatly and kind of leaving the wrong impression. His father isn't talked on much, but we do know that Gene and Dante have a mother. 

Valentine's Day ArcEdit

Dante spends most of the Valentine's Day Date trying to spend time with Nicole. The guys warn him that that will be difficult because Nicole and Katelyn are joined at the hip.

A-Con ArcEdit



Dante has a light complexion with navy blue eyes and royal blue hair. Despite being an unnatural color, it is actually the real color of his hair. In his baby photos, he has blue hair so he didn't dye it. His mother's hair is lilac-blue, but his brother's hair is black.

He tends to favor the color red in his attire, often seen wearing a light crimson hooded sweatshirt and white t-shirt.

Recently, Dante's hair has been dyed a darker blue by Jenna.

In his cat form, he is similar to his hair; royal blue with darker blue areas. He also likes memes

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As seen above, In his early life, Dante grew up with his older brother Gene, who influenced him greatly. He acquired the same mannerisms: rude, arrogant, trouble making and somewhat deceitful, though the latter trait was perhaps not as severe in Dante as it was in Gene. In high school, Dante was thought of as being quite a womanizer and is shown to have dated with two girls at the same time: Kawaii~Chan and Nicole, though it is possible he had dated even more unmentioned girls at the same time. He is also often held responsible from making Travis perverted, as he often told an unsuspecting younger Travis misleading dating advice during their school years that Travis still upholds in his adulthood.

As an adult, he has matured considerably, though he is still flirty, but not as bold as he used to be. He is shown to no longer take advantage of other people's feelings and instead strives towards being a compassionate and caring person. He shows deep concern for Nicole when she gets food poisoning during the second day of A-Con 2016.

Episode AppearancesEdit


MyStreet Phoenix Drop High

Season 2

The Big Move


Season 1

Season 2



-Dante, MyStreet, Episode 8

I Quit! Im Ordering a Pizza!.

-Dante; MyStreet EP5

Oh Shut up, Garmau3407 on Wattpad. We all know you read fanfics about you and her too.

-Dante; MyStreet EP21; Aftermath

Why are you buying clothes AT THE SOUP STORE?!?!?

Dante; Mystreet; to Gene in a phone call


  • Dante is an American name meaning "enduring" and is a diminutive of Durant, a Latin name of a similar meaning.
  • According to Travis, Dante panics when he is under pressure.
  • Dante was a sophomore student when Aphmau and Travis were freshmen, meaning he is a year older than the two of them, as well as being a year older than Nicole, Kawaii~Chan and Zane.
  • His older brother, Gene, is two years older than him.
  • He doesn't know about how Gene used to treat everyone in high school.
  • Dante likely has a peanut allergy, as shown in MyStreet Trick or Treat! PT. 2, where he says there is a “scary candy”, which apparently contained peanuts.


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