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Neither Here Nor There

Too Late PT.1

Meanwhile with Daniel...

While Daniel was watching the back cave, he kept pacing back and forth, unaware of the situation going on in the cave. Daniel stopped pacing and sat down.

Daniel: *Groans* I know I'm supposed to be keeping watch, but this is boringgg!

After a few seconds, Daniel rummaged through his pocket.

Daniel: Wonder what I got.

He took out several googly eyes.

Daniel: Aw man!

Daniel then turned to some rocks behind him.

Daniel: Waiiit..

Few minutes later, Daniel stuck the googly eyes on two rocks. He then scooched over to one of the rocks.

Daniel: *Feminine voice* Oh Mr. The Rock! You are so Dwayne!

Daniel scooched over to the other rock.

Daniel: *Masculine voice* Heh. Call me Johnson, baby.

He stood up.

Daniel: Aww~ True love!

Daniel then heard loud sounds coming from the other cavern and felt a little scared.

Daniel: Wha.. What was that?

Meanwhile with Aaron and Kawaii~Chan...

Aaron and Kawaii~Chan reached the beach house but it still looks ransacked as they both walked in.

Kawaii~Chan: Oh my Irene! This place--!

Aaron: -Is ruined..

Aaron looked over at a table and remembered a fond memory of Aphmau, Kawaii~Chan, Garroth and Lucinda.

In the Memory...

Memory Garroth: Uh... Got any fives?

Memory Aphmau: No but I have a full house!

Memory Lucinda: Aph, we're playing Go Fish.

Memory Aphmau: Ugh! Why have I been collecting so many cards?!

Everyone in the memory laughed hysterically at Aphmau.

The attention was now turned to the kitchen as another memory occurred but it was with Blaze, Aaron and Melissa.

In the Memory...

Blaze walked in the kitchen and sniffed a delicious smell.

Memory Blaze: Smells really good! What're you cooking, Melissa?

Aaron and Melissa turned around.

Memory Aaron: Actually, I'm cooking.

Memory Melissa: Why did you assume I could cook?

Memory Blaze: Uh.. Well...

End of Memory...

Yet another memory occurred but with Derek, Rachel, Zane, Daniel, Dottie and Rylan.

In the Memory...

Derek and Rachel walked through the hall but Derek stopped to check his phone before walking again. The attention was now turned to the living room as Zane walked in on Daniel, Rylan and Dottie.

Memory Zane: Which one of you left this ball in the toilet?!

Memory Rylan: It was Daniel! I saw him!

Memory Daniel: Rylan, you tattletale!

Memory Dottie: Ooo Daniel!

End of Memory...

Aaron and Kawaii~Chan looked around in sadness before looking at each other for a few seconds and continued to look around sadly. Kawaii~Chan noticed a cup on the floor and walked over to it.

Kawaii~Chan: We could at least clean up the place.

She picked up the cup but Aaron stopped her.

Aaron: Maybe we shouldn't. The Guardian Forces may notice the change the next time they go through here.

Kawaii~Chan: Yeah..

Kawaii~Chan placed the cup back on the ground. She then noticed something on the table.

Kawaii~Chan: What's... That?

Aaron turned around and saw the thing on the table as his eyes widened.

Aaron: That's...

Aaron walked over to the thing on the table. It was a dark purple sword. It had... Some sort of shadowy vibe around it.. Aaron then noticed a note right to the sword. Kawaii~Chan walked over to Aaron.

Kawaii~Chan: A note?

Aaron picked up the note and read it out loud.

Aaron: 'Things are getting pretty rough here. I couldn't hold onto this any longer so I thought you would have it. -Terry.'

Kawaii~Chan: Terry? How can this be here? He must've left it here after the raid..

Aaron: Yeah, and recently too. I don't think the Guardian Forces would've left it here.

Kawaii~Chan: But why would someone leave it here?

Both Kawaii~Chan and Aaron glanced at the sword..

At the GF Base...

Michael and the GF Scientist walked through a hallway.

GF Scientist: He was there before we even got to the control room. He hasn't let anyone in.

Michael: Who let him in?

GF Scientist: I don't think you understand. He was here before us. Maybe he was always here..

Michael turned around with his eyebrows furrowed.

Michael: Why would you think that?

GF Scientist: U-uh.. Come look.

