I am your guard, no matter what happens, or who you love, I'll be here for you...Now, let's go fix this world together.

Garroth to Aphmau, Season 2 Episode 100

Garroth is the deuteragonist of Minecraft Diaries: The Rise Of Phoenix Drop and Minecraft Diaries: The Realm Protector, and a main character in Minecraft Diaries: War Of The Magi.

Full Name

Garroth Ro'Meave


GarGar (by Zianna)



  • Diamond Sword and Shield Combo (Former)
  • Divine Blue Sword (Current)






Hair Color

Bleach Blonde

Eye Color


Professional Status
  • Phoenix Alliance
Previous Affiliation(s)
  • The Guard of Phoenix Drop
  • Divine Warriors
  • Phoenix Drop
  • O'khasis

Guard of Aphmau

Previous Occupation(s)
  • Head Guard of Phoenix Drop
  • Jury of Nine
Personal Status


  • Aphmau (Close Friend/Love Interest)
  • Laurance (Best Friends/"Blood Brother")
  • Dante (Friends/"Blood Brother")
  • Nicole (Arranged Ex-Fiance)
  • Zenix (Ex-Apprentice)
  • Azura (Guard Training Friend)



Garroth (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"New World"

Became "Aware"

"New World"

Voice Actor



Garroth was introduced since the very first episode of Minecraft Diaries. He was the Head Guard of Phoenix Drop. Throughout Season 1, he gains the help of Laurance and Dante, who become second in commands and end up becoming like brothers to Garroth, supporting him through tough times within the series. He also became a member of the Jury of Nine in Episode 100.

His past was not a kind one. He was the firstborn son of the Lord of O'Khasis (Garte), and to stop a war, he was going to be forced to marry the daughter of Scaleswind, Nicole. He faked his death and fled, and Nicole did the same. Garroth was disowned by his father because of his unwillingness to marry Nicole. Garroth lived in Phoenix Drop, hidden, for a few years, until he was tracked down and found by his brother, Zane, who was the High Priest of O'Khasis at the time.

The only reason that he remained in Phoenix Drop is that the Lord of Scaleswind thought he saw his daughter stabbed and pushed into a river by an O'Khasis guard. Having a very hot temper, the Lord of Scaleswind declared war on O'Khasis (forgetting Garroth), then allied with them after Zane manipulated him to target Phoenix Drop.

During his time in Phoenix Drop, Garroth met and helped a male in his (approximate) teenage years named Zenix. He loved Zenix like a son, believing Zenix to feel the same. However Zenix ended up betraying and attempting to assassinate him, his heart was broken.

Garroth treats Laurance and Dante as brothers, adopting them into the 'family' like he would have Vylad. The three have fights, but always resolve them in a caring and civilized manner. Laurance and Garroth, however, can easily turn against each other if Aphmau's life and safety is involved.

Garroth has many endearing qualities, such as being kind-hearted, determined, and loyal. He's always there when people need him, risking his life for the good of others. However, he looks down on himself quite easily, feeling he's unworthy of his position multiple times. He can also be xenophobic at times, fearing and failing to trust Liochant due to the fact that he is from the Tu'la Region, a region that Ru'aun is currently fighting against.  

In episode 25 of season 1, Water Cats, Garroth "proposes" to Aphmau. He packs supplies for her in a chest, and it contains a wedding ring and a flower crown. This was a nod in the direction of Aphmau, hinting at the feelings that he was slowly beginning to feel.  

In the last few episodes of Season 1, Garroth was corrupted by thoughts of Laurance taking Aphmau away from him. He was consoled by Lillian, a follower and spy of Zane. With his heart broken and Lillian as his influence, he switched sides to bring the amulet to his brother after stealing it from Laurance. Zane used it to go to Irene's Dimension, bringing Aphmau and her party with him. Garroth fights Laurance, but eventually Laurance convinces Garroth that he must accept the fact that Aphmau might not return Garroth's feelings. He desperately reminds Garroth of the proper guard he knows him to be, reminding him that there are more important things, such as the people of the village they protect.

After 15 minutes, Zoey appears with the portal and Aphmau is ready to make her escape with the others. Garroth, sanity and morals renewed, turns on Zane to provide the others time to escape, willing to sacrifice his life for the safety of the village. Before Aphmau leaves, Garroth tells her he loves her. With no other choice but to leave him with a heavy heavy heart, Aphmau steps back into their own dimension. Garroth is left alone to fight Zane. The portal that brought the group back closed and Garroth remains trapped in Irene's Dimension with Zane. The portal can only be opened with a mortal sacrifice, or someone giving up their immortality to open it, such as Zoey giving up hers. For most of Season 2, almost no time had passed for Garroth in the Irene Dimension.

