Gaia is a member of the royal family of Wyverns. She is the mother of Raven and his siblings.


Wyvern Gaia

She was found in the Wyvern Realm in same chamber as the Elder Wyvern. She is the mother of all the golden Wyvern currently stuck in the Overworld.

Aphmau and Gaia meet briefly in The Wyvern Elder and Gaia explains to Aphmau of the fate of her six children and asks her to bring them back to her. She then tells Aphmau that if she runs into trouble then repeat the words "Bo hofkiin, mu saraan".

Appearance Edit

She made her first appearance in "The Wyvern Elder" and looks exactly like all of her children.

Trivia Edit

  • It is mentioned by Gaia that she is telepathically connected to her Wyvern-kin.
  • She says "Praise Fafnir" which could be a reference to their deity.
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