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Dream or Reality?...
MCD S2 Ep 9
Season 2, Episode 9
Post Date

October 18th, 2015



Written by

Aphmau & Jason/Dom

Directed by

Aphmau & Jason/Dom

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"A Shaman's War"

"The People of Meteli"

"Dream or Reality?..." is the ninth episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 2, and was uploaded on October 18th, 2015.


"Aphmau and the crew arrive in New Meteli. What awaits them in this new town?"

Episode Overview[]

Cadenza leads the group to her village of New Meteli. She comments on their state of attire and convinces Aphmau, along with Katelyn and Emmalyn, to dress in clean clothes for the town meeting. Shortly afterwards, Cadenza reveals the fate of Cookie and her pup Crumbs. While waiting for her clothes to dry, Aphmau falls asleep and finds herself in a strange dream world, with a tree on a hill.There she meets Garroth who, believing it to be a dream, kisses Aphmau. He then explains, saying that if this was a dream and he was about to be killed by Zane, he could at least say that he did something about how he felt about her. He continues to explain that he saw Laurance and Aphmau kissing in the woods and that he is okay with her having feelings elsewhere. He doesn't wish to get in between them, but before Aphmau can refute what happened they hear a bell chiming and Aphmau wakes up.

Garmau yass

Garroth kisses Aphmau while in "dream?" World

It is then revealed that her physical body had disappeared after she had fallen asleep and that it might very well be possible that that wasn't a normal dream.


  • The thumbnail for this video features Aphmau
  • This is the first episode in which Garroth and Aphmau kiss



Dream or Reality?... Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep.9 Minecraft Roleplay