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Minecraft Diaries is a series ran by Aphmau. Many of the fans who watch the series ship the characters. Not all the ships here are confirmed by Aphmau but we tend to ship them anyway. The ships contained in this list aren't only what a small group of people ship; we try our best to include all of the YouTube communities' pairings onto the list. Some of the following ships, you may ship, some you may not. Some of these ships may not be the biggest possibility but you never know! This article is also not spoiler free, you have been warned... >////<

Aphmau Ships

Aphmau + Garroth = Garmau ~ Garmau is the friendship/romantic pairing of Aphmau and Garroth. One of the major ships, since Garroth has shown that he has definite feelings for her. It's also one of the first created ships in the series. He eventually confesses to Aphmau, but in the season finale, he ends up trapped in the Irene Dimension. Garroth and Aphmau are still in contact through dreams, but Garroth might not be out for a while, which will put a stretch on their relationship. In the first dream, Garroth makes a move on Aphmau and he kisses her. In Side Stories, Garroth fell on top of her and was pulling her closer to possibly kiss her, until Dante and the others barged in on it. Currently in MCD, Garmau still has a chance to sail thanks to Aaron being dead and Laurance doing whatever the leader of a Shadow Knight rebellion does. However, Garroth has yet to make any advances on Aphmau, and vice versa. But regardless, this is still a big ship in the series.

Aphmau + Laurance = Laurmau ~ Laurmau is the friendship/romantic pairing of Aphmau and Laurence. This has become one of the major ships, as Laurence has stated multiple times that he's in love with her, but Aphmau has denied feeling the same way, until season two. Their relationship has grown stronger within the months that they spent side-by-side after the fifteen year skip. Their romance levels have dramatically increased in this time, as they began showing more affection to each other, their popularity has increased. They have kissed twice in the series and have shown mutual affection towards each other. Aphmau is thinking of possibly embracing this, but she has conflicting feelings for Garroth as well, with Laurance also stating he doesn't want to ruin his friendship with Garroth. However, near the end of S2 Laurance overheard Aphmau say she was pregnant with Aaron's child and felt heartbroken. Because of this, he betrayed her by freeing Michi and Sasha and going into the Nether, going missing for three years. In S3 of MCD, Laurance appears to be so mad at Aphmau for getting pregnant with Aleena (Aaron's child) that he appears to not have an interest of even being around had anymore. However, despite appearing to currently hate her he still saved her, Katelyn, and Garroth from being seen by Shad, and even yelled at Shad to go no where near her when Shad did see Aphmau (or in Shad's case, Irene). Because of this, whether Laurance still has feelings for Aphmau or not is currently unconfirmed and too confusing to decipher. This is why this pairing is currently at an Anchored Ship status until it is confirmed whether Laurance or Aphmau still have an interest in one another.

Aphmau + Dante = Danmau ~ Was slightly popular when Dante first appeared, but 15 years later in Season 2, it was revealed he ended up marrying Kawaii~Chan, so it sunk drastically. In the Side Stories, Dante is trying to become Aphmau's boyfriend to prove to Garroth and Laurance that he has fangirls, and that he has more of a chance with Aphmau, than them.

Aphmau + Zane = Zanemau ~ Moderately popular within the fandom, most likely for the reason that it's a HeroxVillain ship. Another reason for it's rising popularity could possibly be the fact that at some point in the series, Zane asked for Aphmau's hand in marriage. This request was soon denied to be important by Zane himself towards the end of Season 1. Aphmau claims to ship this on twitter, but only because she can't ship anything possible without spoiling anything. In MyStreet, she was under the mistletoe with Zane at the party and kissed him on the cheek. Fans who watch this series as well, often use this as one of the reasons to further ship it. In Mystreet however it was rising in popularity within season 1. This started when Aphmau turned into a cat, and the only person kind enough to take good care of her was Zane. At that point no one was kind to him since no one believed he could even be a good friend. Aphmau realizes Zane isn't such a bad person, so she befriends him, teaching him good, and bad. The ship boomed when Aphmau, and Zane were under the mistletoe, and she kissed him on the cheek even when every other boy on Mystreet was trying to get that kiss themselves. Zane is very possessive when it comes to Aphmau, and him being best friends. He blushes when thinking about her a few times, but other than that the ship has been very dead when it comes to moments recently.

