Derek Lycan is The Tritagonist Of MyStreet: When Angels Fall, a Supporting Character In MyStreet: Emerald Secret, Phoenix Drop High Season 2 A nd MyStreet: Starlight, and The Main Antagonist of Falcon Claw University.
Full Name

Derek Lycan

  • Sir (by Aaron (forced to by Derek))
  • Mr. Wolfwere (Starlight)

Ultima Werewolf (Formerly)





Early 50s



Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Lycan Corporation


Business Man


Rachel (Wife) †

Personal Status

Unknown (Transformed into a relic and absorbed by Michael)

  • Unknown Father †
  • Unknown Mother †
  • Unknown Brother †
  • Melissa (Daughter) †
  • Aaron (Son)
  • Aphmau (Future Daughter In Law)
  • Zack (Former Business Partner)
  • Elizabeth (Former Business Partner)
  • Michael (Former Business Partner)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

"Gone" (Normal form)

"High Heavens" (As a relic)

Voice Actor

Christopher Escalante


Derek is the husband of Rachel and the Father of Melissa and Aaron. He is also the CEO of Lycan Corporation and current co-owner of the lodge where Emerald Secret took place. He was the main antagonist of Falcon Claw University were he treated Aaron as a prisoner and hired several agents that endangered his secret.

Early LifeEdit

When Derek was a child at Bright Port, an entity named Michael secretly plotted the murder of Derek's mother and her family. This caused Derek's father great pain and agony, causing him to go on a blind rampage as a giant wolf. The Guardian Force eventually got involved, with Toby's grandfather slaying the beast, dying in the process. With Derek alone and orphaned, Rowan, a friend of Derek's father, took it upon himself to raise and watch over Derek. He was seen with a brother in a flashback in High Heavens.

At an unknown point in his childhood, Derek accidentally showed his Ultima eyes to one of his friends, who then dies in the process. This causes him to be traumatized as he isolates himself from others to prevent the same mistake from happening again. He even kept a distance from Rachel before finally marrying her.

They had Aaron a few years after having Melissa. Since Derek is forced to bear the Ultima curse down his son, he wanted to make sure he doesn't do the same mistake he made. He didn't want Aaron to interact with humans, so he introduced him to werewolf kids, which didn't go so well. He then decided to adopt a puppy named Alexander for Aaron, hoping it will fill the gap.

A few years after having Aaron, he allied with Garte, Zack, Elizabeth and Michael, who all wanted to make the world a better place. Michael was the one who had an interest in a stone to help the cause, which was bountiful in caverns underneath a lodge. At the time however, Derek had no idea that Michael was the one who took away his family. Zack and Garte brought their families to the lodge for a vacation and later bought the lodge for the group to use. When Michael concocted the first few forever potions, he convinced everyone but Derek to use them on their kids. With the potions being a success, they were introduced to the public.

Derek soon realized that the people who were buying the potions were nothing but thugs, criminals, and killers with big bank accounts who wanted to do horrible things, ultimately realizing what they were doing was wrong. It wasn't until people were actually dying from the potions being sold that Garte realized this as well. He confronted Michael about this, only for Michael to consider Garte's words as an act of treason. With that, Michael, Zack and Elizabeth decided to execute Garte as Michael opens a portal to a prison-like realm. The plan backfired when the three were sucked into the portal instead. With them gone, Derek and Garte shut down the business and disposed of every last forever potion. They took the money and went their separate was to make their own companies, ones meant to bring joy to others instead of suffering.

Supervising AaronEdit

Now being the head of a big company, both he and Rachel weren't around to be with their kids and they easily got distracted by work. When walking Alexander, Derek let him run away when he was distracted by his phone. This was the start of Aaron's trauma as he got very upset that Derek lost the only friend he was allowed to have. It is possible that Aaron's eyes even turned red at the time. Because of Aaron's reaction, Derek decided to treat him like a wild animal instead of a son because he believed that anything could trigger his Ultima form to be revealed. He further enforced Aaron to not have social interaction with anyone and started to perform extreme cautions and spare no expense to ensure such actions don't take place.

