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Ein Season 5


Sleepover Ein


Kareoke Ein

Judge Frollo Ein


Angel Ein

Full Name

Ein N/A

  • Werewolf
  • Human (Temporarily)










Hair Color
  • Navy with Gray/Faded Blue Streak
  • Navy with Blue Streak (Formerly)
Eye Color
  • Silver
  • Emerald Green (Formerly, Caused by Forever Potions)
Professional Status

Guardian Force

Previous Affiliation(s)

Phoenix Drop High

Previous Occupation(s)
  • Phoenix Drop High Student
  • Student Alpha
  • Student Omega
Personal Status


  • Aphmau (Paternal Half-Sister; Estranged)
  • Zack (Father; Estranged)
  • Unknown Mother
  • Jax (Pawn in Pack)
  • Ryder (Pawn in Pack)
  • Aaron (Arch Nemesis; Lycan Resistance)
  • Aphmau (Crush/Prize; Former Friend; Former "Fiancé"; Former Slave; Lycan Resistance; Paternal Half'-Sister)
  • Kai (Former Love Interest of Aphmau)
  • Blaze (Helped dethrone him; Slave)
  • Daniel (Former Omega and New Alpha; "Slave")
  • Dottie (Defended Daniel; Slave)
  • Rylan (Defended Daniel)
  • Kacey (Defended Aphmau; Got him expelled)
  • Teony (Tried reasoning with him)
  • Gavin (Told him to go to the principal)
  • Layla (Expelled him; Turned him in)
  • Katelyn (Allowed cops to catch up to him; Defended Kacey)
  • Tatiana (Former Pack Member; Helped Aaron)
  • Tatiana's Pack (Former Slaves)
  • Zane (Former Slave; Helped Aaron; Lycan Resistance)
  • Lucinda (Former Slave; Helped Aaron; Lycan Resistance)
  • Garroth (Helped Aaron; Lycan Resistance)
  • Kim (Helped Aaron; Lycan Resistance)
  • Ghost (Helped Aaron; Lycan Resistance)
  • Derek (Lycan Resistance)
  • Rachel (Lycan Resistance)
  • Melissa (Lycan Resistance)
  • Rowan (Lycan Resistance)
  • Kawaii~Chan (Lycan Resistance)
  • Sylvanna (Lycan Resistance)
  • Eric (Lycan Resistance)
  • Garte (Lycan Resistance)
  • Zianna (Lycan Resistance)
  • Toby (Not Corrupted)
  • Anyone friends with Aphmau (He wants to get rid of all of them)
  • Everyone from high school (No longer saw him as Alpha; Abandoned his ways of chaos)
  • Humans in general (He sees them as puny, weak beings that are inferior to werewolves)
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Voice Actor
  • Christopher Escalante
  • Kellen Goff (Fill-in)
  • TheDragonHat (Cloaked)

Ein is the central antagonist of MyStreet. He appears as the main antagonist in Phoenix Drop High Season 2 & MyStreet: The Emerald Secret, the secondary antagonist of MyStreet: When Angels Fall, and a minor character in MyStreet: Starlight. He is also the worst person in the world using manipulation to get what he wants

This was Ein's disguise as revealed in the Emerald Secret series.

Biography of Ein:(SPOILERS)Edit

Origins Edit

Ein is the son of Zack and inherited his werewolf genes. It is revealed in "Gone" that Zack hated Ein since birth and preferred his daughter Aphmau over him. Aphmau is Ein's paternal half-sister.

Ein (When Angels Fall)

MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Season 2 Edit

Prior to Becoming Alpha Edit


Sometime before his debut, he met with Gene and made a secret alliance with him. Gene informed him about Aphmau and how to trick and deceive her to eventually become Alpha himself by playing nice. They also made a deal in which Ein gives Gene pictures of Aphmau in exchange for expensive hair dye.

Ein was introduced in "Mysterious Wolf Boy". In later episodes, Aphmau, one of the school mentors, punches him when he instinctively sniffed her. However, the two become friendly with one another when Ein gives back her missing phone and tells her to hang out with him. Their first meetup was in the mall, taking place in Is This A Date?...

In "Is This A Date?...", the persistent werewolves of Phoenix Drop High confesses that Ein is the Omega, making Aphmau regretful, thinking he was using her to become the Alpha.

However, in "Aphmau's Crush On Kai", Aphmau apologized to Ein and has informed to all the other werewolves to never treat him as an outsider again. They had a truce with each other that Aphmau will teach him about humans while Ein will teach her about werewolves, especially about the Western Werewolves.

In the episode "Ein Saves Aphmau", he does not save Aphmau yet, but jumps in the principal's office through a window and helps her get out of trouble that she might have had because of her prior involvement with the Shadow Knights (since the principal Layla and the teachers were thinking they did tag the cafeteria), he deals with the principal telling her that with his help, Aphmau and he can find the Shadow Knight within the school day.

