Symbol of the Faith of Lady Irene

A possible symbol of the Faith of Lady Irene (on the floor of the chapel in ep 100)

Katelyn's explanation of the Divine Warriors

Katelyn's explanation of four of the divine warriors. (ep 96)


Sasha mentioning of the other 6 Divine Warriors (ep 15 s 2)


This is an interpretation of what the symbol would look like de-pixelated.

Statue enki

The strange statue seen in Bright Port. (s1 ep 60)

In Minecraft Diaries, there seems to be a religion that worships Lady Irene the Matron (a Divine Warrior), this is very per ounces as people say "Oh my Irene" all the time and other hints like people pray to her and such. The other Divine Warriors are also probably believed in: Esmund the Protector, Enki the Keeper, Shad the Destroyer, Menphia the Fury, and Kul'zak the Wanderer. There is a possible symbol of the religion.


Sasha explaining in further detail. (ep 15 s 2)

The symbol can be seen on the top of the chapel in Irene's Dimension, as well as above the altar inside the chapel. The symbol looks a bit like a tree, with a wide base, and three branches. This can also be seen in the episode 65 in season 2, in one of the destroyed buildings said by Chad to be a storage room. It has been printed one of the two banners, and be reminded this is extremely close to the temple ruin which is an exact replica of the one in Irene's Dimension.

Irene statue

The angelic statue of Lady Irene in Phoenix Drop. (episode 58)

Lady Irene was a woman who lived about 900 years ago, who stopped a war between Wyverns and humans, able to communicate with the wyverns. She overthrew an evil king and protected villages in the turmoil. She apparently had incredibly strong magicks, able to use many different kinds, as well as possessing the godlike power to open, close, and create dimensions all on her own. The religion believes she is a goddess or an angel, as she is portrayed as a statue in Phoenix Drop. It is believed the religion also uses the cross as a symbol. The cross can be seen on the chapel, as well as being worn by many characters, such as Zane, Garroth, and on the uniforms of the guards of O'khasis. There are also examples of other holy objects in Minecraft Diaries, such as the strange shrine island and the Bright Port Statue in Episode 60. There is the possibility that the shrine in Episode 60 is a shrine to Shad, and that it was erected by Zane because of the colors and materials. This would imply that Shad was evil, but darkness is not inherently evil so it might not be the case.

The other statue in Bright Port might be Enki the Keeper. Enki might have been a keeper of all knowledge and magic. The statue has magical particles swirling around it, and it looks wise and knowledgeable. The statue has a large wide staff. It resembles Laurance's new sword, which was blessed by a priest of Enki. The statue could also be a figure of a member of the Jury of Nine because it wears the same armor as those in the Jury of Nine. In Episode 15 of Season Two, Sasha talks about how the Divine Warriors were just humans, but were revered as gods, and are worshipped in regions that they protected.


Sasha talking about some relics (ep 15 s 2)


Aphmau and her mithril sword.

Aphmau relic

Aphmau absorbing the relic (ep 100)

It is possible that Dante, Garroth, Laurance, and Aphmau might be either representations or reincarnations of the Divine Warriors Katelyn mentioned. The other two, appearing in Episode 15 of Season Two, are not included here, but perhaps might show up later. Aphmau represents Irene, because of the holy white mithril sword she uses, as well as her motherly devotion and protective nature toward her children and her people. Aphmau and Irene have often been shown in white or purple, so either white or purple could be Irene's color. Laurance represents Enki. He is shown to be very knowledgeable, and Aphmau entrusts Laurance with the keeping of a very powerful amulet; an incredible display of trust. The Enki-Priest blessed sword is green, and Laurance has been shown to wear green a lot, so green could be Enki's color. Garroth represents Esmund, the Protector. He shows great loyalty and kindness, and always protects those who need it. Laurance also describes him as "Garroth, Protector of the Innocent." The color blue represents protection, and Garroth usually wears blue, so blue could be Esmund's color. Dante represents Shad. Dante has been know to dual-wield katanas and has incredible fighting skills. With the Shad-blessed weapon being twin katanas, it doesn't seem impossible. The katanas are red, and Dante has worn a red cape despite having blue hair, so red is Shad's color.

Aphmau being Lady Irene or being a direct descendant of Lady Irene is already canon. Maybe the relic of Irene is attracted to and can only be used by descendants of Irene. Zane was trying to use the relic, but when Aphmau walked in, the relic teleported away from him. It appeared in front of Aphmau and was absorbed into her being, and Aphmau's body most likely absorbed its powers. Lady Irene also had most likely put her powers into that relic. Lady Irene's statue (an object that was full of her power) has been shown to turn evil darkness into light. That alone is an incredible power. In Season Two, Aphmau (who absorbed the relic's powers) was able to heal a fatal wound, though she did faint afterwards. She almost opened the realm barrier between this one and Irene's Dimension. Aphmau might gain more powers as the series progresses.


Laurance and the Esmud-blessed sword (s 1 ep 96)

Travis does seem a likely candidate to be related to Enki and Katelyn to Kul'zak.

Garroth and the Enki sword

Healing relic

Aphmau using the relic's power to heal Dante. (ep 4 s2)


Dante and the Shad swords.


Aphmau using the relic's power to nearly open the realm barrier. (ep 7 s2)

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