Empowering A Demon
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Season 6, Episode 2
Post Date May 5, 2018
Duration 17:03
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"When Angels Fall"
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"Empowerin A Demon" is the second episode of "MyStreet: When Angels Fall" It premiered on May 5th, 2018.


"The unearthing..."


The episode begins showing Travis and Katelyn walking around the pier, listening to other people's complaints about the fact they're being forced to stay in Starlight. Katelyn and Travis share their own complaints, and decide to head to the docks to share their complaints.

It turns out there are already loads of people at the docks,rioting and demanding that the Guardian Forces set them free. Travis pushes his way to the front, and demands "metalhead" or the Guardian Force to let them go, saying that they've been more than obedient not to be forcing their ways out. Katelyn speaks her mind, and then the Guardian Force member threatens her. Travis defends her, resulting in him being knocked out.

While knocked out, Travis experiences a vision, with someone telling him he's worthless, and that he couldn't protect himself and Katelyn. Saying "a worthless excuse for a Valkrum," and that he could help him. Travis wakes up to Katelyn's shouting. Katelyn gets mad at the guards, the dark side of Travis mumbles, "You'll pay," and then they leave.

The next scene shows Eric yelling at the Guardian Forces to not hurt Sylvanna, but the guard says she'll be fine and that they are just going to ask her some questions. A guard comes in the room to greet Sylvanna, and he asks her "Where is your daughter?" Sylvanna says,that she wouldn't say even if she knew, cause they're keeping them against their will. She even stated the Ultima rumor is not true. The Guardian Force member then tells her a story.

He told Sylvanna that the Guardian Forces were sent to investigate a murder, and when they arrived there was a massacre. Dead bodies everywhere. Among them, a shadow emerged with red eyes. This was the Ultima, who had look into their eyes. The Ultima ripped the Guardian Forces apart, one by one, but he met one soldier in the eye. In desperation, he striked the beast, and saved his fellow forces by striking him, and died. This is said to be his grandfather, and asks again where is Sylvanna's daughter, but saying that if she's with this "monster", it's only matter of time until she's hurt. The scene ends with Sylvanna staying quiet.

The next scene shows Derek with the mysterious object that Agent R brought in. He yells at it because it had said they were done when they sealed him away the first time. After it's response, he says that "You'd better be right this time. I'm trusting my family's lives with your plan."

Aphmau and Lucinda have a list of groceries they have to get, and Aph gives Lucinda some advice about being a runner. The two leave, and the local news come on. It seems like a Q and A, and some people ask questions. A person, presumably Michael, answers them. He answers these questions with that Starlight is shut down, due to the Ultima sightings on the island. The Guardian Forces have been called in to keep them safe. He also asks that if the Ultima is watching, he turn himself in, before anyone gets hurt. Derek shuts down the TV, and Derek and the suitcase have another conversation.

Kim goes to the balcony to talk to the Ghost. Ghost says she can't stop thinking about "him", presumably Zane, but she then experiences a vision. Kim asks who is she, then leaves the balcony.

There seems to be a long line at the store, and Lucinda and Aph seperate to get supplies for the crew. After getting supplies, Lucinda accidentally drops a can. One of the Guardian Forces picks it up, and attempts to give it back. Lucinda runs away, and it results in a chase. Lucinda stops him through tumbling a bunch of boxes on him, and Aph catches up with her. They head back to the hotel, but it is revealed someone was watching them.


Empowering A Demon MyStreet When Angels Fall Ep

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