Because he couldn’t trust Aaron in public schools and he had no free time to have him homeschooled, Derek sent Aaron to a military academy for an unknown amount of years. Aaron's time there obviously had a negative and traumatic impact on himself as his personality shifted to be more aggressive and antisocial. It was only when Derek could confirm that Aaron would not socialize that he made a deal with Aaron so he can spend his last grade at regular school. When he noticed Aaron was socializing, he threatened to send him back to military school, saying that they had a deal that he would not socialize. He eventually caused Aaron's eyes to go red, but took this as an advantage and said that Aaron was unstable. In reality, it was Derek alone that was triggering Aaron's eyes to turn red. He later kept him away from social activity during the summer and barely allowed him to go to college.

Even when Aaron moved on to college, Derek treated him as if he still lived under his roof and hired people to keep him on probation 24/7, both in person and on his phone, all without evidence of guardianship. The people he hired don't even treat Aaron as a person since they call him "it". They are loyal to Derek's wishes however and will make sure that Aaron stays away from any social interaction. They will report every action Aaron takes straight to Derek so he can enforce discipline if Aaron does something Derek doesn't like with or without telling Aaron. Derek also made sure that Aaron lived alone in his dorm, having the floor he was on off limits to anyone else. He would especially enforce discipline if Aaron ended up being close to someone and made sure that he would be restrained from that person entirely. This indeed happened when Derek realized that Aaron was socializing with a specific girl during senior year of high school.

When Aaron sneaked into his parent's house during spring break, Rachel caught him and brought him to Derek, who was wondering why he's home when he said he was going to stay on campus. When he said he wanted to meet someone, Derek brought up the fact that Aaron brought a girl to the prom with him. With Aaron in shock that he knew, Derek explained that they had eyes everywhere, showing that he never trusted Aaron to be out of his sight even during high school. Derek shouted that he should have never taken Aaron out of military school and that he knew Aaron would start socializing or even bond with someone. He then said that it would satisfy him if they both forgot each other existed and sent Aaron to his room, saying he'll be brought back to campus tomorrow. A few days later, Derek was given a report on Aaron's phone with him texting someone constantly. Derek said that they will take action if it's the same girl Aaron brought to prom.

When Derek heard that Aaron broke out of his dorm, he had him supposedly abducted and brought to him. He had chosen to ignore the fact that Aaron's actions had selfless intentions and instead saw it as a way for Aaron to get close to Aphmau. The same day, he even destroyed Aaron's phone after seeing him texting Aphmau. Aaron's eyes turned red due to his father's actions as he told his father it was just texting. Derek told him that he knew he was texting Aphmau and then tried to fill his mind with lies by saying Aphmau doesn't love him and she will break his heart. When Aaron said that she was the reason he had a heart to begin with, Derek once again told Aaron that Aphmau doesn't love her. Aaron stormed to his room saying that he loves her and he always will. Derek followed him saying that Aaron doesn't even know what love is, with Aaron reminding him that he didn't have to break his phone to get Aphmau out of his life. After Derek said he was trying to protect Aaron and this was the thanks he got, he once again scolded Aaron for going back to the school and even called him a monster and that everyone will see him that way. Continuing, he said that there are things in this world that Aaron can't understand. When Aaron tried knocking sense to him by saying he'll never know if Derek keeps it a secret from him, Derek decided to conclude the conversation by telling Aaron that he will be sent back to campus tomorrow. He won't be getting his phone back and his probation will increase tenfold with his internet time being limited and supervised as well. He agreed when Aaron said it wasn't fair, but told him that the consequences will be much worse if he ever talked to Aphmau, telling him that he will make sure they never see each other again.