Garroth is Zane's older brother, but Zane tries to turn Garroth into a loyal guard and member of the Jury of Nine. Zane's plan succeeded in the majority: getting the amulet, Garroth turning to Zane's cause, Garroth becoming a loyal member of the Jury of Nine, and taking away Katelyn's Jury title. Zane was betrayed by Garroth in the end, because Laurance was able to talk to him and snap him back to reality, saying things like, "Are you even listening to yourself?" Garroth snapped back and defended Aphmau from getting struck by Zane and when Zoey appeared to save everyone he said his famous words "Go I'll hold him off...This is my fault...Lord Aphmau I love you...I said go! Now let's end this Zane."Garroth was stuck in Irene's Dimension with Zane until episode 81 of Season 2.

In the episode "Dream or Reality?", Aphmau has a "dream" where she finds herself next to a large tree, Garroth suddenly appears saying "Lord Aphmau!  I-I thought you were Zane..." He then kisses her and explains his feelings towards her, and how he saw her and Laurance kissing in the woods, which made him jealous, refusing to let Aphmau explain her confusion. Aphmau ends up leaving her "dream" and finds out that she was actually in another dimension and sometimes meets Garroth to talk about what's been happening. He becomes less shy in these dreams than he was in Season 1.

Garroth cares for Levin and Malachi even though they have no relation to him. He cared for them ever since he has met them and acted like a father figure towards the This could possibly be Garroth looking at them like he did to Zenix, trying to figure out ways to raise them without them becoming corrupted like Garroth's last 'son', Zenix. However, as Garroth is in the Irene Dimension, Levin turns to Dante for fatherly guidance.

On Episode 44 of Season 2, Aphmau meets the green-eyed man that had been watching her ever since Season 1. He identifies himself as Vylad, and when Aphmau lies to him and says that Garroth is dead, he has a mental break down and ends up hyperventilating. When Aphmau admits to lying, he calms down and says that Garroth is his half-brother. Garroth grew up around Vylad like a pureblooded brother, treating him no different than he did Zane. He also reveals that their mother, Zianna, has many marital problems with Garte which she attempted to resolve by committing adultery with an unknown man and giving birth to Vylad.

During the first eighty episodes of Season 2, many characters show grief surrounding Garroth's absence. Some of these characters include Garroth's friends like Aphmau, Laurance, Dante and so on. Another character by the name of Hyria theorizes that Garroth can possibly be saved by using Aphmau's magicks to open the Irene Dimension without a human sacrifice or loss of immortality.

In Episode 76 of Season Two, Garroth is leaning against his tree in the Dream Dimension. He is in his Jury of Nine armour with a lethal gash in his back. He is on the verge of death, groaning Aphmau's name a couple of times before being overtaken by grief and giving up.

As it ended on a cliffhanger, it continues in Episode 77 as Aphmau finally appears in the Dream Dimension and heals his wounds with her power. Garroth explains that Zane caught him "off-guard". However, it does seem that there is more to the story. They eventually return to their separate dimensions after a short conversation about what was happening on both sides.

In Season 2, Episode 81: "His Choice", Aaron takes the divine fragment and opens the portal. Once Zane and Garroth are released, Aaron uses it to make an explosion ending the lives of him and Zane. While Zane dies, he loses the Ro'Meave Relic that Garroth absorbs. Garroth was the only one of the three to survive. He feels sorry for Aphmau as she had just found out so suddenly and that she had lost a good friend.

In Season 2, Episode 82: "Her Grief", Garroth has still not adapted to everything yet and is surprised how everything has changed. Laurance is missing and Garroth is looking for him. He is shocked to learn that Vylad is not dead. He is also blaming himself for why Aaron died. Flashbacks were shown in which he blamed himself for every bad thing that happened. It also seems like he was keeping something. He didn't tell anyone, but he might talk to Aphmau about it.

