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He Confesses...?


Nakano: What's this about a date with Cyrus?

Theo: And why in this great wide K-pop producing world did I have to hear about it from Mila Sanchez?!

Aphmau: We're.. going to try it out?

Theo: Try things out..? Try things out?! I heard you kissed him!

Aphmau: I didn't..! I mean, I did, but..

Theo: So the rumor is true..! You did kiss him!

Aphmau: Yes, but..!

Nakano: Have you really thought this through?

Aphmau: Absolutely not!

Nakano: [sighs] Of course..

Aphmau: I've got a right to go on dates!

Theo: We support you, Aph.. I just wish you would've told me.

Aphmau: I knew you guys were going to act like this..

Theo: This?

Aphmau: This.. weird, about all of this!

Nakano: Cyrus is our friend too..

Aphmau: We haven't even gone on a date yet!

Theo: Really? Word from the rumor mill is that the two of you are headed to a romantic escape room outing this very afternoon!

Aphmau: What?

Theo: You didn't tell me, your bestest best friend in the whole universe- no offense Nakano,- that you were going on a date with Cyrus today..!! You're depriving me of post-breakup pre-new date makeover friendship rituals..!

Aphmau: I don't know what you're talking about! I'm not going on a date today!

[There's a knock at the door. It's Cyrus.]

Aphmau: Cyrus, hi! We were.. just talking about you!

Cyrus: Heya Aph, I just thought I'd drop by because.. uh, date. Do you wanna go on a date maybe this..

Aphmau: Afternoon?

Cyrus: Yeah, exactly..! Maybe we could go to an-

Aphmau: Escape room?

Cyrus: ..Yeah.. How do you know that?

Theo: If people don't want their business spread around, they shouldn't let it slip in the first place..!

Aphmau: Must've heard it.. somewhere.

Cyrus: [chuckles] Looks like I was beaten to the punch, um.. Do you still wanna go?

Aphmau: Sure! That sounds fun!

Cyrus: Really? I-I mean, uh, that's great! I was thinking we could go around four-ish and grab some dinner afterwards?

Aphmau: It's a date! ..Literally.

Cyrus: It sure is, huh! Never thought I'd see the day. Um, anyway, this place just opened up around the corner, so we can walk there, and I thought maybe we could..

[He stops. Aphmau slowly turns to see Theo and Nakano with fire in their eyes.]

Nakano: Cyrus.. We've been friends for a while now.

Theo: Too long, most popular kids would say.

Nakano: So I'm just going to state for the record..

Theo: We're going to state for all the records!

Nakano: You break her heart..

Theo: We will destroy you!

Aphmau: Oh my god, you guys..

Cyrus: [awkward laugh] You two are terrifying..!

Aphmau: Don't worry about them, alright? Let's just.. try to have a good time tonight!

Cyrus: R-Right, yes, absolutely..

Aphmau: Great!

Cyrus: So, um, lunch is now, uhh, if you wanted to.. with me..

Aphmau: I'd love to get lunch with you!

Cyrus: Oh! Awesome!

Aphmau: [giggles] Relax, Cyrus.. let's go grab a bite.

Aphmau: [to Theo and Nakano] You two calm down.. I have everything under control!

Nakano: Sure.

Theo: No, no, of course..

Aphmau: Okay then! I'll catch up with you later.

Nakano: Later, Aph.

Theo: Bye-bye!

[Aphmau leaves and they exchange looks.]

Theo: Sooo... we're snooping on their date, right?

Nakano: Absolutely.

[Aphmau and Cyrus stand outside the escape room building, called 'Escape Quest'. Theo and Nakano snoop from the bushes, Nakano holding Theo up to see.]

Theo: Nakano..! Higher!

Nakano: This is maximum height for Nakano, thanks.

Theo: You can't give up on me now..! What else are those long, twiggy legs good for?!

Nakano: You know I placed second overall in regionals last year, right?

Theo: Exactly! So extend those silver medal tippytoes and get me a better view!

Nakano: [sighs]

Theo: Almost... almost...! [gasps] I think she just blushed..!

[Theo and Nakano fall. Aphmau and Cyrus hear the noise.]

Aphmau: What was that?

Cyrus: ..Squirrels? I'm gonna say squirrels.

Aphmau: ..Huh. Weird.

Cyrus: You know what's weirder?

Aphmau: What's that?

Cyrus: Paying to lock ourselves in a room for an hour to solve puzzles under the fictional guise that if we don't solve the puzzles good enough, we might die.

Aphmau: Sounds like a fun time to me!

Cyrus: Let's do it.

Aphmau: Let's.

[Cyrus holds the door open for Aphmau.]

Cyrus: After you.

Aphmau: Thanks!

Cyrus: Uh.. hi?

Receptionist: Did you pay online?

Cyrus: Uh-huh!

Receptionist: Alejo?

Aphmau: That's us! I mean.. him.

Receptionist: [sighs] Around the corner, pink door. If you need help, just scream.. really. Loud.

Aphumau: ..Right.

Cyrus: Shall we?

[A choice box appears. The options are 'Take his hand!' and 'Race him!']

Aphmau: [to herself] Let's see.. take his hand, or race him.. Y'know, these are getting kinda fun! Let's go.. flirty!

Aphmau: Hey Cyrus.. race ya!

Cyrus: Wait, what?

[She takes off around the corner. They enter the pink door to find a cutesy escape room complete with cats, rainbows, and sakura tree decorations.]

Intercom: Hey friends! Welcome to the land of unicorns and puzzles, and unicorn puzzles! We're happy to have you along for the rainbow ride!