In the episode "A Kiss", Ein is called by Aphmau to help her with her hair. Eventually, when they finished Aphmau tripped and Ein ended up falling on top of her. Her mom comes in while he is on her and gets mad, so he said his apologies. Then Aphmau's mom calls her to talk to her and says that she really likes Ein since he is very polite, kind and etc. Even though she was grounded she was able to go to the movies with Ein. Once the movie date was over, Aphmau started crying and ran away because her crush (Kai) was gonna ask out her best friend (Katelyn). When that happened, Ein ran after her and when he caught up to her he grabbed her hand and as soon as Aphmau said that nobody likes her, he confesses his feelings to Aphmau and kissed her on the cheek, which made her feel better.

In "An Alpha Is Chosen", the 20th episode of Aphmau's Phoenix Drop High Season 2 series, Aphmau hosts the Alpha games. Ein talks to Aphmau early on and tells her that Kai wanted to become werewolf Alpha, but he rejected him. Aphmau wonders why and then he returns to the stands. When Aaron goes around asking werewolves about Ein, they say that although he is the omega, that they are starting to warm up to him because Aphmau likes to hang out with him. In the last couple minutes of the episode, the werewolf teacher, as Aaron's request because Aphmau didn't pick the Alpha yet, makes Ein, the new Alpha. As he says, he is ecstatic and they take pictures together as the werewolves couple.

His Villainy Revealed Edit

In "An Omega Is Chosen", Gavin informs the two Alphas that an Omega needs to be chosen. Knowing Aphmau would choose not to pick an Omega, Ein decided to find one himself. He came across Dottie, Rylan and Daniel, telling them they're the weakest in the school and forces them to pick which one of them will be the Omega. When they can't decide, Ein makes a quick and final decision and declares Daniel the Omega in a happy tone. He did so without Aphmau's approval. Both Dottie and Rylan begged him to not make Daniel the Omega since he can't even fight. This does not alter Ein's decision however, as he said that he handled himself in fights, which they didn't accept as an excuse since he was obviously much stronger than Daniel. To make sure that Aphmau doesn't interfere and help Daniel, he made her oblivious about the choice.

In "A Change Of Heart", Ein's true nature is revealed. His previous kind nature was actually a façade to claim the title of Alpha. With him now reaching that goal, he saw no need to play mister nice wolf. In the bathroom, he is seen reminding his fellow werewolves to keep using Daniel as a punching bag despite him not being able to defend himself. He obviously wanted Daniel to suffer as much or even more than he did when he was the Omega. He was also saying to himself that he wishes Aphmau was a werewolf, being disgusted to have a human as a mate. (He was voiced by Kellen Goff on this episode and not Christopher Escalante)

In "What Do You Know About Me? Part 1 and 2", Ein heard rumors that Aphmau was going on a date with Kai. He confronted her himself to figure out where and when they were going, having intentions to ruin the date behind her back. Later, Ein is seen talking with Gene. It is revealed that Ein was faking being nice the entire time and Gene was giving Ein advice on how to trick Aphmau, such as not hanging around Sasha and Zenix, having piercings, and playing innocent. He also never planned on having any human friends. Ein then trades pictures of Aphmau to Gene for the usual expensive hair dye. When Gene noticed Ein drew ears and tails on the pictures, he called the deal off. When Ein followed Aphmau and Kai to their date, he invited Jax and Ryder along so they could cause chaos. Ein later got Kai to admit he didn't really love Aphmau, but the plan backfired when Aphmau asked Ein what he knew about her. His answer made it seem like he only used her to become Alpha.

In "An Apology", he tried to bribe her back with chocolate instead of properly apologizing to her.

Ein let himself into Aphmau's house in "Aphmau gets a Boyfriend!", starting the rumor of them being a couple by informing her mom. Sylvanna grounds Aphmau for not telling her, causing Aphmau to get mad at Ein, who took no remorse for getting her in trouble for nothing. Things got worse for Aphmau the next day when Ein already spread the rumor to the entire school, with even her friends believing the rumor. After Aphmau was informed about Daniel being the Omega, she went to face Ein and demanded to know why he was spreading rumors and picked an Omega without her knowing. Ein retaliated by asking if she didn't want to be Alpha and yelled at her. She tried to be more reasonable by saying that the others would think one of them is a liar if she tells the truth herself. This only enrages Ein for being told what to do. As it seemed like he was about to impeach Aphmau from her title as Alpha or even make her the Omega as well, Kacey dropped in and tried to defend her. Ein decided not to listen to him as he aggressively pushed him aside, telling him to know his place as a human. Jax and Ryder asked Ein if they could beat up Kacey for him, but he told them to wait.


Ein after Aaron turned him into a human in the Emerald Secret series.

