Docks in Danger
Season 1, Episode 6
Post Date

March 21st, 2015



Written by

Aphmau & Jason/Dom

Directed by

Aphmau & Jason/Dom

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"Docks in Danger" is the sixth episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 1, and was uploaded on March 21st, 2015. It runs for 17 minutes and 7 seconds.

If you would like to see the Full Episode Transcription, go to this page.

Blurb Edit

"A small house I have! Now it's time to move out, but that's not the only thing. The world continues to change."


Jess starts her intro as an announcement saying that she built a small house on the hill for herself. She says that she is going to meet some more villagers.

After Jess checks out the crops once more, she shows us around the new house, although it doesn't have a roof or any flooring. It shows the area of the village. You can see the dock, random houses and the crops around the village, the old lord's house, and another village across the ocean that will be revealed later in the series. She builds the roof on-camera, and we get to watch her use oak half-planks to build it.

Jess goes to sleep, only to have the docks be set off with TNT overnight. There is a cameo shown of a character on a tree (Sasha). Once Jess wakes up, she quickly runs to the docks and talks to Zenix, who tells her to seek out Garroth.

When she talked to Garroth, he told her about what had happened that that Vischer had died during that TNT attack.

Jess goes to Brendan, and tells him what had happened and that the docks were blown up. She decides not to tell Brendan about Vischer, and he says that he's going to get his shovel and start working on another dock.

She ends the video with going back to her house, and says that she is going to make another boat next episode. She says that Thorgi is saying goodbye with his tail, but stops and then Jess says that Thorgi was saying "you're judging me".

Trivia Edit

  • The thumbnail for this video features Sasha.
  • This makes it the first Minecraft Diaries episode in Season 1 to have any thumbnail other than Aphmau's.
  • Last appearance of Visher.
  • Gene planted the TNT that destroyed the docks.
  • Sasha watched the docks being destroyed, and watched as Gene ran away from the scene.

Video Edit

Docks In Danger Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep

Docks In Danger Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep.6 Roleplay Survival Adventure!

Minecraft Diaries [S1: Ep.6] Roleplay Survival Adventure!

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