[The door shuts behind them, and the hour long timer begins.]

Intercom: Find a way to escape the room in one hour, friends! Don't forget to have fun! OR ELSE.

Aphmau: Oh boy, okay, uh.. Where do we start?

Cyrus: I dunno..! All the puzzles are so.. sugary sweet! I'm gettin' a toothache just looking at them!

Aphmau: Okay okay, I'll start on the rainbow sparkly teeny tea party, and you investigate the kawaii carnival cupcake corner.

Cyrus: Yes ma'am!

Aphmau: And Cyrus? ..We got this!

Cyrus: [quietly] I'm really happy you're here..

Aphmau: What'd you say?

Cyrus: I said I can't wait to puzzle our way out of here!!

Aphmau: [to herself] ..Alright, I'm not letting a failed escape ruin my first post-breakup date! Let's do this!

[Outside, Theo tries to climb through a window.]

Theo: Just.. a little.. more..!

[She falls through, Nakano is already inside.]

Theo: Whew, flawless recovery! Now then, where's Aphmau?

Nakano: It looks like we landed in one of the other escape rooms.

[The door shuts.]

Theo: Whaaaat is happeniiiing..

Nakano: I think.. I think we might've activated the door lock.

Theo: What?! I've got friends to snoop on!

Nakano: I wanted to go through the front door!

Intercom: Welcome.. to the nightmare library! We have a spook-tacular selection..! [evil laughter]

Theo: [terrified squealing]

[Aph and Cyrus hear the noise from the other room.]

Aphmau: Woah.

Cyrus: Someone's having a good time in the horror room next door.

Aphmau: Sounds like it!

Cyrus: Here, look! I found the final magic cupcake for the Sugarland surprise puzzle!

Aphmau: Hey, you did! You're like.. amazing at these things, Cyrus!

Cyrus: Well y'know, if we're gonna date, I should be able to break us out of a puzzle room! Just in case we're ever abducted by a sinister, highly elaborate, and cutesy supervillain.

Aphmau: I would trust nobody else with my sinister, highly elaborate, cutesy puzzle room needs. [giggles]

[Cyrus gains a fourth star with a huge smile on his face, but he loses another heart. Aphmau looks shocked.]

Cyrus: Huh? What's happened, what's wrong?

Aphmau: Nothing! Nothing at all!

Cyrus: Really? Your face seems.. shocked.

Aphmau: That definitely doesn't matter right now! H-Hurry, the cupcake!

Cyrus: Oh, right!

[Theo lies on the floor while Nakano tries to solve the escape room.]

Theo: [sobs] I hate puzzles! We're never going to get out of here!

Nakano: We're certainly not getting out of here with you on the floor.

Theo: [whining] This is it..! This is the end of Theodosia Bloom..!

Nakano: [sighs] Worst case scenario, we have to wait out the hour in here, and an employee comes and rescues us.

Theo: The entire hour?! [wails] I wonder what Aphmau and Cyrus are doing..

Cyrus: Wait, we did it!

Aphmau: We sure did. What happens now?

Intercom: Congratulations, friends of the unicorns! You have returned the fabled rainbow cupcake to the crystalline altar! You have more than earned your ticket home.

[The door opens behind them.]

Aphmau: Look, the door's open!

Cyrus: We made it out!

Aphmau: With time to spare! We're freeee!

Cyrus: That was almost too easy!

Aphmau: We can go hooome!

Cyrus: We can go to dinner!

Aphmau: Oh! That's right! We're going to dinner! And.. no unicorn can stop us.

Theo: [wails] So... hungry...

Nakano: It's only been like.. half an hour.

Theo: Sooooo... huuuungryyyy....

[Cyrus returns Aphmau to her dorm.]

Cyrus: I.. had a really fun night with you.

Aphmau: Me too!

Cyrus: We really escaped the heck out of that escape room, didn't we?

Aphmau: Never has anyone escaped room more than we just did.

[A choice box appears. The options are 'Kiss him!' and 'Let him kiss you!']

Aphmau: [to herself] Oh wow.. He was kind of nervous the other day, maybe we should let him initiate this time..

[She chooses the second option.]

Cyrus: So... curfew's comin' up. Guess I'll see you tomorrow?

Aphmau: Oh! Um.. bright and early!

Cyrus: I really did have a great day.

Aphmau: Me too!

Cyrus: Okay, uh.. bye then!

Aphmau: Bye, Cyrus! Have a good night!

Cyrus: Night!

[Cyrus leaves.]

Aphmau: .. Dang. He didn't make the move.

[She enters her dorm to find Theo in bed.]

Aphmau: Hey Theo! Are.. you okay?

Theo: [muffled] I never wanna see a spooky book again..

Aphmau: Okay.. I'll keep all future spooky books away from you.

Theo: [muffled] Nakano's brother stopped by.

Aphmau: Huh?

Theo: I said, Nakano's brother stopped by. He was looking for you.

Aphmau: You mean Ryo? He was looking for me?

Theo: Yep. Something about sneaking out with him and his friends tonight? I guess you're invited, or something.

Aphmau: Invited? That would be past curfew..!

Theo: Mmm.. He said you'd probably say something like that. He wanted me to tell you that curfews are social constructs, meant to control the youth.

Aphmau: Yeah, that.. sounds like him.

Theo: Anyway, I'm exhausted for reasons.. unrelated to friend-snooping. Goodnight!

[A choice box appears. The options are 'Sneak out!' and 'Stay in!']

Aphmau: [to herself] Ryo.. wants to see me? Not only that, but he.. wants to hang out with me? What should I do?