Teony went to confront Ein in "He's Not My Boyfriend!", telling him that the werewolves were getting out of control. Ein admits that he knows about it, but doesn't see it as a problem and has been letting it happen on purpose. When she told him to do something about it, he reminds Teony that humans like her should know not to tell the Alpha male what to do. Meanwhile, Aphmau was about to text Aaron, when Jax and Ryder came out of nowhere and swiped her phone. When she demanded it back, they questioned why, with her reminding them she's their Alpha. They tell her that Ein is also their Alpha, but they prefer to listen to him instead rather than a human, revealing that Ein in fact told the other werewolves to not listen to Aphmau despite her being Alpha. They played keep away with the phone and ran away with it to give to it Ein, leaving Aphmau in the dust. Then they showed her phone to Ein himself. He scolded them at first, but saw this as an opportunity to do even more terrible things to her.

In "Alpha", with the help of Dottie's snooter, Aphmau tracked Jax and Ryder's scent to where Ein was. Now knowing that Ein is more than just a jerk, Aphmau charged into him and demanded her phone back. He in fact hid her phone in his clothing. Faking being polite, he lied to her and said he didn't have it. He even let Aphmau search his locker and emptied his pockets when Aphmau told him to. Finally, at her breaking point, Aphmau challenged Ein to the werewolf games. If she won, he must relieve his title as Alpha. If he won, he said that Aphmau will have to be his girlfriend for real.

Later, he was discussing with his group about what to do. He told them not to worry since he had her phone. Daniel was eavesdropping and called him out, saying that he knew Ein had Aphmau's phone. He then nervously challenged Ein for position of Alpha. Choosing not to get his hands dirty, he ordered his group to teach Daniel a lesson. Blaze stepped in and ordered Daniel to run. Ein didn't want Daniel to get away and ordered 2 werewolves to run after him, only to be stopped by Blaze, who demanded Ein to challenge him. Instead of accepting a one-on-one fight like a true Alpha, he ordered 5 werewolves to take care of him as he ran from the scene to secure his title. Having gotten away, Aaron leaves a text on Aphmau's phone. Ein gets an idea and pretends to be Aphmau and makes Aaron think she broke up with him. Aaron even tries calling to see if it was really Aphmau texting, only for Ein to ignore the call and text that he got "Aphmau" in trouble. He then plans to eliminate the rest of Aphmau's friends so he would be the only one left for her.

In "Omega", Ein is seen with Jax and Ryder in the bathroom, telling them about how Aphmau, a human, is Alpha and that he has so many werewolves by his side that he can defeat her or at least, play dirty and directly stop her from winning so he can secure her as his girlfriend. If he were to lose, those werewolves will either continue his ways or give him back the title. Jax and Ryder agreed with the plan and even asked if they could cripple her before the event, so she wouldn't be able to compete. Then they ask Ein why he wants Aphmau. He answers in one word, "control". Ein was hoping that if Aphmau becomes his girlfriend by losing the game, he'll gain absolute control as the other werewolves who still support Aphmau will leave her in the dust, thus making her title of the Alpha female worthless. He then calls her imperfect and undeserving of the title of the Alpha female and desires for Aphmau to be a werewolf instead of a weak human.

Kacey then barged in from a stall and called him out for treating Aphmau as a trophy wife and being a horrible friend, as he was eavesdropping the whole time. Ein mocks him for trying to stand up against him and he ends up getting slapped by Kacey. Kacey realizes what he did and backs away in fear. Jax and Ryder volunteered to teach him a lesson, but Ein decided to deal with Kacey himself since he was weak. Ein then breaks not only the school code, but an actual law, by punching Kacey in the stomach, causing him to fall to the floor. Instead of respecting the law, Ein was congratulated by Jax and Ryder, but he told them he wasn't done. Offscreen, he continued to thrash and batter Kacey as he started to bleed. He only stopped when he beat Kacey into a month-long coma.

Still having blood on his hands, Ein later got a text from Aaron using Aphmau's phone who told him that she got her phone back and that she and him made up after Ein lied about the breakup. Ein was angered that Aaron and Aphmau talked about Ein, but calms down knowing about the advantage. Aaron mentioned about challenging Aphmau in the gym, which Ein realized that Aphmau is waiting to spread rumors about him being a coward and plans to surprise her and defeat her in the games, especially if it means soaking his fists in her blood.

When Ein arrives at the gym, however, instead of being faced against Aphmau, he is faced against Daniel, the Omega, who challenges him once and for all.

In "Ultima", Ein mocks Daniel's attempt to become Alpha, saying that he tried challenging him before only for Blaze to interfere. Daniel called Ein out on being unfair and not fighting his opponents himself. Ein informs Daniel that a real Omega should sit down instead of trying to become Alpha. Calling back to Ein's time as the Omega, Daniel roasts Ein by telling him to sit down. Ein gets triggered and gets the first blow, knocking Daniel to the floor while calling him a filthy Omega. He then angerly demands Daniel to stand down, only Daniel to get back up. With that, Ein locks the exit, being determined to make Daniel stand down.

