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Michael, also known as the Demon Warlock

Demons, not to be confused with Daemos, are a species of immensely powerful magical beings that often take a humanoid appearance with horns, wings, non-human skin colors, and sometimes goat-like legs. They have been around for millennia and seem to be exclusive to the Minecraft Diaries and MyStreet realm but are referenced in My Inner Demons[1]. Powerful demon warlocks such as Michael have the ability to even create their own pocket realm, as seen in "On Angel Wings" and "Family Matters", and teleport to the Irene Dimension as seen in "Reborn PT.2".

Demons are able to take the appearance of humans either at will or if given a vessel. Demons seem to be fueled by some sort of power and can wield very powerful curses. A defeated demon may vanish into a spectre-like state and may take a millennia to recover to full power. Demons allegedly have the power to bring creatures back to life, such as Aaron's ancestor's wife.

Demons such as Michael are immune to the effect of other curses, such as the eye of the Ultima demonstrated in "Out Of Time". This is likely because he is a cursed soul, too.

Travis' Demon Form with Horns

Travis taking a demon-like form with horns

List of Demons[]

  • Michael the Demon Warlock (MyStreet) (Minecraft Diaries) (both Demon and Warlock)
    • Being both a Demon and a Warlock, Michael is immensely powerful. He is a lingering evil force, fated to revive every millennia then be struck down by his own descendant.
  • The demon mentioned in Emerald Secret
    • Under a blood moon, Aaron's ancient ancestor made a pact with this demon to bring back his dead wife with the sacrifice of a living creature.
  • Travis (Minecraft Diaries) (partially Demon, Warlock, and Human(?))
    • As a descendant of demon blood, direct son of the Demon Warlock, Travis has the ability to easily shift between a human form and an array of demon-like forms. As a demon, Travis gains a considerable boost in strength.
Aarons ancestor werewolf ultima demon Ultima Werewolf MyStreet Emerald Secret Ep12

Aaron's ancestor and a demon under the blood moon.