The GF Scientist led Michael to a room but it was blocked off by a blue particle barrier and other Guardian Forces Scientists were there. In the room... Was an old man but he looked badly wounded and old.. He seemed to be the one who had the particle barrier up.

GF Scientist 2: Just let us in so we can talk!

Holla: I know why you're here and I'm not letting you in.

GF Scientist 2: You can't keep us out forever!

Michael placed his paw on GF Scientist 2's shoulder.

Michael: He isn't going to listen to you.

A Guardian Force soldier made way for Michael as he placed his hands on the barrier.

Michael: We mean no harm, we just want to talk.

Holla turned around.

Holla: There will be no talking. Leave this place.

Michael: We're just on a peaceful excavation. We're amazed at what your people are capable.

Holla: I can see your intent. Your intent is to use this machine and I will not let that happen again.

Michael took his hands off the barrier and sighed.

Michael: This could've been easy.

Michael then passed through the barrier with ease. Holla is shocked.

Michael: I don't have time for this.

Michael grabbed Holla by the throat but Holla's eyes turned white.

Holla: That will not work on me.

Michael had suddenly grunted in pain and let go of Holla.

Holla: My name is Holla and I will not ask again! Please leave this room.

Meanwhile in the werewolf cave...

All of the werewolves, excluding Daniel, were under some kind of potion... Ein held one of the werewolves by the throat as he was coughing while Ein grins. The werewolf kept coughing until... His eyes turned gray and Ein dropped him purposely.

Ein glanced at the potion in his hand.

Ein: Just one potion affected all of them this quickly? *Chuckles menacingly* This is going to be too easy.

The werewolf that was on the ground got up and stood beside the others. Ein walked over to Blaze. Little did Ein know... Daniel was quietly watching him as he recognized him and gasped quietly.

Daniel: Ein?!

Ein: Blaze.

Blaze: Yes Alpha?!

Ein grinned evilly.

Ein: Ram your head-

He gestured to large and hard rock.

Ein: -Into that rock over there.

Blaze: Yes Alpha!

Blaze ran over to the rock Ein spoke about as he bashed his head into the rock hard, causing him to lose a large portion of his energy.

Blaze: Ow..

Ein: *Laughs wickedly* Perfect! Absolutely perfect!

Ein laughed a bit more. Daniel is shocked. Daniel then ran over to the werewolf group as he pretended to be under Ein's control. Ein then turned to the two werewolves from before.

Ein: You two!

Werewolf 1 and 2: Sir!

Ein: Alpha!

Werewolf 1 and 2: Yes Alpha!

Ein: Pummel Blaze a bit.

Werewolf 1 and 2: Yes Alpha!

The two werewolves ran over to Blaze.

Ein: Blaze, you stand there.

Daniel looked at them with a sad look.

Daniel: Blaze...

Daniel lowered his head. Punching and kicking noises can now be heard..

Ein: *Laughs wickedly* You are all obedient to me! I am the Alpha!

Ein then noticed Daniel as he recognized him and walked over to him.

Ein: I remember you.

Daniel: Huh. At least your brain works.

All the werewolves stared at him as Ein furrowed his eyebrows and widened his eyes in anger.

Ein: What did you say?!

Daniel: I'm honored, Alpha!

Ein: Of course you are. You're going to be my little dog. Now...

Ein glanced at Blaze, who was sitting on the ground badly injured as the two Lycanroc were done pummeling him. Ein then turned his attention to Daniel and pointed to Blaze.

Ein: Pummel him.

Daniel: *Widens eyes* W-what?

Ein: Did I stutter?

Daniel looked away and lowered his head.

Daniel: (If I refuse, he'll know I'm not...)

Daniel then walked over to Blaze with a sad look. Blaze coughed a bit and looked up at Daniel, struggling to maintain his consciousness. Daniel closed his eyes for a second before tearing up.

Daniel: I'm sorry, Blaze...

Daniel started to pummel Blaze while Ein grins wickedly. Punching noises can be heard throughout the area..

Meanwhile with Katelyn and Travis...

Katelyn and Travis were walking near the boardwalk.

Katelyn: You know we can't just walk into the resort. The Guardian Forces have everything completely blocked off. Remember what happened on the dock?