For the next few years, Derek's rules started backfiring as Aaron became more untamed because of them. Along with that, Derek continued to slowly take away Aaron's rights just for attempts to talk to people, eventually banning Aaron from all social media in general. He also may have disciplined Aaron for taking part in group projects despite it being assigned to him. This caused Aaron to be socially awkward and start getting bad grades, with there even being a rumor that he had to redo a year. It is not known what Derek said to Aaron when he was caught with his eyes exposed, albeit tamed. He may have reminded Aaron of the dangers and what ifs of what transpired and took more privileges away.

During the start of next year, it is shown that Derek now hired agents to guard his dorm directly. The floor was sabotaged to make it look like it was under repair for those who trespass. Aaron was now under house arrest in his dorm, being only allowed to leave for classes. Derek also somehow learned that the game Aaron was playing allowed him to socialize. Not wanting to have his last privilege taken away, Aaron cleared his friend list to make it seem like he played alone. One of the agents said that they should take the game away anyway, but Derek said it was fine as long as he doesn't socialize. He did however say that this was all that Aaron was going to get as he reminded him he's still banned from social media and not allowed to get a phone.

Derek later realized that Aaron was spending more of his allowance than usual. With this, he barged into Aaron's room while he was in class and began searching for clues. One of the agents referred to as Agent R questioned why Derek was invading Aaron's privacy, with Derek explaining the situation. Secretly protective of Aaron and wanting him to have a social life, Agent R said that he had been supervising Aaron 24/7 and make sure he was on lock down while also saying that Aaron was just eating more expensive food at the café. Even so, Derek decided to kangaroo court the situation and remove Aaron's funds entirely. Agent R denied this, saying that what Aaron was doing was making him more calm while also helping his grades. Derek rebelled by saying he isn't paying Agent R to care for Aaron or make him happy. Finding nothing, Derek was then about to leave when he noticed a receipt for Galaxy Wars. With that, he hacked into Aaron's bank account and cancelled his credit card, all while still having an angry look on his face. He then thought back on what Agent R said about him supervising Aaron. Now thinking that just taking away Aaron's credit card was too merciful, he now believed that he should put Aaron in his place as a monster. With that, he hired a new agent named Xavier to monitor Aaron even further. It is not known if he told Xavier to lie to Aaron about being a childhood friend or allowed him to attack Aaron while he was doing a group project with Jenny.

He is later seen waiting for Aaron in his dorm, having already been given reports by Xavier. When Aaron arrived, Derek asked where he had been. Aaron replied that he was doing a group project with a friend. Derek asked if it was a girl, with Aaron saying yes. He then asked for her name, saying that Aaron's life was his business when Aaron questioned him. Like any parent, Derek's excuse was that he was Aaron's father. Aaron denied that being an excuse however. Derek then informed Aaron that he cancelled his credit card. He said that he got back a statement saying that Aaron was spending a lot of money on things. Even though he knew what he was spending it on, Derek questioned what Aaron was spending his money on. Hearing Aaron just say food and coffee made Derek question Aaron spending $300 on just that. Aaron then said that he would appreciate it if Derek left.

Not leaving, he accused Aaron of lying to his father. Aaron rebelled saying that if he had a good father to begin with, he wouldn't have to lie. Derek started getting angry and told Aaron to watch his mouth. Being serious, Aaron said that his dad treated him like a prisoner. When he said he was a grown man, Derek interrupted his sentence to add "who was born with a curse." Aaron was not like any other child and Derek was trying to take responsibility for that. When Aaron again told his father to get out, Derek decided to put Aaron's college tuition on the line. It wasn't fair to Aaron, but it was a deal to Derek. Sending Aaron to college wasn't an option originally for Derek, but he can easily take it away.

