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"Fit For A King"

[A short montage plays of carriages arriving at the castle and the princes / princesses filling the main hall. In the centre Katelyn, Nicole, Aphmau, Kawaii~Chan, and Amelia are gathered.]

Katelyn: [sighs] What do the old folk want now?

Nicole: Katelyn..! You should treat the kings and queens properly..!

Katelyn: It's just our parents.

Nicole: Mm.. true.

Garroth: Wow..! Looks like every prince and princess from kingdoms far and wide showed up.

Ethan: I know. It must be something big... [gasps]

Garroth: You okay?

Ethan: N-Nothing..! I just.. had a thought. What if the reason we're here, -- today, -- is because they're going to make someone the king of their kingdom?

Garroth: What? Pfft. No way..!

Ethan: Think about it! When was the last time they gathered all the princes and princesses together like this?! Look around you! There's gotta be some logical reason for everyone getting together like this. I mean.. we are all of age to ascend to the throne. The only time when we get together like this is for balls, but... we always get those kinds of invites months in advance.

[The music swells as Garroth stares at Aphmau and blushes.]

Ethan: Psst..! You listening?

Garroth: O-Oh, yeah..! I, uhhh.,. I think we should too!

Ethan: You didn't hear a word I said, did you?

Garroth: [sighs] Guilty...

Travis: Hahahaha..! Long time no see!

Ethan: Uh-.. Hey, Travis.

Travis: Let me just say, I am so excited to see all my favorite princes and princesses together in one room!

Garroth: You see us all in one room at balls.

Travis: I mean again!

Garroth: Hm.. Actually, Travis, you're just the man I wanted to see!

Travis: God of love.

Garroth: ..Huh?

Travis: If you're going to address me, call me Travis: the god of love.

Ethan: Uh.. Any, uh, reason in particular that we're using your title?

Garroth: Yeah... That's odd. You usually don't have us mortals address you like that.

Travis: Ohhh, Garroth. Garroth, Garroth, Garroth, Garroth, Garroth, Garroth.. I am a simple god. I just enjoy living amongst the mortals..! Seeing love happen first hand... Even though I'm not allowed to intervene..

Garroth: What are you talking about?

Travis: Sooo.. I hear that the reason everyone is here is... because of romance.

Garroth: Wha-!?

Ethan: What?

Travis: Yep, you heard right! And I am just giddy with excitement about it! I no longer have to sit by and play information man! I am all about seeing this romance happen, baby!

Ethan: [whispering] Travis, keep your voice down! What if people hear us talking about.. romance?

Travis: So what if they do? I mean, they know who I am.

Ethan: I mean, what if they see you talking about it with us?

Travis: Well, I think the ladies would get excited. After all, you've got Mr. Prince Charming himself right here.

Garroth: Don't call me that!

Travis: D'aww, why not? That's what everyone calls you, because it's true!

Garroth: I am not Prince Charming..!

Ethan: Uh.. I mean you are.

Garroth: [groans]

Travis: Own the title, hun, you get used to it as a god. Which is why I left Olympus.

Garroth: But you just said--

Travis: So I get your point. But still, you're a prince! And you're charming! Do you know how many ladies in this ballroom would love to be with you? [whispering] Because if you ask me, I can hook you up!

Ethan: You aren't allowed to do that though.

Travis: Let me dream!

Garroth: [groans louder]

Travis: Look, just get ready for the kings and queens to announce something big and romantic. I'm looking forward to that, and if it isn't that, I'm going to curl up into a ball and cry..! [sniffling] Nah, I wouldn't do that. I'm too in love with myself.

[Travis walks away.]

Ethan: .. Romance?

Garroth: It will be fine, Ethan. I'm positive this is not about that.

Ethan: [chuckles] Hey Garroth. If you were to become king, who would you choose as your queen?

[Garroth looks over at Aphmau in silence.]

Ethan: Was that even a question I should've asked?

Garroth: W-What do you mean?

Ethan: I mean, we're all good friends! And you both.. joke around all flirty-like sometimes...

Garroth: [stammering] I- uh- wh- What about you?! W-Who would you pick to be your queen?

Ethan: I, uh.. I don't know. I mean, I- I haven't thought about that, but... okay, actually I have.. I was thinking that maybe they would be nice, and cute.. They don't have to be pretty, but.. have a pretty personality. I was thinking that we'd have a wedding where we both have gold trim outfits, a honeymoon around Mount Olympus, and two sons named Roy and Junie, and a daughter named Elsie!