Dark Travis, in Travis' body, walked faster than Katelyn.

Dark Travis: Maybe... We'll be able to walk right through.

Katelyn stopped in her tracks as her look saddened. Travis stopped walking as well and turned around to face Katelyn.

Katelyn: Travis... You don't always need to act strong.. It's okay..

Travis walked closer to Katelyn.

Travis: This isn't like last time. I promise I'll have my head about me.

Katelyn: Good! 'Cause I really didn't wanna kick your butt later.

Travis: *Chuckles* Like you could anyways.

Katelyn gave him the look of a tsundere.

Katelyn: *Scoffs* What does that mean?!

Travis: Means you're way too slow!

Travis started to run ahead with Katelyn tailing him from behind.

Katelyn: Oho, I swear Travis!

At the gate to the resort, three people were trying to get back into the resort but couldn't because of a Guardian Force soldier.

Background Character 1: Come on! My suitcase is still back in the resort!

Background Character 2: We just want to go in for a second to grab our belongings!

Guardian Force 1: If you're missing something from the resort, you need to file a report to the Guardian Forces Headquarters in the boardwalk!

Background Character 2: I did that a week ago and it didn't do anything!

Background Character 3: Just let us go to the resort!

Travis and Katelyn then arrived on the scene as Newtwo sighed disappointedly.

Katelyn: It's just like the docks..

Travis closed his eyes before opening them again as he furrowed his eyebrows and walked over to the crowd.

Katelyn: *Whispers* Travis!

Travis walked through the crowd and faced the Guardian Force 1.

Guardian Force 1: Sir, if you want something from the resort, then you need to--

Travis grabbed Guardian Force 1's arm as his eyes flickered emerald green. The green in Travis' eyes faded slightly as he let go of the Guardian Force soldier's arm.

Guardian Force 1: Yuh! Oh! I'm sorry, Travis! *Makes way for Travis* Right this way!

Travis: *Chuckles quietly and goes through the gate*

The GF Soldier got back into position.

Background Character 1: What?! You're letting him through?!

Guardian Force 1: *Gestures to Travis* This is Travis! Of course I'm letting him through!

Katelyn walked past the crowd.

Background Character 2: That's not fair! Let us all through!

The GF Soldier blocked Katelyn from going any further.

Guardian Force 1: Ma'am you need to wait. If you're missing something from the resort, you need to file it with the--

Travis: She's with me.

Guardian Force 1: Oh I'm sorry! *Makes way for Katelyn* Head right through!

Katelyn entered the resort.

Background Character 2: Why are THEY allowed to go?!

Background Character 3: You're letting her through too?! What the heck?!

Background Character 1: Let us through!

Guardian Force 1: Calm down, everyone! If you want something from the resort, then head back to the Guardian Forces office to fill out the missing belongings report!

Katelyn turned to Travis, looking puzzled.

Katelyn: What just happened?

Travis: I told you, we'd be okay. Come on.

Travis walked ahead of Katelyn as she turned around before following Travis as they walked through the resort.

Meanwhile with Lucinda and Kim...

Lucinda and Kim were hiding behind a bush near a GF patrol boat. Both girls were now wearing Guardian Forces uniforms as they stopped rummaging through their bag.

Lucinda: This better work.

Kim: We.. Just.. Stick to the plan! It should work. It will work!

Lucinda: Any help from that voice?

Kim: No.. Nothing..

Lucinda: I hope everyone else is okay..

Kim: Same..

Lucinda and Kim turned to the patrol boat that was about to dock.

Lucinda: Looks like the patrol boat's just about to dock. We should get going.

Kim: R-right!

Lucinda and Kim took out GF helmets and put them on as they cautiously headed to the GF patrol boat. Several GFs marched ahead as Kim and Lucinda ran right past them as they were now on the docks. The boat then blew it's horn as it docked next to the docks.

Kim: We just show them our IDs and keep our heads down.

Ghost took over Kim's body.

Ghost: I'll do it! You'll never make me!

Lucinda: *Widens eyes* Uh..

Kim: *Quietly* Ghost! You said that aloud!

A Guardian Force Soldier turned around.

Lucinda: *Whispers* Kim! Get ahold of her!

Guardian Force 2: You okay, soldier?

Kim: O-oh.. Um... Yes!

