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Hair Color

Bleach Blonde

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Professional Status

Phoenix Drop

  • Librarian
  • Scholar
Personal Status



Unnamed Parents (Deceased)

  • Brendan (Former Love Interest)
  • Aphmau (Close Friend, Previous Roommate)
  • Zane (Crush) (as Ghost)
  • Kim (Host) (as Ghost)

Emmalyn (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"New World"

Became "Aware"

"Garroth's Face"

Voice Actor
  • Michelle Marie
  • Corinne Sudberg (as Ghost)

Emmalyn, also known as Ghost, is a character in both Minecraft Diaries and MyStreet who appears as a main character in Minecraft Diaries: The Rise Of Phoenix Drop, Minecraft Diaries: The War Of The Magi, Minecraft Diaries: The Realm Protector, MyStreet: The Emerald Secret, MyStreet: Starlight, & MyStreet: When Angels Fall.

Biography Edit

Emmalyn is a villager in Phoenix Drop. When she was first introduced to the series, she lived in a house with Aphmau. However due to her rudeness and Aphmau's desire to build herself a better house, Aphmau moved out. Once Emmalyn became 'aware', she became a much nicer person. She moved into one of the houses in the housing district of Phoenix Drop and turned part of it into a library.

Emmalyn had a crush on Brendan for a long time and even tried to be more like Kawaii~Chan, who likes to bake sweets and be pink/kawaii/cute. However, she eventually decided to just be herself and focus on her studies. She currently is married to Kenmur, who seems to return her feelings. In the recent side stories, she thought Kenmur protected her from a gang, which Katelyn actually scared away from behind without the two noticing, and kissed him. Emmalyn is a scholar who has done a lot of research on Lady Irene. One of her most prized possessions is her miniature Irene statue which now belongs to Donna and Logan. Her parents had her when they were quite old, and they died when Emmalyn was a teenager.

In S1, E100, Emmalyn went to Irene's Dimension with the group, making her the same person in Season 2 as she was in Season 1. She is going to be studying Aphmau for quite a while for the effects of the relic that she absorbed and Emmalyn even calls her Lady Irene on accident at times.

During Episode 49, Emmalyn announced that she and Kenmur are getting married! Aphmau becomes very shocked at the sudden statement. She said that she and Kenmur had been hanging out a lot recently and jokingly says that in a certain sense, they have been together for fifteen years - as fifteen years have gone by in the Overworld, though since they were in the Irene Dimension it went by as fifteen minutes for them. She asked Aphmau to be her maid of honor (the chief bridesmaid; it is the bride's version of a best man) as Aphmau is her closest friend. Aphmau accepted willingly and has since started to prepare the wedding.

After two days of wedding preparations, Emmalyn's wedding day arrives. Aphmau visits Emmalyn and Cadenza to see how the two girls are doing and sees that Emmalyn is dressed in a beautiful wedding gown. Emmalyn thanks Aphmau for being there and to see how far their relationship has come ever since Aphmau had entered in her old house of Phoenix Drop.

In Episode 76, she arrives in the village settlement and starts to research the temple. She finds a painting of the Divine Warriors. In Episode 78, we find out more about the research. Emmalyn says that the painting was of The War of The Magi. In the war, the Divine Warriors fought against Shad, the Shadow Lord. According to Emmalyn, the war happened on the island that the settlement is located on. Emmalyn also tells Aphmau about a divine grave, which Aphmau opens with her powers and obtains a divine fragment. Emmalyn is surprised by this and starts fangirling. After this, she continues researching.

In S3 E3, after Aphmau wanted to know about Shad and the fragments, she went to her house to learn more about the Shadow Lord.

In Episode 6, a disguised Zane went to her house to learn more about Lady Irene in hopes of finding Aphmau and is revealed that according to Dante, she was kidnapped by Zane and went missing.

While being held hostage, she was threatened by Zane to either flee and Kenmur is killed or give him information. She then annoyed him with research about being a Shadow Knight and questions related to it to the point where Zane yells at her to shut up, while muttering aside that annoying scholars should be killed. It is unknown if Zane killed her or let her be afterwards.

Eventually the Shadow Knights have found their location and Zane had no choice but to find a new place to force Emmalyn to study and research and so he burned all of Emmalyn's textbooks to hide the evidence. Zane told her to not leave him when they look for a place and Emmalyn attempt to sneak away, but Zane caught up to her.