Xavier decided to reveal himself and mock Aaron for the tough life he has and that he should listen to his father. Derek said that Xavier told him that he saw Aaron with the girl earlier. Bringing back him not wanting Aaron to be near Aphmau, he asked if the girl had black hair, but Xavier said it was bleached blonde, with Derek saying perfect. And with that, Derek introduced Xavier as his new agent. Xavier said that he and Aaron were going to be "best buds" and the story he told to Aaron about being childhood friends was all a lie. He didn't want to blow his cover. Derek said that Xavier will be here to make sure that Aaron doesn't accidentally kill someone, showing that he still shows no trust in Aaron’s behavior. Derek then reminded Aaron about his tuition and left. Xavier said that he can't wait to find out who Aaron's friend are and that he'll be watching him. He then mockingly tossed Aaron his bandana, telling Aaron to "be himself" and go back to the way he was. It later turned out that Xavier wasn't really loyal to Derek and was planning to expose Aaron as an Ultima against Derek's wishes.

Derek later started to get mixed reports. Other agents said that Aaron was socializing, but Agent R and Xavier reported the opposite. He went to campus without alerting his agents and confronted Aaron. He knew that Aaron was still talking to people, and without his bandana on. He thought taking away all his privileges would put Aaron in his place, and is baffled that it wasn’t the case. He told Aaron to put himself together and have no friends or there will be drastic consequences. He pretended to leave campus and sneaked back into Aaron’s dorm, where he caught Agent R allowing Aaron to have a social life. He fired Agent R on the spot just as Aaron left. He commented that Agent R’s reports didn’t match up with other agents and that he even just witnessed Agent R doing the exact opposite of what he was instructed to do. Agent R was then forced to leave campus.

He later had agents search Xavier's dorm. They managed to find evidence of him trying to expose Aaron as an Ultima. Xavier arrived too soon as the agents were still searching through his stuff. Derek then confronted him, saying that he hired him to keep an eye on his son, only for Xavier to try and expose him as "something he's not." He then had his agents arrest Xavier. One agent came to Derek, claiming to have found documentation of Aaron's recent actions, but also questioned how they would keep an eye on him without Xavier or Agent R. Derek decided to take matters into his own hands and headed back to Aaron’s dorm to confront his son one last time.

When Aaron entered his dorm, Derek was there as he questioned where he was. Aaron said he thought Derek left and Derek repeated his question. Aaron said he was in class, with Derek then claiming he knows what Aaron's been up to under the eyes of Xavier and Agent R. He got a call from the dean about a problem a girl started involving Aaron. He criticizes that Aaron is drawing too much attention, with Aaron realizing that it puts Derek in a situation to look bad. With that, Derek is now putting Aaron on extreme lock down with no privileges of going out for anything, possibly even classes. Aaron tries to talk, but Derek says it's that or he will remove Aaron's funding to even go to this school. With even a word triggering Derek at this point, he threatened to remove Aaron from his entire inheritance and permanently leave him bankrupt. Aaron needed to be controlled and have someone to watch him, and Aaron points out that it’s because his father is not gonna be the one who does it.

Aaron admitted that he had someone who watched over him, Agent R. Derek then informed Aaron that he already fired Agent R. He saw Agent R as a terrible caretaker since he was letting Aaron run wild, thus Derek states that Aaron doesn't need someone like Agent R watching over him. Now having his only saving grace taken away by his father, Aaron finally snapped. He was done being under his father's control. When Derek was about to punish Aaron for storming off, he told Derek to keep his money. He doesn't need it or him. He's tired of being caged up and being under his father's control. He's old enough to make his own decisions and he decided he wants nothing to do with Derek or his family. He'll make his own way for himself. Derek could only furiously stare at Aaron in disgust as he walked away, showing no remorse for his own actions against his son. It is unclear if Derek went after Aaron, had agents tranquilize Aaron, gave up, or whatever, but two years later, Aaron was seen to have long escaped the clutches and supervision of his father, get a new phone from Aphmau, and live on his own as a free man, which in turn allowed him to socialize and become more tamed, but he still wore his bandana.