Ein continues to physically torture Daniel offscreen, even tearing his clothes. He says that he almost feels bad for what he is doing, but maliciously says he doesn't. Ein then gets a text from Jax, realizing that this was all a setup. Still on the floor, Daniel grabs Ein's leg, refusing to let him enter the games. Ein then comments he'll just have to finish him off and kill him on the spot. Suddenly, Aaron arrives, with Ein telling him not to get involved or he'll rip him apart like the piece of filth he is. Aaron knocks him out for a moment and tells Daniel to run. Realizing he let Daniel get away, he again tells Aaron to not interfere. With Aaron standing his ground, Ein decides to make him move. Ein started to throw punches at Aaron's head, with him not even reacting.

As the battle goes on, Ein comments that he'll not be defeated by a human. He says that humans have always been holding werewolves back, keeping noble and civilized, just to secure peace. Keeping werewolves from being better than humans. He then punches Aaron to the floor. He states that "that girl and her stupid games" will not take away his title. He will crush or even kill Aphmau's friends that come to help her until she has no one left. This Ultimately fills Aaron with rage and causes his eyes to go untamed as his ears form for the first time. Aaron tells Ein that werewolves like him are the reason the world hates them. Werewolves like Ein were the reason he was kept away from Aphmau. His eyes were never his curse, but werewolves like Ein are. Aaron punches Ein more. Ein comments that Aaron is just like him, but Aaron says he's not. Hearing the crowd outside, Ein realizes that the games are over. But instead of standing down, he says that he'll find a way to cheat back his title and that Aaron will have to deal with him being Alpha for the next two years. Aaron had enough with him and throws him out the window into the soccer field.

Ein wakes up to everyone supporting there being no violence and yelling their feelings. He comments that this is not in their blood and mockingly laughs at their new ways. Just as he was about to cause sabotage, Principal Layla calls out his name, but he refuses to listen. Gavin reminds him to show the principal respect and go to her. Walking up to her in a disgusted mood, Layla informs him that he is expelled from Phoenix Drop High. Angered, he demands to know on what grounds. Layla reminds him that he broke a rule known everywhere and engaged in a fight with a human, who is currently waiting for an ambulance. He defends himself saying she has no proof, but she tells him that Kacey recorded everything on his phone and the security cameras caught him, Jax and Ryder leaving the scene, thus having more evidence against all three of them. After correcting Ein that this is actually happening, A cop arrives, with Layla saying that he'll be taking Ein for questioning. Ein resists arrest and runs off.

Ein then bumps into Katelyn, who is overly enraged over what he did to Kacey. Ein demands her to move out of the way, even trying to move around her only for her to block his path. Katelyn punches Ein to the floor face-first and calls him a filthy mutt. Katelyn then tells him that he'll pay for what he did to her brother and kicks him onto his back. The cops arrive and thank her for making their job easier, but Katelyn still wants to get her anger out on him, with the cops saying they'll take it from here as they put Ein under arrest.

MyStreet Edit

Emerald Secret Edit

Sometime after he was let out, or possibly even broke out of custody, Ein came in contact with Michael, a powerful magicks user, otherwise referred to as the Snake-eyed man. Michael took Ein as an apprentice, possibly even informing Ein about the Ultima.

The two went into the mountains and Ein infiltrated a pack of wolves. He slaughtered a majority of the pack, but spared some, Tatiana, the Alpha, and her sister, the Omega, being two of them. Tatiana tried to defend her pack, but Ein managed to turn her into a human by throwing a forever potion at her. He then unfairly claimed the title of Alpha and ordered the surviving members of the pack to endlessly mine for emeralds.

Michael later told Ein that people were coming. He gave Ein a forever potion and told him to use it on an unknown woman. He was also told to kill anyone that intervenes and hurt Tatiana if the pack disobeys. Michael then left to gather his things. While walking, Ein drops the potion by mistake. He went to inform Michael, but he couldn't find him. He did, however, find Michael's book, which contained information on evil spells and potions.

When Aaron and the group entering the abandoned lodge, he sent Tatiana and some wolves to investigate, but found nothing. Ein then decided to investigate the lodge himself, breaking in. He spotted Zane and decided to kidnap him, taking him through a secret passage.

He then followed the scent to a mart, where Michi spotted him. He put her under a spell, making her his slave. He made her trick Aaron into thinking she was Aphmau and lured him into a blizzard. Zane came back around the time, saying that he "lost his brother in a storm and decided to come back to the lodge". But in reality, he was forced to forget that Garroth was ever his brother, instead believing Ein to be his brother. When Zane was asked who his "brother" was, he answered, but it came out as silence. When Ein saw Lucinda reading the book he stole from Michael, he realized her knowledge of magicks. Thus, he knocked her out and dragged her into a hanging cage before she could spot him.