They arrived at a village where Zane wore the same disguise as when he kidnapped Emmalyn and convince the kids playing outside to find a nearby library to study as they are pretending to be scholars (Zane was hoping to actually kill the kids, but Emmalyn refused to let him). While they are at an inn for the night, Zane and Emmalyn decided to sneak out into the library. A grandma happily offered them the library to give notes as she goes back to bake cookies, as no one had ever used the library until they come into the village. Zane disappointed at how Emmalyn is unable to find any new information, slashes her arm and right cheek, threatening to kill someone within an hour if Emmalyn doesn't find anything new. Horrified, she accused him as being a monster and is forced to go back to study.

An hour later, Emmalyn hopes to impress Zane by showing him an incarnation, but this made Zane even more furious. The grandma later returned back with cookies and Zane, taking out his sword, kills her, much to Emmalyn's horror. Zane mocks her by eating some of the cookies and notices that Emmalyn needs more encouragement. Emmalyn says she had enough and she is trying her hardest. Zane is still impatient as he goes to slaughter the Tu'la guards in front of the library, forcing Emmalyn to feel more guilt. Zane then breaks his word and burns the entire village right after killing the guards.

As Zane was enjoying the bloodbath massacre, Emmalyn was in horror for what he had done and once again, accused him as a monster. Zane said that all of the people's death was all her fault for not finding any useful information, causing Emmalyn to slap him. Dante and Kenmur arrived and begged Emmalyn to come back, but Zane easily defeats Dante in a duel and threatens to kill Kenmur if Emmalyn doesn't come with him as her life is in his hands. She cannot respond as Kenmur attempts to attack Zane but was killed immediately by his sword, terrifying her. Dante tried to attack Zane to avenge Kenmur until Lucinda arrived and tried to help Dante.

Lucinda can't fire a magic spell at Zane while standing in the air but she told him to surrender. A child wanders in, looking for the grandmother that was killed by Zane. He used him to threatened Emmalyn to join him instead of joining Dante, and Emmalyn had no choice as she sees death everywhere she goes and reveals that she has found something that Zane is looking for: an essence about Shad's fragment in a research paper. Zane looked please and Emmalyn tells Dante not to follow her as she is teleported with Zane. At a safe distance, Zane demands that Emmalyn gives him the information she found, but all she could do was mourn about the death of her husband, which Zane figures out quickly. He was about to enforce her, but realized he could instead use what transpired to manipulate her.

Emmalyn was wondering if Kenmur will come back as a Shadow Knight, but Zane explains that only powerful and strong people like Lords or elite guards come back as Shad deems them worthy, so Kenmur will stay dead. He explains how he became a Shadow Knight due to knowing about Irene and didn't like how Aaron was stuck with him in limbo. Emmalyn demanded why Aaron died, and Zane explains that he wanted to get rid of Esmund's relic that Zane had. He explains the process of removing a relic and Emmalyn was angry after hearing this. She declared her hatred towards Zane for taking away Aaron and Kenmur as they, along with her and Aphmau helped research for Irene. She even mention how Aphmau was happy to be with him and was extremely devastated by his death. Zane doesn't want to hear her rant and demands her to finish grieving for her loss and tell him the info before sunrise or else he will go to another village and go on a murderous rampage. He let Emmalyn time to think as he goes to rest.

Emmalyn decides to sneak out and escape and runs through the forest for 24 hours straight, hoping to find a safe house that she can stay in. While running through the forest the next day, she encounters Fenrir, still on the hunt for Aphmau after the wedding disaster three years ago. After Fenrir introduced himself as king of the Southeastern Werewolf Tribe, Emmalyn reconized him and intrigued by her knowledge, Fenrir ordered his general, Blaze, to arrest her and take her to prison, where he will possibly interrogate her about Aphmau.

Blaze took Emmalyn to the castle of the Southeastern Werewolf tribe. Emmalyn was impressed by how civilized the tribe is and he takes her to a chamber where she will be held. Before Blaze can let her in, Fenrir stopped him and interrogated her about where she is from. Emmalyn said that she is a traveling scholar from Meteli. Fenrir then sniffs her, saying that she smells familiar and sends her to her chamber. Emmalyn then reveals that she snatched the fragment from Zane, hoping to use it to save Kenmur. While trying to open the door, she overheard Fenrir’s plan to kill Aphmau’s friends and family and force her to marry him or die as well, after Laurance killed his father and other siblings. Realizing that he’s out to kill Aphmau, Emmalyn decides that she must escape.