It is later revealed that Derek had Aaron's life planned out from his childhood as if he had no free will, literally banning Aaron from having a life of his own to begin with. Derek planned to get Aaron involved in the family business to both benefit his company and permanently remove socialization from Aaron's life. In the past, he wouldn't even let Aaron call him dad, instead forcing him to call him sir and furiously questioning him if he didn't. When Melissa eventually found Aaron, they were able to get him back and make him fulfill his role in the family business. This was justified to the extreme in MyStreet Season 6 as Michael toyed with Aaron's emotions to make him a tool for total global domination.

Aaron was convinced that his parents changed, but eventually realized that wasn't the case. He noticed that Derek was still too busy with work to even be home for a minute. Rachel also kept his phone behind his back after seeing a text from Aphmau saying that she missed him. She lied to her son about seeing his phone as he desperately looked for it. She also went as far as to blocking Aphmau to make her think Aaron broke up with her and even deleted every photo of her after hearing that Aaron didn't want to lose them. Feeling betrayed and abused for the last time, Aaron left to be with Aphmau again.


During the holiday season, Derek was invited by Aphmau to spend time with both their families. He assumed Aphmau was Aaron's wife and most likely thought she was a werewolf hiding her ears and tail. He didn't say it out loud however since he didn't know if she knew about Aaron being an Ultima. He was convinced by Aphmau to take a break from work and spread some holiday magic. He also told her at least one memory of him traumatizing Aaron; letting Alexander run away. On Christmas Day, as if it were a miracle, Alexander arrived from the front door, restoring a part of Aaron's life.

Around the beginning of next year, Levin came to Derek's front door and told him that he now owned the lodge that he brought his family to many years ago. When he heard that Garte was told the same thing by Malachi, the two fought over who owned the property, only to be told that they actually share it. Wanting to get the lodge running, he hired Aaron to do an inspection while Garte hired Garroth. Derek later questioned why Aaron was easily accepting to take the job. Melissa then told him that Aaron was planning to propose to Aphmau. His brain snapped as he remembered that he can't let Aaron get into any relationship, especially with Aphmau, with his company originally clouding him of that thought. Before he made any moves, he was reminded by both Melissa and Rachel that Aaron was an adult and he was allowed to make these decisions.

Derek had to rush to the lodge after Aaron was severely injured and stuck in a coma and hired doctors to give him blood to help him survive. Going back to his ways, he had banned Aphmau from seeing him. Sylvanna however barged into the room and demanded to let Aphmau see Aaron. Aphmau told her mom that Aaron needed rest, with her voice causing Aaron’s eyes to turn normal. Rachel told Derek to look, and as he saw in disbelief on what just happened, he looked back at what he did throughout Aaron's life in guilt. Instead of helping Aaron, everything he did only caused Aaron more suffering as he punished him for it. After realizing his mistakes, he asked everyone to leave the room but Aphmau. Being alone, he told Aphmau that he wanted to protect people from Aaron. Since Aaron felt close to Aphmau, he kept him separated from her, but this caused Aaron to keep wanting to be with her more. Derek himself was oblivious until now that Aphmau actually kept Aaron from going berserk. He then told her that Aaron got the job at the lodge just so he could bring her to Starlight Wonderland. When he asked how much Aaron meant to her, she said that Aaron was her entire world and she would never let him go. He then promised to her that after the two recover from the tragedy for a year, they will meet again.


At Starlight, Derek had adopted a new last name "Wolfwere" since everyone on the mainland knew him as a human and at Starlight, he can be a werewolf. However, he found out an old enemy of his, Zack, has found a job at Starlight and immediately called Garte to come to the resort. There he explains that Zack has been broken free by Michael and the two along with Elizabeth are planning to do something that may involve Forever Potions on the kids since he knows Garroth and Katelyn and possibly even Travis was experimented on by Michael, and felt stupid for telling him the story of the Ultima that caused Aaron and Aphmau to suffer since Michael may have told Ein the story about the Ultima, and since he knows the tragedy Aaron suffered through, he decided to meet Zack himself while thinking of an escape plan to get out of Starlight before Aaron and Aphmau relive the trauma again.