Ein then used a forever potion on Lucinda, commanding her to recreate the potion his boss gave him before he dropped it. Lucinda said that she doesn’t have the ingredients to make the potion, but had enough to make a potion of obedience, love, and hate. This gave Ein the idea of using one of the potions to quench his thirst for vengeance on Aaron

He sent Lucinda back to the lodge so he could put his plan into action. When she arrived, she told Aphmau that she "lost her brother in a storm". She appeared to forget she was caged, despite Aaron and Aphmau being there to see her. Zane and Lucinda then forcefully brought a hypnotized Aphmau to Ein, who used a forever potion to make her think she was his fiancé and that they were dating since high school.

In "I Will Always Love You", Aaron finds Aphmau in the forest, who brings him to a house. Before they enter, Ein has Zane imprison Garroth for intruding. When Aphmau and Aaron arrive, Aaron notices Aphmau having affection towards Ein, who is currently disguised. Aaron questions what he did to Aphmau. Giving an evil laugh, Ein finally reveals himself to be the werewolf who has been causing trouble to Aaron. Telling Aphmau to go upstairs and to get in something comfortable, he explained that he wanted revenge for Aaron keeping him from defending his title as Alpha during high school. He had everything he ever wanted, but it was taken from him by Aaron and "that mongrel Blaze". He claimed to have earned his title, only for Aaron to tell Ein that Ein did things that an Alpha should never do.

Ein then tells Aaron that he's an Alpha again and that Aaron has no place in the world as an Ultima. He slowly explains how the Ultima was the first werewolf and was feared by humans and werewolves alike, also saying that the bloodline still lives in Aaron. Aaron tells Ein that he has no idea what he's talking about. Ein, however, goes on by saying that Michael told him stories of the first werewolves and he knew the bloodline was real and hunted down any information he could find. Ein then confessed to having stolen Michael's book, where he found The Ultima. It could all be traced back to one family, the Lycans. He didn't know if Michael knew where the Lycans were, but Ein did. He wasn't about to tell the old man that he knew exactly who the Ultima is. He then asked if that was right to "Aaron Lycan". Aaron was finally shocked and backed up. With that, Ein knew he was right. It was obvious to him that something looked different and even screamed monster through his mask when Aaron showed his ears back during that fight in the gym. Aaron questioned if it was just to get back at him for something in high school, but Ein said that it's deeper than that.

Lucinda came in and said that Aphmau was ready with Ein telling her to bring Aphmau to him. Ein then asked Aaron when he was planning on turning her into a werewolf. If it was in high school, if he was he waiting for something, or that he was never even planning to tell her what he really was. Realizing it was the latter, he then stated that Aaron wasn't gonna tell anyone that he was the Ultima. He accused Aaron of choosing to live the life of a disgusting human because he was ashamed of who he really was, just like his father.

Aphmau then comes back down in a dress. Now explaining the reason for summoning Aaron, Ein demands Aaron turn Aphmau into a werewolf. Aaron instantly refuses. Michi suggested using a potion, but a human turned by potion isn't a pure one. Aphmau needed to be cleansed of he disgusting humanity. Still refusing, Ein admits he wasn't asking. Ein tries to make Aaron follow his orders by throwing an obedience potion at him, only for Aaron to knock it out of the way, not wanting to be part of Ein's schemes. This angers Ein as he only has one potion left. He then quickly thinks of a way he could hurt Aaron the most. Telling Aphmau to come closer to him, Ein splashes her again, but with a potion of hate, and she is brainwashed into hating Aaron from the bottom of her heart forever. Ein then handed her a knife, ordering her to kill Aaron. Aphmau then chases Aaron with the knife, attempting to kill him, while staring at him with pure hatred and mocking his loneliness. Aaron tries to talk Aphmau into snapping out of it, but Ein explains that she hates Aaron more than anything in the world. Tatiana pleaded for Ein to stop, but Ein easily smacks her in the wall and threatens to murder the entire pack even after promising he wouldn't. Garroth escaped his cell and tried to help, but he was frozen in place by Lucinda. Ein then watches Aphmau corner a helpless and pleading Aaron up to the cliff. She tells Aaron that he never made her happy and the best thing he could do for her was die. She then stabs Aaron in the chest and he falls to his assumed death.

In "Will You Be Here For Me?", it is revealed that Ein was using Lucinda to make more forever potions, possibly planning to take his revenge to a much grander scale, possibly involving everyone from his school. That would mean people like Blaze, Daniel, Katelyn, Gavin, Layla, and Kacey would be on his list. He is later seen investigating where Aaron fell with Aphmau close behind him. Upon discovering that Aaron is, in fact, alive, Ein is overcome with rage and hits Aphmau's face, giving her a black eye. As Aphmau cries in pain, Ein claims that it was her fault Aaron was alive, proving he still only sees her as a prize and nothing more. Ein is interrupted by Zane who says that Lucinda isn't answering her calls. To Ein's surprise, Aaron yells down the cliff to him, telling Ein to face him. Ein was shocked by this discovery as Aaron declares an all-out war.