Aphmau + Katelyn = Katemau ~ Small ship, though the supporters of the ship believe that Katelyn and Aphmau may become closer if they are put into more situations together.

Aphmau + Garroth + Laurance = Laurrothmau ~ Started when Laurance and Aphmau had an agreement on waiting for Garroth to be set free from the Irene Dimension before letting anything happen between any of them, though Garroth kept insisting Aphmau not to wait for him to return in her dreams.

Aphmau + Vylad = Vyladmau ~ A crackship formed at the beginning of the series, when Vylad led Aphmau to Phoenix Drop. It has been resurfaced ever since we was discovered alive and well, 15 years later in Season 2.

Aphmau + The Table = Tablemau ~ The most successful crackship in MCD history. There isn't much to say about the ship. This ship was started back in season 1 when Aphmau and Laurence were fighting over who would get to date a table inside the Guard Tower. Truly is canon.

Aphmau + Jeffory = Jeffmau ~ It was a decently supported crackship, before Zane killed him after questioning his loyalty. He had let Aphmau go with the Lord of Pikoro village, saving both of their lives from Zane.

Aphmau + Chicken Shaman = Aphen Shamau ~ A crackship that ended up rising out of nowhere. It's possible that the hysterical relationship between the two, led it to rising in popularity.

Aphmau + Brendan = Brendmau ~ A slight crackship, as Brendan has never really looked at Aphmau romantically. This ship is officially sunken, after in Season 2, he's married to Issa, who is pregnant.

Aphmau + O'khasis Guard #3= ~ A twitter crackship started by Aphmau.  

Aphmau + Fenrir = Fenmau ~ This is a smaller ship, because of the fact that they almost got married and worked together to stop themselves from getting married. We don't know where Prince Fenrir is now.

Aphmau + Travis = Travmau ~ A newer ship that happened when Travis said the only way to escape a situation was for Aphmau to kiss him. He is also Aphmau's newest Guard. Despite being more of a crack ship than anything(since Travis will flirt with any hot girl), Travmau is highly supported in Aphmau's comment section.

Aphmau + Michi = Michimau ~ A crackship that no one has really thought of. It's obviously not going to happen, considering Michi is an evil traitor.

Aphmau + Dr. Bees = Beemau ~ A twitter crackship started by Aphmau. Aphmau joked about her marrying him in the series... hopefully she didn't mean it.

Aphmau + Aaron = Aarmau~ Probably the biggest ship in the Aphmau community. This ship first rose in MyStreet and the side stories, where Aphmau is believed to have a crush on Aaron. It later grew when the two kissed on episode 20 of S1 of MyStreet, and became canon when Aphmau became Aaron's girlfriend. It also became canon in MCD where Aphmau reveals that she is pregnant with Aaron's child (despite, you know, already having two guys after her :|). It also got development in Phoenix Drop High. Despite Aphmau and Aaron origianally hating each other in their high school time together, they quickly form a strong friendship when it is revealed that Aphmau/'Shu' is Aaron/'FC's best online friend, and vice versa. The two also kissed in the season finale of Phoenix Drop High. The ship only grew when Jess revealed via Twitter post that Aarmau is her OTP. The ship began to sink near the end of Lover's Lane/MyStreet S3 due to Aaron thinking Aphmau was becoming like his parents, but they soon got back together in the finale episode of the season.

However, despite Aarmau being canon, many people dislike the ship for being literally everywhere in each role-play series. (I mean, I guess they did get a bit of joy when drama happened near the end of MyStreet S3, but Aaron and Aphmau got back together so I'm not sure what else to tell them :P). Some anti-Aarau people have gone as far to make planned attacks on Aphmau's videos. Sadly, the Aarmau community isn't that much better, with 50% of the Aarmau shippers death threatening anyone that doesn't ship Aarmau. Not all of either side is that extreme so hopefully both sides will be able to find peace with one another and this whole fiasco will all be over..