While studying and looking at her notes, Fenrir and Blaze enter her room and showed her a drawing about the wedding tragedy. The drawing shows an evil Aphmau as a Shadow Knight slaying the other werewolves. Blaze explains that she was the reason behind the tragedy and thus needs to be killed. Emmalyn was about to spill her name as to why it was Aphmau, not Laurance that caused it, and Blaze explains that she defied the wedding to Fenrir, awaken as a Shadow Knight and slaughtered the king and several others. He then declares that she and whoever is close to her will be killed as well as Aphmau herself so that their tribe remain superior. Emmalyn is annoyed by how they want to kill Aphmau just for that reason and accidentally revealed her name and hometown. This gives Fenrir and Blaze useful information as they prepare to attack Phoenix Drop and declare war.

Sometime later, Emmalyn tried to split her soul to revive Kenmur from the dead but died in trying to do so, and becomes a Ghost. (If you're confused this is when it goes to MyStreet)

After Zane and Aphmau came to Garroth and Aaron's family home, they noticed something strange about Kim's attitude. She was very ill for a prolonged period of time, but thankfully she woke up. After waking up, there appears to be something wrong with her. Things like this start happening more. When Zane got kidnapped, Kim felt fine, but as soon as he comes back, Kim saw him hugging Aphmau, calling Lucinda beautiful and Lucinda calling him baby. In return, the spirit of Emmalyn gets extremely jealous at Lucinda and Aphmau, but she is more jealous of Aphmau. Soon the ghost appears out of Kim and attacks Aphmau, but she stops. Zane soon meets this ghost and sees that if he doesn't do what she wants, they will all be in danger. He had to follow her and they almost got to her room, but thankfully she had to go back from where she came from. After all that possessing she needed sleep. Emmalyn reappeared again in episode 15: "Will You Be Here For Me?". She is found demanding for Zane when we hear Kim scream, holding her up in the air. Aaron explains how Zane was in trouble and she offers to help. She gets Lucinda out of the trance she was put under by Ein by possessing her the same way she did with Kim, so that she can read the ingredients of the potion to cure her. After a week has passed, the Ghost asked to share Kim's body since she wants to leave the mansion and Kim agreed until they find a better host.

Since then, Emmalyn had become a part of Kim for a year and into Starlight, watching her redeem Aphmau's Crunchyroll account and assisting her with wrapping presents, all once in a while she would pop out and expresses her opinion.

When Emmalyn (and Kim) found out Kawaii~Chan was at Starlight Wonderland, she senses the chemistry between the ship and started to grew jealous of Kawaii~Chan having a crush on Zane and demanded her to ship her with Zane, only to be refused by Kawaii~Chan as she considers a Ghost x Zane ship a crackship, or a ship where it is considered unlikely to happen since Emmalyn is dead and Kim has to follow Zane as well and wants Zane to bring her as her partner to the haunted house attraction that the gang is planning to go to. Kim eventually told Emmalyn to stop as Kawaii~Chan pulled Zane away from her to confess her feelings.

Emmalyn revealed that the reason why she's obsessed with Zane is that she died possibly hundreds, if not thousands of years ago for the sake of protecting her love and when she became a ghost, she forgot everything in her living life and had no reason to live other than haunt the mansion that Aphmau and Aaron restored and the only thing that she remembers is the name "Zane" (she really loved Kenmur but of course, she forgot in the hundreds of years), which is apparently the name of her lover before she died. Her desire for Zane was the only reason for her to not go into eternal slumber. Kim suggest that Emmalyn find a different purpose to ground her for living, other than being obsessed with Zane.

Despite this, Emmalyn continues to spy on Zane and Kawaii~Chan and followed them at the amusement park. When she finds out they are at the bumper cars, she convinced a nearby Starry mascot to go to the dressing room to fix a tear in the costume, and then knocks out the person inside the suit. Emmalyn then pushes through the line and rides the bumper cars and keeps bumping Kawaii~Chan. Zane notices this and takes her out of the ride. Emmalyn attempts to chase them when Garroth knocks her into the ground, saving Kim. Lucinda worries that Ghost may start to completely take over Kim's body as she is losing control.

In episode 29, Emmalyn was told before Kim by Lucinda about Terry and her high suspicion that Travis is the one that stole the book of potions. Kim doesn't believe Terry's behavior as a potion teacher back in high school, but Emmalyn explains that the book is very powerful. Kim is unsure about the time since she is relieved Emmalyn no longer pops out of nowhere and Aphmau is engaged, but Lucinda explains that someone could remake the Forever Potions in the book that brought the gang suffer. Emmalyn then pulls Kim inside her consciousness where she reveals her true form. She explains that someone scary is nearby threatening the happiness of the gang. Kim realized that Lucinda may have good reasons and Emmalyn warns her not to tell Lucinda about her information and returns her back to reality.