Replaying his old tricks, Ein decides to split up in "Always...", taking Aphmau with him while leaving Zane to fend for himself. When Aaron and Lucinda were on his trail, Ein had his pack attack them, with one of the wolves pouncing on Lucinda. As she stayed behind while being aided by Tatiana, Aaron managed to confront Ein. He orders Aphmau to kill him again, which results in Aaron seeing Aphmau's bruise mark. Aaron was livid and roaring over what Ein did to her, with his eyes even glowing through his bandana. Ein realized he was screwed and ran away. While Aaron runs and attacks Ein during the animated cutscene, he managed to deflect Aaron's attack while Aaron's bandana falls off. Ein starts laughing and says that Aphmau will still love him no matter how much he hurts her. Ein even says he'll hit her again after their fight. He decides to mock Aaron for choosing to live the life of a human and states that he will now die like one. Aaron then suddenly unleashes his full Ultima powers again and manages to fight back. Outmatching him, Aaron told Ein that he'll pay for what he did. Ein told Aaron to finish him off then, but Aaron refused. Just as Ein was getting up, Aaron said that he wasn't done yet and picked Ein up by the chest. Aaron then said that Ein will know what true suffering feels like and used his powers on him. Letting him go, Ein realized in absolute horror that both his ears and his tail were gone, having turned into a human. Aaron tells him that since he already had taken the woman he loved most, then he'll get rid of the only thing Ein found precious; his pride.

Ein demanded Aaron to kill him, not wanting to carry the burden of being a weak human, with Aaron choosing to spare his life. He told Ein that he didn't deserve to die. No one deserves to die. He then yells at Aaron and calls him a coward as he walks away. The pack then arrived along with Tatiana, asking how it feels to turn into something he had always frowned upon. He reminds her that she should know thanks to him. Still refusing to accept defeat and instead play dirty, he orders the pack to kill Aaron before he gets away, only to see that Aaron was already out of sight. Tatiana commented that Ein was weak and defeated. With that, the wolves no longer see him as their Alpha, with Tatiana now reclaiming her title. With a snap of her fingers, Tatiana ordered the wolves to attack Ein, who unleashed their built-up anger and hatred towards him. As the camera looks away from Ein, sounds of torn flesh and screams of agonizing pain are then heard through the forest.

Ein was then left in the snow to slowly die on his own. On the brink of death, Michael managed to locate Ein before anyone else. Michael did not mention Ein's failure of his original task but had a desire to kill him. However, the fact that "he" is still alive is the reason why he didn't. Ein begged for forgiveness, saying that he can still be useful, with Michael agreeing. With that, Ein was granted a second chance.

In "I Love You Aaron", there were some rumors that Ein died in the wolf ambush and it was revealed that he's working for the snake-eyed man, who assumingly disposed of him after he saw no use of him, according to Lucinda. Zane commented "good riddance" and that he never wanted to hear of him ever again.

What Ein did, however, had indeed put a large wound in both Aphmau and Aaron's lives. Since Aaron's family escorted him to Falconclaw to recover both physically and mentally, he was separated from Aphmau for a full year, with their only method of communication being letters and packages sent by mail. While Aaron was unconscious, he was literally trapped in a repeating nightmare of Ein succeeding in taking control over Aphmau and stealing Aaron's life.

Starlight Edit

Despite fans and the gang believing he is dead, he is actually, in fact, alive once again after the wolf attack. Zack and Elizabeth, who were partners with Michael, possibly helped Ein with his recovery. A year after the events at the lodge, Elizabeth was able to sneak Ein to Starlight with her. A while later, while Aphmau and Aaron's friends were gathering to go to a restaurant, something caught Aaron's eye as he started to squint. At the other end of the pond, he saw Elizabeth walking with someone with black hair, black jeans, a blue hoodie and a body covered in scars. The person turned his head towards Aaron, realizes he's been spotted and gave him a malicious smirk while also revealing his emerald eyes. Aaron knew exactly what he saw as his body filled with rage and his eyes turned red.

According to Garte, when they investigated the blood spots trail at the lodge, they concluded that Ein is dead, but his body wasn’t found on the scene, albeit thanks to Michael's interference.

When Angels Fall Edit

Ein spotted Derek enter the Guardian Forces building, which allowed Terry to know where everybody was hiding and initiated the raid. He was later able to follow Aaron, Kawaii~Chan, Blaze, and Daniel into a hideout by hiding in a bush and claims to be his friend. He then splashed/force fed potions of obedience on all of the werewolves except for Daniel and was pleased to see that they all followed his orders as the "Alpha", just like how Lucinda, Zane, and Aphmau followed him in Emerald Secret.

He spotted Blaze and remembered him clearly, as he aided Aaron in removing his title as Alpha during high school. He ordered Blaze to smash his head into a stone wall for his own pleasure. He then ordered him not to move as he had two guards beat him up mercilessly. When he spots Daniel, he thinks he's under the potion as well, forcing Daniel to act and pummel Blaze as ordered. Offscreen, he ordered Dottie to make Aphmau and Zane separate and lure the former into a trap.