Garroth: I-.. thought you said you hadn't thought about it?

Ethan: [sighs fondly] I keep it in my journal.

Garroth: You have a journal?

[Aphmau and Katelyn approach.]

Aphmau: Hey! Were you guys so busy chatting that you couldn't hear us calling ya?

Garroth: [blushing] H-H-Hi!

Ethan: [whispering] Talk to her!

Garroth: I just did!

[The other three girls approach as well.]

Katelyn: Waiiit. We need to address them properly, like Nicole said. Prince Ethan, -- [smiling] Prince Charming.

Garroth: Hey.

[All the girls giggle.]

Garroth: I am not Prince Charming!

Katelyn: Not with that attitude. Besides, it's not a bad thing.

Garroth: [groans]

Aphmau: We wanted to ask you guys if you knew what was going on. We all came far and wide to be here.

Garroth: Truth be told, I don't know.

Amelia: It's your castle, Garroth, how do you not know?

Garroth: My parents left me in the dark. My sincerest apologies, miladies.

[All the girls blush and giggle.]

Ethan: See? You have the Prince Charming effect.

Garroth: [shouts in frustration] Ughh..!

[They're all interrupted by drums being played.]

Amelia: It's starting..!

Travis: Ladies and gentlemen! Princes and princesses! Kings and queens. I, - the most humble god of love, - Travis, am honored to have been invited to this event. A-thank you.

Thank you for blessing us with your presence.

Travis: My honor.

King: Princes and princesses of kingdoms far and wide, I welcome you all. I understand many of you have questions about this event, however this is not a party of any kind. The hors d'oeuvres were just to make you all feel welcome.

[A few crowd members 'awww' in disappointment.]

King: This event is for all of you. It is so we, as parents, can address a serious topic going on in our kingdoms right now.

[Everyone whispers amongst themselves.]

King: The topic in question is.. well: None of y'all are married.

[crickets chirping]

Amelia: Wh-... What?

King: You all heard me! None of you have married yet!

Ethan: Um, we all just turned eighteen about a year ago...

King: I don't see the hold up.

[everyone whispers amongst themselves again]

Travis: Wait, waitwaitwait, everyone don't panic! I'm sure the king has.. some kind of reason!

King: Uh.. come again?

Travis: [pained] They don't have a reason!

Katelyn: Waitwaitwait.. You all made us come here so we could talk about love?

Travis: Yes! ... Wait, this is bad..

King: Travis! God of love! Can you make magic happen here tonight?

Travis: Woahwoahwoahwoah. Your Highness, I think I've already told you all this before. I'm.. only allowed to be here for fun. I can't interfere with mortals.

King: [sighs, muttering] Useless.

Travis: My god ears heard that.

King: Listen. I know the next generation is changing.. However, traditions are traditions and all of your parents have sent you here to hear this talk. All of our kingdoms are at risk of war, and keeping relations between us has never been more important. Now is the time you should decide whom you want to marry.

Garroth: [pointing at Aphmau] Her!

Aphmau: [laughing] Oh, Garroth, you jokester!

Garroth: Th-That wasn't a joke! I-

Aphmau: [to Katelyn] We're always joking. We're friends like that.

Garroth: [sighs]

Katelyn: What if I don't want to get married? I can run my own kingdom without anyone else.

Travis: I know you're a demigod, Princess Katelyn. But mortal realm, mortal rules.

King: Plus, your mortal parents sent you here.

Katelyn: [groans] Ugh..! I wanna go live with my cool parents on Mount Olympus! Stupid mortals.

Garroth: Hey!

King: Look. Long story short: you all have three months to find the loves of your lives and get married! And have a huge party that we're all invited to.

Aphmau: What if we don't? I'm with Katelyn on this one. I know what I want in my kingdom, and someone else will just come in and mess it up!

King: Simple. If you don't get married, you don't get your kingdom.

[The whole room is silent from shock.]

King: That is all. Enjoy the hors d'oeuvres!

Aphmau: Th-.. Three months..

Katelyn: to find..

Ethan: the love..

Garroth: of our lives...!?

[Everyone starts screaming.]

[Jenny hums 'A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes' while she cleans. She hears the commotion of horses outside and sees the carriages of the princes and princesses.]

