The Divine Warriors were a group of six powerful warriors consisting of Irene, Enki, Esmund, Shad, Menphia and Kul'Zak, each of them were worshiped as gods or goddesses within the Minecraft Diaries universe. They each came from a different Region (before regions were a thing) and are now worshiped there. They are not worshiped exclusively in their own region, as we know that the other gods are sometimes worshiped in Irene's region as well. None of the others were worshiped in their regions to the extent Irene is in hers. It is now known that they were actually humans who came into possession of relics that gave them great power. It is also known that all of them, except Irene, reincarnated themselves over and over.


The story of the Divine Warriors takes place over 900 years ago. The six Divine Warriors were once friends. Irene was a fighter for peace, and often fought for causes she felt were just. She was the only one of her friends not to go through the cycle of death and rebirth, as she had to remain as she was to protect the world.

Because of this, she had to watch her friends die and be reborn over and over again. She often fought alongside Esmund, who was a shield for good. It is currently unknown what the other Divine Warriors' roles were. Shad was a different story. He was a warrior of destruction, a force against the sanctity of the world. He and Irene loved each other, but the fates were against them, as they personified opposing forces.

Her constant fighting against Shad, as well as the conflict between the love triangle between Her, Shad, and Esmund, took a great toll on her. She forgot how to feel compassion or love for anyone, she completely lost her emotions for everyone and everything. She continued to do good for the world, but could not return feelings of love to those that loved her.

During this time, Enki, Esmund, and Kul'zak decided that if Shad was gone, there would be no more darkness in this world, and Irene would be able to feel again. It is unknown how they came to this conclusion. Shad found out about this betrayal, and his anger turned him into something infinitely dark and powerful. He became what is know as the Shadow Lord.

Irene had to fight him, and had to create a new realm for their battle; the Irene Dimension. Banding together, the other five warriors were able to break him and his relic into pieces, scattering them across the world, and locked his soul in the Nether. But Irene didn't feel a twisted way, this actually hurt her. She wanted to feel sad for Shad's death, but could not.

Eventually, the other warriors died again, leaving her all alone. Irene wanted to learn how to feel again, so she decided to seal away all her memories and go into slumber in the realm she created. She took her powers out and sealed them in her relic. As she sealed away her memories, she gave her best friend Hyria a staff, and said, when it glows, to place it somewhere she could be awoken from, and that needed her help

Hundreds of years later, a boy who had recently become a Shadow Knight (Vylad) came into Hyria's forest. Even though he had lost his emotion, he still wanted to help his brother (Garroth) and his village (Pheonix Drop). Hyria told him to place the staff at the place that needed help, but Vylad didn't know the actual Irene would come. And thus Irene came back into the world under a new name: Aphmau.


Lady Irene-0

Irene the Matron

Irene the Matron

Symbol bebe

Irene the Matron's Symbol

Region: Ru'aun Region

Relic: Irene's Relic (Nitor from Thaumcraft)

Relic Holder: Aphmau (Irene herself)

Aphmau Irene

Aphmau's (Irene's) Divine Form


Irene the Matron's Relic

Powers: Healing major and minor wounds, Bringing the dead back to life, Safe inter-dimensional travel, Creating new dimensions, Ability to protect others by bringing them into a dimension, Ability to transform into a powerful divine form, Flight (she has wings in her divine form), Ability to summon a magic sword, Ability to witness other's memories

Descendant(s): Levin, Malik, and Alina.

Note: Levin and Malik are blood related to Irene, however, they are not direct descendants. They are the great, great, etc. nephews of Irene.

Reincarnation: None

Home: Scaleswind (Formerly), Phoenix Drop (Current)

Facts: Irene (Actually spelled Eirene) is also the Goddess of Peace in the Ancient Greek Pantheon, which is very similar to Lady Irene MCD who is also the keeper of peace.

Other: It is also known that she was once a wealthy person in Scaleswind, the town she founded. She also prevented a war between humans and wyverns, caused by Shad.



Enki The Keeper

Enki symbol

Enki the Keeper's Symbol

Region: Gal'ruk

Relic: Unknown

Relic Holder: None

Powers: Unknown

Descendant(s): Enki (Travis' Mother), Travis

Reincarnation: Unknown

Home: An island in the Gal'ruk Sea

Facts: Enki was the Sumerian (Mesopotamian) God of Intelligence, Crafts, Creation, and Water. This could fit in with Enki's description as a creator, scholar, and Keeper of knowledge.