Dottie successfully tricks Aphmau into believing Aaron is injured and at the camp, and Zane into thinking Kawaii~Chan and Garroth are at the docks, where guardian forces are always watching. Daniel then gets Dottie away from Aphmau to tell her that Ein is at the camp and has everyone under his control, this sets off a rage in Aphmau. Ein than is seen beating up the head guard of the Guardian Forces, Toby. Ein than tells Toby that the guardian forces (who are now telepathically controlled by Michael) are obedient to him and Michael, and won’t come to help him.

Ein spots Daniel, trying to trick Ein into thinking the GF was here, then Ein reveals that he knew Daniel was not under the potion, and calls out Aphmau's name, knowing she is near. Aphmau than pops up and Ein than tried to have Blaze sneak up behind her and forever potion her, this, however, doesn’t work. Aphmau then stabs Ein in the chest, this doesn’t seem to affect Ein. He captures Aphmau to lure Aaron too him. Aaron eventually returns to the cave, with Ein holding the knife on Aphmau's neck. He bargains for Aaron to turn him back into a werewolf in exchange for Aphmau. Seeing no other option, Aaron does what Ein told him to. Aphmau then pushes Ein to go to Aaron. Wanting to get Aaron to his breaking point however, Ein shoots Aphmau in the heart with magic in his hands. He maliciously laughs at Aaron's despair as he runs out of the cave with Aphmau, who later bleeds out and dies.

Ein was then at the pond with his pack while the Guardian Force led Starlight's guest there into a trap. He was giddy about the look on Aaron's face when he shot Aphmau and wondered about all the possible ways she died afterward, one of them including Aaron putting her out of her misery. Aaron arrives with the werewolf killing sword in his possession. He is triggered by Blaze, finally causing his eyes to turn red as he kills Blaze and the rest of the pack. With only Ein left, Aaron gets very mad and turns into a full wolf. Ein and Aaron then fight but ends with Aaron clawing Ein in the heart, killing him.

Appearance Edit

Ein has a scratched-up face due to unknown reasons. He has bright gray eyes and a bit of his hair that covers the left one. His left ear has silver piercings on it and he has a dark blue streak in his hair. This dark blue streak is dyed to match his blue ears and tail since blue is his favorite color. The innards of his ears are pink.

In school, he wears the male student attire with his sleeves rolled up and his tie dangling out.

His casual attire consists of him wearing a white, sleeveless top with a blue-collar and hood, blue jeans and black sneakers.

In MyStreet Emerald Secret, Ein's piercings have been removed and his blue streak is faded. His hair is also more staggered. He wears black robes with a hood to cover his identity.

At Starlight, he wears a blue short-sleeved hoodie and blue jeans. His hair is less messy and his blue streak is slightly less pale.

In When Angels Fall, the scratches and scars on his body are more defined and obvious. When he gets his ears and tail back, he puts back on his piercings from high school. As of Too Late PT.1, he has a cut in the left part of his lower chest, and a hole in his shirt there, as well. Strangely, during the animation of Out of Time, he does not have the piercings.

Personality Edit

Prior to Becoming Alpha Edit

Ein is first shown as shy and quiet, especially when Ein tried multiple times to talk to Aphmau. Later on, he is shown as kind and good-natured even with his initial personality assumed to be a delinquent from teachers. He has also shown to play being polite and that even lead for him to be liked by Sylvanna. Around Aphmau, he pretended to be protective of her, especially when she was in trouble, just so she would develop a liking to him. It was later revealed that this entire persona was nothing but a manipulation tactic.

Werewolves Edit

Believing chaos to be the only way for the werewolves, he shows no interest in order and peace. He, therefore, undid all of Aphmau's work to secure peace as soon as he became Alpha and allowed the werewolves to fight more than they ever have done before, destroying school property and getting humans and meif'wa caught in the crossfire. He explains that werewolves were meant to fight and should never solve their differences with words.

Battle Tactics Edit

He is a dirty cheater at heart and uses pawns to unfairly outnumber those who challenge him and runs from the scene. If he has no choice but to fight his opponent himself, he plays dirty and makes sure his opponent bleeds. He also encourages Jax and Ryder to cheat in the werewolf games so his ways of chaos could live on. However, he tries to convince others he's not a coward at all costs, leading him to eventually fall into Aaron's trap.

He is heartless in battle. He likes to toy with his opponents both physically and mentally, no matter how weak or strong they are, especially with their emotions. He also doesn't care about taking it too far or breaking boundaries, as shown when he broke the school code and brutally attacked a human (Kacey) to the point where he fell into a coma. He's also not afraid to kill his opponents, an example being him slaughtering almost every member of Tatiana's pack just to take the place of Alpha by force.