Lucinda: She's just got a cold. Heh heh..

Guardian Force 2: Ah yeah. That sucks. It's ridiculous they make us wear these uniforms in this climate. You're not the only one coming down to somethin'.

Kim: Yeah, I know. It's always so hot. Whoo!

Guardian Force 2: Get some rest when you can.

Guardian Force 2 turned around as Lucinda and Kim sighed in relief.

Guardian Force 3: Wait a minute.. Where are your rifles?

Lucinda: We umm..

Kim: We uh.. Handed them in for uh.. Inspection.

Guardian Force 3: Oh, you were a part of the raid, huh? I always hate getting my rifle inspected after a lot. Sucks to hear what happened.

Guardian Force 2: *Turns around* Yeah. I heard the Ultima escaped.

Loud footsteps were heard.

Guardian Force 2: Looks like we're boarding. Come on, you two.

Guardian Force 2 walked ahead. Lucinda turns to Kim.

Lucinda: Nice going.

Kim: I didn't think that would work.

Lucinda: We'll talk about it later.

Lucinda walked ahead of Kim as she followed and they both boarded the boat. The patrol boat blew it's horn again as it sailed off.

Meanwhile with Aphmau and Zane...

Aphmau still had her ears and tail out as she looked around before breaking Zane's handcuffs with ease.

Zane: *Heavily sighs* Thanks.

Aphmau: Sorry he cuffed you.

Zane: I was in a panic. I just.. Improvised. But at least we're closer to the resort.

Aphmau: Thank you.

Zane: For what?

Aphmau: I know you did that to help me escape. I appreciate that a lot.

Zane: Didn't want them to catch you. Besides, you did the same for me.

Aphmau smiled a bit. Her left ear twitched as she narrowed her eyes.

Aphmau: *Whispers* Someone's coming..

Zane: Huh?

Footsteps can be heard nearby as Aphmau walked infront of Zane and spread out her arms protectively. The footsteps got louder as it turned out to be Dottie. Aphmau is shocked.

Aphmau: Dottie?

Dottie: Aphmau!

Both girls shared a hug. Aphmau and Dottie pulled away from the hug as Aphmau teared up but not in sadness but in relief.

Aphmau: Dottie! You're alright..!

Dottie: I'm perfectly fine! *Sees Aphmau's ears* Huh?

Zane: You had us scared for a moment, we thought you were one of the GFs.

Aphmau: Is everyone else alright? Are they here too?

Dottie looked away and lowered her head.

Dottie: A lot of us.. Have been captured.. But the rest of us have been hiding out.

Zane: Aph, we have to keep moving. That guy could still be following us.

Dottie: Is... Everything alright?

Aphmau: *Heavily sighs* The GF have been hunting us and one of them has been on our tail all day.

Zane: We've also been looking for everyone else. We think they might be heading back to the summer house.

Dottie: Oh.. You are..? Then.. Maybe I should tell you..

Aphmau: Tell us what?

Dottie: It's Aaron. He's back at our camp and he's.. Greatly injured..

Aphmau is shocked.

Aphmau: W-what?

Dottie: From what Aaron said, Garroth and Kawaii~Chan were heading back to the resort. Somethin' about getting a boat off the island.

Zane: A-are they okay?

Dottie: I-I don't know. The Guardian Forces are always searching that area though. They're probably in trouble.

Aphmau: Is Aaron alright?! What happened?!

Dottie: He was shot by the Guardian Forces. He was bleeding really badly.. I don't know...

Aphmau turned around to face Zane.

Zane: Aphmau...

Aphmau: I have to go see him...

Zane: I know...

Aphmau: You're not coming?

Zane: Aaron's hurt but he's with friends. I need to make sure Hugo and Ariel are alright.

Aphmau looked down before she and Zane hugged one another.

Aphmau: You better not get caught...

Zane: I won't.

Zane pulled away from the hug.

Zane: What's the location of your camp?

Dottie: Oh! It's on a beach near the docks!

Zane: The.. Beach? *Sighs* I'll take the multiamp as soon as I find them.

Aphmau: Zane... I wouldn't have gotten this far if it wasn't for you.

Zane: And I wouldn't be here without you.

Zane walked and took the path that was nearby and left Aphmau and Dottie. Dottie then led Aphmau to their camp to see Aaron.