Aphmau + Gene = Genemau ~ This ship started to rise in popularity when Phoenix Drop High began. Even thought Gene was the bad guy, people still thought they would be a good couple. At the time everyone knew nothing would happen between them for Aphmau had no romantic feelings towards Gene at all. After that season Gene seemed to disappear until mid-way through Love ~ Love Paradise. Aphmau's mother brings Gene back into the picture, and he seems to have turned a new leaf. Aphmau, and Aaron are very suspicious about him because of their History, but they eventually get over it, and realize Gene is now a good person. Gene sorta disappears again, but he reappears in Season 3 of Mystreet. There it's shown Aphmau, and Gene have a joking relationship with each other. Gene seems to start showing hints he likes her, but then it is confirmed. Gene, and Aph were talking while Ivan overheard, and after Aph left he brought up Gene liking Aph, and Gene responded being throughly denying it while blushing. Currently Gene still has a crush on Aphmau, and it is showing. In Upside-Down Stories, however, the two have clear interest in one another.

Aphmau + Lucinda = Aphinda/lucindmau ~ A crackship that is very small and not heard of to most people. Not likely to happen, since Lucinda is a witch, and Aphmau is engaged to Aaron in Starlight.

Canon Ships

Aphmau + Aaron = Aarmau ~ Aarmau is the Cannon romantic pairing of Aphmau and Aaron. This is a major ship that has sailed deep into the ocean. There were no romantic interactions between them in season 1 of MCD but in Season 2 there was much more romantic interactions between the pair. They adopted a baby girl which they named Lilith Garnet, after Aaron's deceased wife Lily and (at that time when naming her) someone special that Aphmau lost, whom was Garroth. In Mystreet Aphmau and Aaron became a couple during the Mystreet Season 1 ending. In MCD, Aaron kisses Aphmau in her sleep before he goes to rescue Garroth from the Irene dimension, resulting in his death. Later on, it was revealed that Aphmau is pregnant and that Aaron is the father. Currently in Mystreet Aphmau, and Aaron are dating, and living under the same roof.

Kawaii~Chan + Dante = Dante~Chan ~ Became canon in Episode 2, Season 2 ; Currently have 1 child, Nekoette~Tan. For more info, scroll down to Dante + Nicole.

Donna + Logan = Lonna ~ Became canon in Episode 20, Season 1; Currently have 4 children, Yip, Rollo, Lello, and Luca.

Molly + Dale = Dolly ~ Canon in Episode 5, Season 1; They had two children in season 1, Brian, and Alexis. They have since moved from Phoenix Drop.

Emma + Corey = Cora ~ Became canon in Episode 47, Season 1; They had one kid, Kyle .

Brendan + Issa = Bressa ~ Became canon in Episode 8, Season 2; They have had one child , Dell

Emmalyn + Kenmur = Kenmalyn ~ Became canon in Episode 49, Season 2; Currently married. A medium sized ship, but rapidly growing more, now that we know from side stories that Emmalyn likes Kenmur, and vice versa. Side Stories indicate that Katelyn and Laurence support this ship. However, Kenmur originally had an interest in Sasha, where she was his fianceé, but after she supposedly died, he had rid her off of his mind. Later in the series, she came back as a Shadow Knight, and Kenmur had broken down. Emmalyn only hopes for Kenmur to be happy. The two are confirmed to like each other in the side stories and kissed twice.

Past Canon Ships

Sasha + Kenmur = Senmur ~ They used to be engaged with one another, until Sasha had "died" on a mission to the Nether. It is improbable for them to end up together again because when Sasha came back, she was a Shadow Knight. There is a very slim chance they will ever be together at all, due to the fact that Kenmur is now married to Emmalyn.

