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Don't Disobey Me
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Season 6, Episode 7
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June 2, 2018



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"Don't Disobey Me" is the seventh episode of "MyStreet: When Angels Fall" It premiered on June 2nd, 2018.


There are consequences to every action.


Daniel is guarding the back entrance to the cave, he gets bored resulting in him putting googly eyes on rocks and getting distracted from a dark cave.

Aaron And KC arrive at the resort seeing that the place is trashed, Aaron And KC envision the life that was buzzing before the raid, friends being family. Aaron spots Terry's sword on the coffee table with a note saying that he couldn't keep it.

Aarons Demonic Broadsword MyStreet Season 6 Ep 7 Don't Disobey Me

Michael is walking with a scientist to a force field where they meet Holla, an ancient monk who wants the guardians to leave. Michael attacks Holla but his grip is broken.

Ein uses a potion to convert everyone to his side, he orders Blaze to wound himself, sends the guard to injure him, and for Daniel to hurt Blaze. However Daniel is not under Ein's influence therefore he is unable to follow orders willingly.

Travis and Katelyn head to a checkpoint to the resort, from unknown magic. Travis is able to convince the guard to let him and Katelyn through.

Kim and Lucinda make their way to a dock. Ghost interrupts them and a guardian looks. Lucinda convinces the guardian that Kim is sick, the guardian then complains about the climate. Another guard notices that Kim and Lucinda don't have their weapons and Kim comes up with the lie that they were taken for inspection, that Guardian complains about that too and the boat docks itself.

Aphmau and Zane make it to a clearing and break off Zane's cuffs. Dottie appears and lies that Aaron is heavily wounded and Garroth And KC went to the resort to convince the two to separate.



  • Ein's pose in the thumbnail parallels the episode "Alpha" from Phoenix Drop High Season 2.