Jenny: Hmm? Oh my..! Whatever could all the commotion be about?

Evil Step Mother: Jennifer!

Jenny: Hm?

Evil Step Mother: [louder this time] Jennifer!

Jenny: Oh alright, alright, I'm coming!

Evil Step Mother: Jennifer, what were you doing?

Jenny: Oh, I was cleaning! Just like you told me to, mother.

Evil Step Mother: Did you clean the basement?

Jenny: Yes.

Evil Step Mother: Did you clean the kitchen and the dining room?

Jenny: Yes ma'am.

Evil Step Mother: What about the laundry? Cooking for dinner? Scrubbing the floors?

Jenny: I finished that all this morning, mother.

Evil Step Mother: Hm. Then tell me: why aren't there groceries in the kitchen?

Jenny: What?

[The camera cuts to her step-sisters throwing groceries out the window.]

Evil Step Mother: Your sisters and I went to the kitchen and saw the groceries were missing! That is unacceptable, Jennifer.

Jenny: But-- I--!

Evil Step Mother: No buts! Now march yourself over to the market and grab some groceries for dinner.

Jenny: ... Yes, mother.

Evil Step Mother: And here. Take this bag of gold. DON'T lose it!

Evil Step Sister: Let's toss out the dinner she ate, too! [giggling]

Jenny: [to herself] They're always like that to me... I love them so much, -- they're family! But..

[She accidentally walks into a random man on the street.]

Stranger: Oops! Uh, pardon me!

Jenny: No, it was my fault! I'm sorry.

[The man walks past her and bumps into Omar, too.]

Omar: Sorry!

Jenny: Huh? Wait! Where did my gold--.. [gasps] It's gone! Oh no..!

Omar: You know, you really should be careful when someone bumps into you. Especially in this crowded marketplace.

Jenny: My gold! Did you steal it from me?

Omar: Me? Pft, no! The other guy tried to. Got it back for ya. I only steal to eat. Can't eat gold.

Jenny: Huh?

Omar: Nevermind. Here. Take it.

Jenny: Thank you so much!

???: [distantly] I'm looking for people who want a new life! A whole new world!

Omar: Huh?

Gene: Can you imagine living a life of royalty?! Glory?! Well, I have got the deal of a lifetime for you!

Random Citizen: Buzz off!

Gene: Well, that's rude.

Omar: I'm interested!

Gene: You are? Hm.. What skills ya got?

Omar: This your coin pouch?

Gene: Touche. What about you, young lady?

Jenny: I'm sorry. I need to buy groceries..

Gene: Come on.. Aren't you tired of the mundane? You look like a peasant woman. Someone anyone could take advantage of.

Jenny: I beg your pardon!?

Gene: Don't you want to try to live life on the wild side? At least once?

Jenny: Umm..

Gene: I can make you royalty for a day.

Jenny: I-.. need to get groceries.

Gene: It's only for once second! I need to take you two back to my friend, and..

Guard: Hey! [holding up wanted poster of Gene with a ridiculous nose] Is this you?

Gene: Darnit! Why do they always get my nose wrong!?

Jenny: ... Nose?

Gene: Book it!

[Omar takes Jenny's hand and she screams as he drags her away from the guard and after Gene.]

Guard: Hey, just--! Ugh!

Guard: Why'd I ask him first..? Shoulda just tackled him or something..!

Gene: Phew! Lost 'em.

Jenny: What was that about?!

Gene: Come on in. This shop belongs to someone I know.

Anna: Well well, seems like you found two street rats.

Omar: Hey!

Jenny: ..Huh?

Gene: Be nice. Omar, Jenny, this is Anna. Anna, this is Omar and Jenny.

Omar: Charmed.

Jenny: The pleasure is all mine.

Anna: Alright, you two wanna experience a life of royalty? We're going to go into the main city and find us some princes and princesses!

Jenny: What!? How!?

Gene: There's a big gathering of them -- from far and wide. We want to see what the commotion is about,

Anna: Yep! But the only carriage I have that can take us is at midnight.

Gene: Omar here can pickpocket very well! And, uh.. this chick looks innocent.

Anna: Perfect! You guys in?

Omar: For sure.

Jenny: Uh.. um.. I don't want to be rude, so.. yes.

Anna: Perfect! We leave at midnight. I'll explain the plan then. Hope I can trust you all. [laughing]