There, he confronted him about trying to not leave them alone. Zack explains that the two used to sell Forever Potions until Derek stopped, realizing that they don't save people but enslave people instead. Zack blames Rachel and Melissa, who were nearby, for softening his heart. Derek once again asked Zack why is he on Starlight and what plans he has for his family. Zack then showed him an article on the newspaper where his Ultima nature has been revealed to the public, possibly thanks to Michi and Ein, shocking him.

Derek is then talking to Garte on the phone when Melissa walks in. Melissa insists on him explaining what’s going on as he muttered the word “Ultima”. Derek had to explain how he used to make Forever Potions with Garte, Elizabeth, Zack and a mysterious man known as Michael, until he had a change of heart and disagree with the experiment and leaves the research to waste as he leaves with Rachel, banishing Zack, Elizabeth, and Michael in a pocket, jail-like dimension.

Derek, Melissa and Rachel were with Aphmau and the gang when they noticed Aaron had his Ultima eyes out, due to seeing Ein. Derek tried to calm him down before he goes out an unleashes his vengeance on him. Aaron refused because he saw Ein and managed to push Derek back. Garroth tried to stop him, but he ended up seeing Aaron’s eyes and collapse in pain on the ground. Derek then notices Aphmau looking into Aaron's eyes as she tried to calm him down, showing no reaction of pain. With Aaron calmed down, Derek furiously demanded what caused him to go berserk. When Aaron told him that is was the same person who tried to harm his fiancée, Derek realized in shock that he proposed. Everyone panics when Garroth starts screaming in agony as his struggle between life and death begins. They go back to the house and Derek call Daniel’s mom to deal with Garroth, but not before Derek tells Aphmau and Aaron that they are going to have a talk.

Back at the house, Aaron then reveals that he turned Aphmau into a werewolf for the sake of protecting her. Derek was furious with the choice, thinking that doctors may trace her medical records to him and increase his chance of being hunted down further. Trying to defend Aaron, Aphmau explains that she asked him to turn her as Derek sighs in disbelief. Aaron, eventually getting angry, explains that he doesn’t want to see another tragedy affect them and that they wanted to do this and got angry because he saw Ein, this time, for real, but Derek doesn’t believe him, after he attempted to attack a lookalike once. He concluded that even after a year of healing, Aaron is too angry under certain circumstances. He also believed that Aaron hallucinated into seeing Ein but Aaron insists that is really him. After asked be Rachel if he saw anyone else, he explains that a woman with blue hair was also with him and both Derek and Rachel panicked. Deciding to go to the kitchen, Garte came out of nowhere and punched Derek into a corner. Garte was furious about Aaron’s action and Derek said it can’t be helped, he was too angry. Derek then tells Garte that he realized that Zack, Elizabeth and the gang are on the island along with Ein, the man that created Forever Potions in order to bring despair to his kids, bringing Garte into shock. He decides that they must get out of Starlight ASAP.

Melissa noticed the two fathers moping around after the incident and everyone in a negative mood. Not wanting the last day of vacation be sad and depressing, she tried to cheer him up, telling him that it’s not Aaron’s fault that Garroth is in pain and told him that he’s still alive. Derek realized that his Forever Potion in him is keeping him in stable state. As she cheers everyone up at the party, Kawaii~Chan gave him a batch of pancakes. The next day, they left for the center island but are unaware that Zack made the next move of telling the entire park of his family’s visit and is now searching for them.

When Angels Fall Edit

In the third trailer, Derek called Agent R to get him the briefcase from the residence in Falcon Claw.

