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"Werewolf Class" (Via Text Message)

FC is Aphmau's Internet friend in MyStreet Phoenix Drop High.

He made his first appearance in "Meeting FC," finally revealing to be Aaron in person.


FC was formerly Aphmau's Internet friend. He plays an online RPG along with Aphmau after school. They text each other through their phones during and after school.

In the episode "Meeting FC" It turns out FC is Aaron. When Aphmau finds out FC is Aaron she tries to leave, but Aaron tells her its "Going to be OK." They then start to talk.


On Aphmau's phone, it is a sword icon. But in Episode 21 of Phoenix Drop High, Aphmau meets FC, which is Aaron. He has tanned skin with black hair along with ebony eyes.


It turns out Aaron is FC. Though Aaron hates Aphmau they now are now on good terms after they know who FC and Shu are.


  • Before it was confirmed, it was suspected that Aaron was FC. In the side-story series The Big Move and its successor MyStreet, he and Aphmau are very close.
    • In the Finale of MyStreet Season 1, he says he knew of Aphmau in middle, before being interrupted, so he might be talking about texting. If he is FC, this would mean that Aaron and Aphmau will have known each other since they were both of middle school age, and discovered their true identities later on (hence he said he had "known of her" rather than he had simply "known her", indicating they never actually met during middle school, but he had heard of her existence).
    • Contrary to popular belief, FC does not actually stand for Falcon Claw, the village Aaron was previously the Lord of in Minecraft Diaries.[1]
  • FC only calls Aphmau "Shu" when they have a thought.
  • When FC makes an appearance in Meeting FC, we found out FC is Aaron.
  • This is also a reference to Jess in real life where she met Jason in a video game called Final Fantasy 11.
  • FC is not related to Falconclaw, according to a tweet by Jason. (Jess/Aphmau's Husband.)
  • In When Angels fall in the episode reborn part 3 Aaron lost his memory and doesn't remember Aphmau or even meeting her in person but he did recall her texting username Shu but didn't realize that Shu is Aphmau and was staying in the same hospital he was in before leaving however Aphmau gave her jacket to him in hopes that he can remember her