Dante + Nicole = Niante/Dancole ~ A moderately popular ship. This ship holds controversy, because Dante and Kawaii~Chan are married. It is shown that Nicole and Dante had a relationship while Aphmau and co. were in the Irene Dimension, but it ended as Nicole had to go back to Scaleswind, where she soon found out she was pregnant. By the time she got back 3 months later, Dante already had a family with Kawaii~chan, and not wanting to disturb them, she avoided Dante until Aphmau came back and sorted things out. Dante told Aphmau that while they were in the Irene Dimension, his situation with Kawaii~chan and Nicole was like hers with Garroth and Laurance. Nicole named their child Dmitri, and Dante didn't even know about him until after Nekoette. Dante and Nicole are still friends, along with Kawaii-Chan, who insists on calling Nicole "sister". This ship is still sailing in Mystreet. In the Valentines date Dante calls Nicole an "Angel" and proceeds to fawn over her. In Nicole's diary, she adds a note saying she will always love him before the rest of the pages are ripped out.

One-Sided/Two-Sided Ships

Katelyn + Travis = Travlyn ~ In Season 3 of MCD, we're given heavy hints with Katelyn inviting Travis to follow her back to Brightport. Before that, the two had scattered moments that either hinted at or outright confirms their feelings being more than just friendship and many speculate the nature of this becoming canon. In mystreet, the two have history with Travis crushing on Katelyn since freshman year of highschool and with both the Valentine's date as well as LLP showing attempted to date. But because of Katelyn poor anger skills, Travis stood his ground and they both decided on being friends for now and figure out their feelings later. Currently, they hang out a lot in mystreet, being shown to be close friends on top of Travis actually expressing he still cares/have a huge crush on Katelyn and it could be reciprocated. Both Travis and Katelyn's biggest ship, straight ship and in general.

Katelyn + Jeffory = Jefflyn ~ A medium sized ship. Sadly, Zane, killed Jeffory in Minecraft Diaries which Jefflyn hasnt been sailing, but in Mystreet/Phoenix Drop High people still ship this. Katelyn may have feelings for Jeffory, since in one of the fanfic reading Katelyn enjoyed being with Jeffory. They were in a relationship in Phoenix Drop High, but broke up because Katelyn thought he was "too nice". Despite this, they still care about each other in MyStreet and there is a chance of the two getting back together.

Levin + Alexis = Levis ~ A medium-sized ship, considering at some point when they were thirteen, it was revealed that Levin had feelings for Alexis. However, Alexis appears to like Yip instead.

Malachi + Alexis = Malaxis/Alexchi~ A small sized ship. Alexis liked Malachi and Levin at once.

Yip + Alexis = Alexip ~ A medium-sized ship, as Alexis admitted to Aphmau that she chose Yip over Kyle and Levin in the end. We don't know if Yip is fully aware of Alexis liking him but Alexis did give Yip a kiss.

Kyle + Alexis = Kylexis ~ A medium-sized ship, because like Levin, he also had feelings for Alexis at thirteen. *

Kiki + Bodolf = Kikolf ~ Before the series started, Kiki somehow saved Bodolf's life, and they ended up having feelings for each other, but because Bodolf was a werewolf, they didn't end up together and Bodolf became the mate of another werewolf, Khira

Kawaii~Chan + Brendan = Brendaii~Chan ~ Somewhere in the middle of Season 1, Brendan had a crush on Kawaii~chan, but the ship sunk due to the fact that in Season 2, they each married someone else. *

Kiki + Zane = Kane/Ziki ~ This ship spawned mid way between Season 1, it was floating around because Kiki took interest in Zane. But due to the current events in MCD, it probably won't happen. 

Laurance + Michi = Laurchi/Michice ~ This extremely small ship is an extremely one-sided love due to the fact that in the Side Stories and MCD, Michi appears to have a very huge interest in Laurance to the point where she will sabotage other people's lives in order to try and get him to fall for her. However, Laurance only had an interest in Aphmau, not Michi. This ship is now impossible since Michi is in Tu'La in MCD, and in MyStreet/Side Stories she took an interest in Aaron during the Valentine's date for some unknown reason. The ship did have a moment when Laurance freed Michi from prison in S2 EP100, but chances are he only freed her as an act of revenge against Aphmau for lying to his face. 