Later, when Kim was with Katelyn after she was hit by a volleyball, she noticed the spell book and Emmalyn nervously asked Katelyn about the book (Katelyn is unaware Kim is possessed). Katelyn explains that Travis often reads the spell book.

In Season 6 episode 5, Emmalyn and Kim were called by a women whom the former recognize, but doesn't know the name. She told Lucinda and Garroth that Terry was the one who gave Ein the potions during their stay at the lodge and now he is the man behind the hotel ambushed that killed Melissa. He has the power to manipulate minds like a Forever Potion and is going to use them to turn them against each other. Lucinda and Kim conclude that they need to find Terry, while Garroth goes on his own to find his family.

In Season 6 Episode 8 Part 2, it is revealed that Emmalyn knew Michael during her old life, and Michael in turn recognizes her. He mentions that she had been to this island but with ‘her’ presumably referring to Irene. When Lucinda relieves Terry’s body from Michael’s control, Emmalyn is shown to see Michael’s spirit- looking remarkably like the demon warlock- joining with Travis.

After Terry explains that Michael is the Demon Warlock and how he plots to use the Celestial Cannon, Emmalyn is able to gain some of her memory back. She indeed went to the Celestial Cannon in her past life hoping it would revive her husband. Something went wrong however and her soul was split apart.

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Appearance Edit

Emmalyn has long pale blond hair and indigo eyes. She wears a magenta coat with yellow buttons over a white shirt and wears big black glasses. She wears black pants and has magenta shoes. However, at her wedding, she wears a white dress, and her hair is tied into a loose bun, and she does not wear her glasses. During her time as a enslaved prisoner by a monster, she was given a wound on her left cheek and right arm.

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Minecraft Diaries Season 1 Edit

Personality Edit

Emmalyn is a very intelligent, but kind girl. She is very fascinated, one can say obsessed, with Lady Irene and focuses on studying her. Emmalyn has the tendency to yell when she gets excited or frustrated, or when she can't find the answer about things. In the beginning, before she was 'aware', she and Aphmau didn't quite get along because Aphmau accidentally punched her. Afterwards, they became friends, and she is a useful person to have around.

She is also known to rant and ramble about various topics when she isn't stopped, as seen in several episodes- most commonly she goes on about Lady Irene. She appears to be very observant as she takes notice of her surroundings and was able to notice Aphmau whilst in the forest. She can also be, what can only be described as, a fan-girl.

As Ghost, however, she seems to be quite forward with her feelings towards people, shown in her rudeness when she is annoyed at someone and her actions towards Zane in the lodge. Despite this, while possessing Kim, she seems to be trying to be more polite and kind at Kim's request, though she still will take over at times against Kim's will.

She seems to have a crazed obsession for Zane, which she revealed to Kim are because she remembers from her past life the name Zane, which led to her kidnapping Kim after seeing her hug Zane and possessing her often. Despite this, she is willing to help as long as it involves Zane, like when Aaron ask her to save Lucinda, Zane and Aphmau from Ein's grasp, which the ghost happily replies to help out.

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  • Emmalyn is a name often attributed to French or German origin, meaning "hardworking". This is a very fitting name, because she works very hard to know more about Lady Irene.
  • Emmalyn did not really like Aphmau in early episodes of Minecraft Diaries Season One.
    • This seems to stay true in the remake of MCD Season One so far.
  • Also in the early episodes of Season One, Aphmau and Emmalyn actually lived together.
  • Emmalyn can be very shy at times and sometimes stutters when talking to people.
  • It is possible that she may not need her glasses at all times and perhaps simply has a habit of wearing them, since she does not wear them at her wedding.
  • It's a Popular theory in MyStreet That Ghost is Emmalyn after a failed attempt to get Kenmur back. This was confirmed in MyStreet; When Angels Fall Ep 13.
  • Kim has a black shadow on her head when Emmalyn possesses her.
  • As seen in the Aphmau's Year side story, her eyes turn icy blue when the ghost decides to take over instead of her and Lucinda's regular eyes being darker.
  • Emmalyn is the first character from Minecraft Diaries to appear in MyStreet, the others being Michael/Demon Warlock, Shad, Aphmau/Lady Irene, and Alina/Renee.
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