Accepting defeat is the one thing he is oblivious about. This is first shown when he noticed he missed the werewolf games. Looking past him legally no longer being Alpha, he plots a revenge tactic on Aphmau to exterminate all her friends and those who support either of them. He also says he'll find a way to cheat into reclaiming and keeping the title of Alpha until his graduation at senior year, only to be stopped by Aaron. He then runs away from the law, being stopped by an enraged Katelyn. This trait of him stays in Emerald Secret, being the reason he has done all the horrible things throughout the season. When defeated for the last time, instead of being grateful that Aaron spared his life and accepting he lost the war, he ordered his pack to kill Aaron so he wouldn't have the chance to taste victory. This would've worked if the wolves still saw him as their Alpha.

Aphmau Edit

Ein's personality and affection towards Aphmau changes throughout Phoenix Drop High and Mystreet. We first see him as kind and sweet, but later it is revealed it was just an act, so he can be Alpha. Once Ein became Male-Alpha, he has werewolves treat her as if she's the omega and orders them to disobey her because she's a human. He sees Aphmau as weak due to the fact she‘s a human and not a werewolf. Later on in MyStreet, he uses Aphmau as bait for revenge on her boyfriend, Aaron, by forever potioning her to make Aphmau think she’s Ein's fiance and has been with him since high school. Ein, however, doesn’t like Aphmau and only has her loving him, so he can get revenge on his arch-nemesis, Aaron. In conclusion, he uses Aphmau. However, when he discovers her immunity to forever potions afterward, he drops his love tendencies and kills her in front of Aaron to make the latter go on a rampage in public.

The Omega Edit

When it comes to the omega, he goes too far in treating them as such. When selecting an omega, instead of selecting one traditionally, he looks for the weakest and most defenseless member of the pack. He makes sure that the omega is constantly bullied and tortured along with those who defend him/her. He may even abandon the omega or any other member of his pack and leave them to die. This is shown when he left an injured wolf pup to die in a blizzard.

MyStreet Edit

In MyStreet, unlike Ivy and Gene, who reformed as they entered adulthood, Ein did not lose his manipulative personality and desire to spread chaos, similar to how Lily still had her bullying attitude when she bullies Kim. He was shown to be bitter towards Aaron over what happened between them in high school when he first appeared. He blamed Aaron for taking his prize away from him during sophomore year in Phoenix Drop High along with Blaze, who assisted him. This caused him to be "heartbroken" over what happened and at some point in time, he made contact with the snake-eyed man, who gave him the necessary materials to execute his revenge. He has no remorse over anyone caught in the crossfire, saying that they deserve to be punished just for being around at the time.

Yandere Tendencies or False Love? Edit

Throughout his high school years and into Emerald Secret, Ein was thought to show yandere-like tendencies and it is believed that he may be a yandere (a yandere is someone who loves someone and if anyone else loves that person, the yandere may try to harm or kill that person). Despite what fans believe is the reason behind his cause of getting rid of Aaron because we think he actually loves Aphmau when episode 13 of Emerald Secret was released, later episodes of PDH proves that his obsession with Aphmau was only caused by his desire to own her as property so that he can control the school. In Emerald Secret, it was used as a way to get back at Aaron. All love-related tendencies were eventually debunked in When Angels Fall. In it, Ein fatally shot Aphmau in front of Aaron, feeling incredibly satisfied doing so. This was seconds after Aaron gave Ein back his ears and tail in exchange for Ein sparing Aphmau's life.

Humans Edit

Ein also reveals his hatred towards the human race and is willing to be racist and mock their species of any human who tried to stand in his way. He would usually laugh it off at any insult a human yells at him due to his tyranny as Alpha and how he dehumanized Aphmau, the Alpha Female, calling them puny, meek, and stupid who stand no chance against werewolves. As stated before, unlike other werewolves, who respect the rule of not getting humans involved in werewolf violence, Ein is ignorant enough to ignore that rule and beat any human as much as he wants to the point of attempted murder. When the werewolves started to act rowdy and violent, Ein even told them to never listen to Aphmau, as she is a human despite also being Alpha. The series has not stated exactly why Ein is like this, but it most likely stems from his childhood and home life.

The Anti-Social Theory Edit

Ein's actions and motives have led many fans to believe he may suffer from Anti-Social Personality Disorder, a diagnosis that applies to sociopaths, psychopaths, and others with recurring anti-social tendencies. However, mental illness is no justification for one's actions, and we should still hold him accountable despite the possibility that he may be mentally ill.


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  • Jason said on Twitter that he found it funny that fans believed that Ein was the evilest MyStreet character.
  • In the fourth blooper video, Ein (in his Emerald Secret outfit) stated that he's gonna try and kill Aphmau in the future. This may be a hint that Ein no longer has any interest in having a relationship with Aphmau and finds her to be more useful dead than alive.
  • In "Always," Aaron says nobody deserves to die to Ein after turning him into a human. Ironically, in "Out of Time," Aaron kills Ein, but that was not his first kill.
  • In "Gone," it is revealed Aphmau is his half-sister. However, it is unknown if he or Aphmau knew they were related.

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