"Poser" by Zane

"Hussy" by Jenny and Cathy






Pale (With a Yellow Undertone)

Hair Color

Half Red and Half Black

Eye Color

Brownish Yellow

Professional Status
Previous Affiliation(s)

Falconclaw University

Previous Occupation(s)

Student at Falconclaw University

Previous Team

Jenny's University Team

Personal Status



Aaron (Crush)


Jenny (Possibly) *Cathy

First Appearance

"Will She Notice Me?"

Voice Actor

Daisy Guevara

Diana is a main character in Falcon Claw University. She is a friend of Cathy, Betty and Jenny.

Biography Edit

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MyStreet Phoenix Drop High: Graduation Days Edit


Appearance Edit

Physical Appearance - Edit

Diana's physical features are very dark in color, including browns, reds, and blacks.

In General Edit

In General - Diana has pale skin with a yellow undertone, which helps to accentuate her amber eyes, with very heavy black eyeliner and eye shadow, and two-toned red and black hair, which is styled in a long messy bob. Seeing as she is a werewolf, Diana also has black werewolf ears, with two piercings on her left ear, and a black wolf tail.

Clothing Apparel - Edit

Seeing as Diana goes for the rules of goth clothing, she wears a lot more dark or more muted colors in her clothing choice.

MyStreet Phoenix Drop High: Graduation Days Edit

Everyday Outfit - In her everyday outfit she wears a muted pink and brown off the shoulder dress, the brown being the main sections of the dress and the pink being the frills on dress. Diana also has a lot of black clothing in her design, including a choker, a bracelet, transparent tights, and knee-high, lace-up combat boots.


Diana seems to be nice in general, but she does have a bit of a nasty temper, especially when being insulted. This was shown when Zane called her a 'Poser' in 'Phoenix Drop High: Graduation Days' and it took Aphmau and her alpha authority to stop her and calm her down. She also has the tendency to complain about someone's annoying habits, like Ken and his 'conspiracy' theories. She is also competitive and tends to get a little hostile, especially when it comes to Jenny and Aphmau being too close to Aaron.



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  • The name "Diana" is of Indo-European origin which means "heavenly, or divine".
  • She has a crush on Aaron, and may be enemies with Jenny because of this.
  • Originally, Aphmau suspected she was writing the threatening anonymous notes.
  • She is rather careless when it comes to her diet. This is revealed when she apparently forgets that werewolves are allergic to chocolate.
  • She once ate a live rabbit.

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