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Katelyn is Eric's only daughter, whom he is very overprotective of. He was in the same boat as Aphmau's mother, Sylvana, being afraid that Katelyn had been dating someone and/or had kissed a boy (previously Jeffory, presumably Travis as of late). He had dressed up as Erica to spy on the girls when they were having a sleep over, being the goofball father he is. Despite being overprotective, he is a kind-hearted father as well.


Kacey is one of Eric's sons.



Elizabeth was Eric's wife but soon they got a divorce; and likely due to her selfish nature and her illegally using the forever potions on her daughter Katelyn. After she left him, Eric told his children that she died, which Katelyn soon finds out she isn't dead.


In their early school days, Eric and Sylvana had been exceptionally close and had gone to the prom together. At the time they had been close enough to even have had feelings for each other. As of now, Sylvana had been a good friend until announced in MyStreet Love~Love Paradise, that Eric and Sylvana were in a relationship.