Katelyn's Dad

MyStreet 2 Eric S2

  • Erica (When disguised as a girl)








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Eye Color

Ultramarine Blue

Professional Status

Sylvanna (Old Friend; Girlfriend)

Previous Partner

Elizabeth (Ex-Wife)

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Voice Actor

Kestin Howard

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known in his younger days, but he and Sylvana once attended the same high school and are close in age. During that time, the two appeared to have been close to the point of harboring feelings for one another. Eric is the father of Katelyn. He is introduced in Episode 14 of MyStreet Phoenix Drop High, Operation: Slumber Party!.

Appearance Edit

He has sky blue hair and mustache much like the color of his daughter's hair, Katelyn. He has ultramarine blue eyes and wears black sunglasses on top of his head. He wears a mocha brown jacket over top of a white shirt, a coffee brown belt with a golden buckle, Prussian blue jeans, and black shoes.

Personality Edit

Eric has a friendly personality. He seems overprotective proven by stating that he is afraid that Katelyn might be dating someone. He is in the same boat as Sylvana, for Sylvana's fear that Aphmau may have kissed a boy. He was in on the plan to keep a tab on the girls' conversations at the slumber party, as he wanted to know if he Katelyn was really in love. He is also a goofball, as he disguised as a girl under the guise of Erica in a phase of Operation: Slumber Party. He is playfully aggressive, but equally a kind-hearted father. He seems to have a noticable Southern accent.

As Erica, his persona is a stereotypical teenage girl, who gossips, though this most likely was acting.

He also has interest in Strawberry Puffs, which he always makes.

Episode Appearances Edit


  • Eric has stated that Katelyn and Aphmau could have been sisters if he played his cards right, suggesting that he once harbored feelings for Sylvana during their youth and vice versa.
    • In reality, the odds of Aphmau and Katelyn still being born are either impossible or incredibly slim.
  • As "Erica", he takes his look similar to Nicole. Both have long red hair, goggles and dark brown boots.
  • Eric shares the same face design as Garte, except Eric's hair is blue and Garte's hair is blond.
  • In "Our Last Dance", it is revealed that Eric and Sylvana went to their own prom together.
  • In MyStreet season 2 episode 5, it is revealed that Eric and Sylvana have gotten together.
  • Eric used to be a wrestler. According to Katelyn, he spent a few years as the "World Champ" of wrestling.
  • One of his sons is allergic to cats.
  • He is very protective of Katelyn and doesn't like the idea of her dating anyone even when she's an adult.

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