Derek talked with Aaron, Lucinda and Kim about the situation about the Guardian Force, a group lead by Michael to hunt them down. They have already taken over the beach coast of Starlight and are systematically moving inwards. Aaron suggests having the GF go inland, then sneak out to the coast and sail out, but was denied since they could be killed. He is relieved that Garroth brought Agent R (now called Rowan) to the hotel with the briefcase.

He tells Rowan the suitcase is for Aaron and that Michael really wants someone from the Lycan family to surrender, and so he decided that he will go and provide fake info about their whereabouts, which will distract them enough to let them escape. He heads to the GF headquarters to confess fake info, unaware that Ein is watching.

When held captive, he is greeted by Michael, who taunts him about foolishness for turning himself in, as he knows Aaron is also an Ultima and is more emotionally sensitive. To Derek's horror, Michael brainwashes a GF and has him kill another. After Michael leaves, Zack walks in and reveals they know about his family's location, shocking him.

He is not seen again until "Gone." Earlier than that, Aaron watched a TV revealing that Rachel is dead and he is the sole surviving Lycan. However, this was partially false, as Derek and Rowan are held captive in the celestial cannon.

Derek is greeted by Zack in his cell. Derek asks Zack how he will benefit from helping Michael, unaware their partnership is wavering due to Michael having Aphmau killed. After Zack leaves, Derek asks Rowan how good he did as a father. He believes that he was a terrible father for triggering Aaron's emotions back in PDH and FCU. Rowan tells him the opposite, explaining that Derek was trying his best in parenting, and the same went for Derek's father.

Derek and Rowan are brought to the central area of the cannon, in sturdier cuffs. Aaron is brought into the room, in giant wolf form, right under the beam, much to Derek's shock. Michael appears at the console and explains that he planned Aaron and his grandfather's rampages. His plan was to break down an emotionally sensitive Ultima by killing his loved ones. He would then have the Ultima go on a rampage in public to prove to them Ultimas are evil. Then, he would take them to the cannon, knowing they want to die, and transform that Ultima into a relic that he can use to kill Irene and achieve global domination. He tried this with Derek's father, but it failed when the current GF captain's grandfather killed him, at the cost of his own life. Derek begged Michael to choose him instead, but he refuses, as Derek is not as sensitive as Aaron. He pleaded Aaron to move (so was Irene), but Aaron was dead set on dying, not caring if the world is destroyed if he dies. When Michael activates the cannon, Irene erects a force field around Aaron to avoid Michael's plan succeeding, and calls out to Derek. Derek responds by silently telling Rowan that he will sacrifice himself. Rowan then knocks down a GF, allowing Derek to run towards the beam, push Aaron away, and become a relic himself. Irene then teleports Aaron away from the scene. Derek is transformed into a relic, much to Michael's anger.

In "High Heavens," Michael absorbs him so he can return to his original form. Derek resisted at first, but Michael successfully discouraged him into submitting.


He usually wears a suit and tie, his hair is black and styled. His eyes are black as well. Overall an average business man.

As an Ultima werewolf, he shares the same wolf ears and tail as Aaron, which led to Aphmau mistakenly think he is Aaron when she arrived at Starlight Wonderland. The only difference is that his ears and tail don't have red tips.


He is mostly busy with his job, so he is out of the loop usually (as evidenced when he thought Aaron and Aphmau were married). He feels horrible that he lost Alexander. He is happy when he is been given another chance by his son.

In Phoenix Drop High, in the episode "Heartbreak", he seems more assertive, saying how Aaron is his son and shouldn't be seeing or having relationships with anyone. Aaron also has to refer to him as "sir". He seems more angry in this episode. He also has "eyes everywhere", tracking Aaron's movements and conversations both in person and on his phone. He also believed that constant discipline, isolation, probation, and removal of privileges and even legal rights would keep Aaron tamed, only for it to cause Aaron's eyes to be untamed more often as he needed socialization, which was the primary thing Derek kept Aaron from having. He seemed to let that thought pass him sometime after Aaron left college and became an independent adult, as shown later when he wasn't upset that Aaron was living with someone. It wasn't until Melissa told him that Aaron was planning to propose to Aphmau that he remembered his motives.