Other Ships

Laurance + Garroth = Garrance/Lauroth ~ Garroth, and Laurence are shipped a lot through the fandom. Garroth, and Laurence both tried to get a kiss from Aph, but it resulted in them kissing instead. Currently in Season 3 of Mystreet Garroth, and Laurence have jokingly playful flirting, and fight like a married couple.They are the cutest gay couple

Laurance + Vylad = Vylance ~ A MCD-based ship that's Laurance's second most popular and arguably Vylad's most popular ship. It started after Vylad and Laurance's reunion in season 2, where it revealed no only did they know each other before this instance but gave awkward vibes that many users agreed "like meeting an old ex you're not over" and Laurance wanting to tell him he would have came back + Vylad being surprised/dismissed the claim, citing that they didn't really know each other. Later on, Vylad told Aphmau that shadow knights shouldn't make bonds yet made it clear about watching over Laurance and helping him control his SK form, as well as Vylad defending Laurance at one point. Some fans speculate of a what if relationship.

Aaron + Dante = Danron ~ A small crackship. It all started when Dante and Aaron accidently kissed at the Kissing Competition.

Katelyn + Laurance = Katerence/Laurlyn ~ Not widely shipped, but few find it cute. In a side stories episode, while the girls were playing truth or dare and someone asked "who do you like?" Katelyn then replied with "Laurence trumps all." Many people missed it though.

Azura + Garroth = Azuroth ~ A small ship, since Azura hasn't been seen in season 2 but Azura did have romantic feelings for Garroth back when they trained in the Guards Academy. It remained one-sided, as Garroth was shown to not share the same feelings.

Laurance + The Table = Laurable ~ Both Laurence and Aphmau have an undeniable attraction towards the table. Such drama. Who will win the table's heart in the end? Find out on the next episode of, The Table Diaries.

Katelyn + Aaron = Aarlyn/Karon ~ A small ship briefly suggested in a comments thread on one of the Season Two episodes. However, the two of them are enigmatic characters, so perhaps it has a little bit of potential.

Garroth + Nicole = Garcole/Nicroth~ This was created after we discovered that Nicole was the heir to Scaleswind and Garroth heir to O'khasis, as at a time, Garroth was put in a wedlock with Nicole to prevent war between Scaleswind and O'khasis. They don't seem to have an interest in each other, although in the slumber party Side Story, Nicole brought up what Zoey thought about Garroth, adding that they all think Garroth is a 'major cutie,' too. However, this was most likely to settle things down.

Michi + Laurence = Michice/Laurichi ~ A crackship which has sunken, due to the fact that Michi was an evil traitor, and Laurence hated her guts.

Katelyn + Nicole = Katcole/Niclyn ~ A ship, mentioned by Kawaii~Chan in one of the side stories. Nicole has stated that they are best friends in the side stories. This is also popular because they are both pugilists. Recently in the MyStreet episodes and mini-games, Katelyn is shown to be extremely protective of Nicole. This alarm might serve as some foundation to the ship.

Travis + Lucinda = Travcinda ~ Spawned from Travis looking up Lucinda's skirt, and Lucinda admitting that she would kiss him on the cheek. The flirtatious Travis seems interested in her. They are both determined in changing the face of witchcraft users.

Abby + Fenrir = Febby ~ Fenrir mentioned that Abby was the girl he truly loved, when talking to Aphmau. They would most likely also have a huge age gap, considering Abby was a child when Aphmau learned about her, it's possible that Fenrir was the same age due to Abby and he being childhood friends.

Leona + Yip = Yeona/Lip ~ The reason for this ship may be because they are both werewolves and Donna and Kiki were good friends before the phoenix war. In S2E94 titled spa day, a Leona x Yip was joked about. They also speak of each other as rivals.

Kim + Lucinda = Kimcinda~ A small ship that has worked its way up the ranks as Starlight has gone on. Made purely to spite Garroth/Kim and Laurence/Lucinda, but has become vv pure.

Garroth + Blaze = Glaze ~ A ship rapidly gaining in popularity, this ship started when Blaze commented on Garroth’s thighs and how he had seen them in a dream. Fans of this ship use Garroth’s turn to a werewolf, and Blaze’s concern over him as proof for feelings. We shall see.