Other: Enki is revealed to have had feelings for Irene, though he never got a chance to say it to her. Aphmau read a book by Enki that told of how he loved her, but never got the chance to tell her. It is canon that Enki and Travis have a connection. In the one image of Enki that we have been shown, we see that he has many physical similarities to Travis; White-Gray hair, green eyes, and so on. In "Travis' Past", Travis confirms they are blood related, and the reason why the relic didn't go to him is because he didn't want it.


Shad the Destroyer


Shad the Destroyer

Region: Ru'aun
Shad symbol

Shad the Destroyer's Symbol

Relic: The Moonlight Ward

Relic Holder: Alina

Powers: Enhanced strength, Ability to transform into a powerful divine form, Telekinesis, Ability to break through Irene's dimensions.

Descendant(s): The former leaders of Falconclaw, Aaron, Jacob, and Alina.

Ivy power

Ivy's Divine Form

Shad real relic

Shad the Destroyer's Relic

Reincarnation: None

Home: Falconclaw (Formerly), Nether (Current)

Facts: His name could mean Battle Warrior, which fits who he was. His name could also be the Biblical Shadrach, a young Hebrew man who survived being thrown in a furnace. This could represent the way the other Divine Warriors shattered his body and broke his relic into pieces, but his soul still survived.

Other: It is known that Shad eventually moved on from Irene, and had a child with a human woman. His descendants were the royal family of Falconclaw. By the way, Shad's relic was the Moonlight Ward. In episode 94 of season one, it is mentioned that the Moonlight Ward (a relic) was ripped apart by Enki. It is also mentioned that Shad's relic was the only one to be broken apart. Therefore, Shad's relic is the Moonlight Ward. Also, his relic must have been put back together, as Ivy was its bearer, and it was seen whole.


Esmund the Protector

Esmund the Protector

Esmund symbol-0

Esmund the Protector's Sigil

Home: Unknown (Possibly O'khasis)

Region: Unknown (Possibly Ru'aun)

Relic: Unknown

Relic Holder: Garroth Ro'Meave

Powers: Unknown


Esmund the Protector's Relic

Descendant(s): Unknown (Possibly the Ro'Meave Royal Family)

Reincarnation: Unknown

Garroth super

Garroth's Divine Form

Facts: The name Esmund could be a variation of the name Esmond, meaning "Graceful Protection". This name could also be a variation of the English name Edmund, meaning wealth, grace, and protection. Either of these interpretations would be a good match for who Esmund was.

Other: Esmund loved Irene and wasn't afraid to tell her. This caused fights to break out between Shad, Esmund, and Irene. Esmund was known as the shield for light. It is probable that he also moved on from Irene and had children with a human woman. From the image of Esmund we have seen, he has many physical similarities to Garroth, like his hair color and eye color.

Thus we can assume for the time being that Garroth is Esmund's reincarnation. We can also predict that his descendants were the Ro'Maeve family, considering that Zane Ro'maeve was able to use the relic. Relics will bond to a possible wielder if they have one of these three criteria: similar personality to the old wielder, familial relation to the old wielder, or being the reincarnation of the old wielder. Since Zane does not have a similar personality to Esmund, and is probably not his reincarnation, Zane (And the other Ro'maves) must be a descendant of Esmund.


Menphia The Fury


Menphia the Fury's Sigil

Region: Unknown
Menphia Screenshot

Relic: Unknown

Relic Holder: Unknown

Powers: Unknown

Descendant(s): Unknown

Reincarnation: Unknown

Home: Unknown

Facts: The name Menphia is similar to the name Memphis; a city in Egypt. In Ancient Times, the city was believed to be protected by three gods; Ptah, Nefertem, and Sekhmet. Sekhmet was angry, violent, and bloodthirsty, a champion of the city. This would fit Menphia the Fury perfectly.

Other: She is one of the only women in the group, the other female of the Divine Warriors being Irene. 

Kul'Zak The Wanderer


Kul'zak the Wanderer's Sigil

Region: Ru'aun
Kulzak Screenshot

Relic: Unknown

Relic Holder: Unknown

Powers: Unknown

Descendant(s): Unknown

Reincarnation: Unknown

Home: Unknown

Facts: The name Kul'zak can be equated to the name Kozak, which means "Cossack". Cossacks were Russian wandering bandits. This could fit well with Kul'zak's title of "Wanderer".

Other: Not much is known about Kul'Zak except that he is male.

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