It is later revealed in season four that he was trying to help Aaron control his Ultima Abilities by isolating him from everyone. After realizing that Aphmau soothes Aaron, he realized that Aaron was a different person from him despite them both being Ultimas. What helped Derek become tamed never worked on Aaron as it was just making it worse by taking away everything that made him calm. Aaron was losing control of his eyes, his grades were dropping, and he was acting and being treated like an outcast. If Aphmau was never in Aaron's life, he would've been in a much more aggressive and possibly feral state. He then turned a new leaf and promised to Aphmau that she and Aaron will reunite next year in Starlight Wonderland.

After the event, Derek became more a cheerful and fun-loving dad, who may do things that are considered embarrassing according to Melissa, like revealing what Melissa and Aphmau talked about or having a straightforward fake last name while at Starlight. Aaron was also able to help him deal with the pressures of being an Ultima, but was embarrassed when Melissa brought it up.

When in physical labor, he gets carried away and exposes his upper body, even if it's outside in the snow. He also seems competitive about his muscles, as he had a bare-chest flex-off with Garte in front of their families.

In the last episode of Emerald Secret, he says that he doesn't want Aaron to make the same mistake that he did. When Derek said that, he looked at Rachel. This might mean that Rachel was turned into a werewolf by him.

He will only trust certain people with his secret about he and Aaron being Ultimas or even being werewolves in general. That doesn’t mean that those he trust will return the favor such as Zack and possibly Xavier.



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  • He thought Aaron and Aphmau were husband and wife.
  • He loves pancakes, especially ones made by Kawaii~Chan.
  • Derek was one of the five who created and sold forever potions. He and Garte banished Michael, Elizabeth and Zack to Michael's dimension and soon after destroyed all of the research behind these potions.
  • The way Derek treated Aaron before MyStreet can be considered malicious, illegal and abusive as if he didn't love him at all.
    • When in college, Aaron did not live under his father's roof. Without any sign of guardianship, Aaron should've been free from his father's rules. This did not stop Derek as he continued to abuse Aaron and slowly take away his freedom. One of his agents eventually realized that Derek was taking away what was supposed to be the best years of Aaron's life.
    • When cancelling Aaron's credit card, his actions would be considered illegal due to the unfair reasoning behind it and the lack of Aaron's approval or even knowing.
    • The way he disciplines Aaron for just texting is just one of his many crimes of cruel and unusual punishment.
    • He refuses to let Aaron have any privacy, hiring agents to monitor and report his every move. He even searched through Aaron's room himself without a warrant.
    • He not only punishes Aaron for socialization, but for "what if" situations as well. He could just think of something Aaron could've done and punish him for it while also ignoring reasoning. He almost took Aaron's game away, even though there was no evidence of him making friends on it. When he cancelled Aaron's credit card, he was originally going to do it just because he was told that Aaron was just eating alone at the café.
    • He only made time to see Aaron just to discipline him, being too busy at work to do fun activities with him instead.
    • When he was "protecting" Aaron, he had no concern of helping him, making him happy, or even his own safety. Sending him to military school, keeping privileges away for years and not letting him even say hi to someone, all had more negative impacts on Aaron than positive. Derek showed no concern that his methods were causing Aaron to get bad grades, become awkward and ultimately start tuning into the one thing Derek was trying to prevent as he punished him for it.
    • His treatment towards Aaron was further justified in When Angels Fall.
  • It can be assumed that the reason Derek didn’t want Aaron to be close to anyone was so he couldn’t pass his Ultima traits to a potential son.
    • This was justified in Season 6. Derek was unknowingly trying to save the world by treating Aaron like that.
  • It is possible that he was going to separate Aaron from Aphmau when he received the holiday invitation, but was stopped by Rachel.
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