Gene + Sasha + Zenix = Geshix~ A polyamorus relationship between the three Shadow Knights, this ship was started by Wattpad user wa-sabii, and is now slowly turning into an actual ship.

Katelyn + Vylad = Vyladlyn ~ A medium-sized ship, seen to be Vylad's most popular straight ship, and his second most popular ship, overall. In MCD, the ship was first sparked when Katelyn fell onto Vylad, when Travis' boat caught a wave and swayed, and since then, the ship started gaining popularity. It was sparked one again in later episodes, when Katelyn speaks to Aphmau about how Vylad affects her composure, and that she finds his eyes very comforting. In MyStreet, the two seem to share a friendship, sparked once again when Katelyn finds Vylad flexing in their basement. The two seem to share an interest in comedy, being the reason Katelyn favors Vylad among the Ro'Meaves. Vylad also commented that Katelyn was "kinda cute" during a character QnA session; this sparked a few fans to believe that Vylad has taken a liking to Katelyn.

Celestia + Thorgina = Celsgina ~ A crackship supported for mostly the fact that the two of them live together.

Laurence + Nicole = Laurcole ~ A fan-made ship. Medium sized ship on social media, sometimes role played, brought up when Nicole and Laurence were joking around in side stories "boys slumber party"

Teony + Ivy = Ieony or Tvy ~ A small ship that has started when Teony and Ivy started to become best friends in the MyStreet series. Teony chose Ivy to come with her to Love~Love Paradise. They have become closer ever since!

Ivy + Garroth = Garvy ~ This is a small ship that started in Love~Love Paradise. Since Ivy has changed from her bully ways, she still has feelings for Garroth since high school. They went on a double date and bonded over diner.

Zane + Kawaii~Chan = Zane~chan or Zana ~ this ship is progressively getting bigger in the Love~Love Paradise Series! Kawaii~Chan is trying to make Zane go out more and to the water park with her. During Episode 12 of Love~Love Paradise, Kawaii~Chan's tail is pulled and she falls, and Zane (who was behind her) catches her. And now in season 5 the ship of them two is starting to grow and zane~chan/ zana fans are hoping there relationship is going to work out.

Laurence + Lucinda = Laurcinda/Lucaurence ~ This ship slowly started to grow popularity in Mystreet Season 3. Lucinda uses her 'poof' powers, and accidentally poofs into the Laurence's bathroom, where he is showering. Lucinda blushes, and poofs back to her house where she lays down still blushing. The ship started rising when Laurence is shown protecting Lucinda from Ivan, and standing up for her in the halloween episodes.

Liochant + Leona = Leonachant ~ This ship immediately got tons (by that i mean A LOT) of supporters when it first appeared in the beginning of MCD S3. Leona and Liochant didn't originally know each other that well in the beginning of S3 of MCD, but quickly formed a strong bond via babysitting/guarding Alina and Lillith together. Leona also believes it is wrong that people (including Garroth) be suspicious of Liochant's intentions just because he's from Tu'La, at one point saying he should've stood up for himself and fought the civilians to yell at him to go back where he came from. She also appears to feel sympathy for him However Liochant disagreed with fighting civilians, and offered Leona cake so then she would cheer up and smile. Liochant also appears to want to make Leona proud of his babysitting skills, saying that he's learned storytelling from a pro, aka Leona.

Zane + Lucinda = Zancinda ~ This ship started in season 4 when Zane compiled Lucinda about her being cute and her intelligence, and said she would take the flattery from him any day. The ship got more notice when Lucinda called Zane "baby" and fan art people made of them together.

Vylad + Dante = Vylante

Crossover Ship.

Prince Reese + Kawaii~Chan = Reese~Chan ~ A ship that is currently one sided because Kawaii~Chan likes Reese but Reese doesn't know that.

Michi + Prince Reese = Reechi ~ Rumored just to make Kawaii~Chan jealous.*

Aphmau + Levi Ackerman Poster = Laphmau ~ Aphmau's Senpai is... Levi Ackerman from Attack On Titan(An anime) Which she talks to quite frequently in Mystreet. In season 1 ep 1 on Mystreet Katelyn caught Aphmau worshiping her poster of Levi.