In "Ivy and the Wolf", he takes Aphmau to where the explosion happened to talk. However, he does not come far before Ivy and a werewolf guy come. Ivy starts to say rude things and Garroth asks "Who are these people?" Aphmau explains that Ivy was a former member of the Jury of Nine. Ivy sees Garroth's shocked reaction and says that it's getting interesting. Garroth attacks the werewolf man and gets knocked out. Meanwhile, Aphmau attacks Ivy in her Irene form and it is revealed that Ivy wants her relic. Vylad comes and attacks the werewolf man and Garroth wakes up. Garroth is suprised to see Vylad because he thought he was dead. Vylad tells Aphmau that Laurance may be in trouble, then the episode ends.

Garroth is dissapointed about not meeting Laurance, who is in the nether. He travels with Aphmau to O'Khasis. Aphmau looks through Zane's house and suddenly realises that Garroth is gone. He is found talking to Zianna, who is currently in prison. Garroth says that he is glad to see her alive. Since he is wearing his helm, Zianna does not see who she is talking to. Then Garroth takes his helm off and says "mother". Zianna is shocked and says "Garroth!". Garroth finally see each other after 20 years (5 years because of him being in the Guard Academy and being the Headguard of Phoenix Drop, and 15 years because of him being in the Irene Dimension.)

In episode 91, Garroth helps Katelyn and Aphmau capture Ivy. While they attack her, Ivy knocks Garroth and Katelyn out with a relic. Aphmau manages to hold Ivy down, but she is then attacked by Laurance because he thinks Aphmau is Zane. Garroth wakes up and transforms into a powerful form. He stops Laurance from killing Aphmau. Garroth realizes that this happened because of the Ro'Meave Relic.

In episode 97, it is said that Zianna is going to be excecuted. In the following episode, Garroth wants to travel to O'khasis to save his mother. Right before he leaves, Aphmau tells him about her being pregnant with Aaron's baby. Garroth gets very angry and starts yelling at Aphmau. He says that Aphmau lied to him the entire time about liking him. Then he heads to O'khasis.

The second part of the episode is told from his perspective. Garroth gets flashbacks from times that he saved or kissed Aphmau. It turns out that he is really sad about Aphmau not being honest. He suddenly spots some people terrorizing two young children. He fights them and manages to chase them away. The children are very thankful for him. After he leaves them, he meets Raven and is suprised to notice that he can talk to him due to the Ro'Meave Relic. Raven gives Garroth a ride to O'khasis.

Garroth arrives outside Ok'hasis and parts with Raven. only to reunite with Vylad. They then head to the thieves' guild for assistance. After revealing their identities to Boss, the two are guided by Amber back inside O'khasis' walls, after which she leaves them. The Ro'Meave brothers take out all the Tu'la guards they can as they charge towards Zianna's cell. As Garroth assures Zianna they will free her, Ivy appears. She enrages the two enough that Vylad attacks her, however Ivy easily knocks him out. Before she can deal the finishing blow, however, Garroth attacks her. Although Ivy has the upper hand in the beginning, Garroth defeats her, but doesn't kill her because he says she has to answer to the people of O'khasis. After Garroth turns and walks away from her, Ivy stands up, but before she can attack Garroth, Raven appears and bites her head off, after which Garroth thanks him and Raven leaves, saying his life debt to Garroth has been fulfilled.

Garroth regroups with his brother and mother, and after the latter heads over to Ivy's corpse, the three flee to Hyria's forest. Once they are inside, Zianna leads them to Hyria's house, where Garrothh is reunited with Aphmau, Lucinda, and Katelyn. Hyria invites the group inside, so she can finally tell them the truth about Lady Irene.

In the Seaon 2 Finale, Hyria tells everyone Irene's story and that Aphmau is Lady Irene, to which Garroth is shocked. Garroth follows his mother outside once she learns that Aphmau is pregnant with the former Lord of FalconClaw's baby. Garroth, Vylad, and Ziannna talk, and Garroth realizes he needs to help Aphmau, even if she doesn't love him. After Aphmau, Garroth, Vylad, Katelyn, and Lucinda return to Phoenix Drop, Garroth and Aphmau stay be the gates while the rest head into the village. Garroth tells Aphmau he will be there for Aphmau, regardless of who she loves, and Aphmau tell him he's always been more than a guard to her. Garroth thanks Aphmau and says to her, "Now, let's fix this world together," then the two walk towards Phoenix Drop.

In Season 3 of Diaries, just over three years has passed since the Finale of the previous Season. Garroth now wears blue and gold armor with a royal blue cape. He appears to be a father figure towards Lillith and Alina, Aphmau's daughters. Garroth seems to be more mature in this season and collected since the events that occurred in Season 2. Laurance is still in the Nether, and Aphmau, Garroth, and Katelyn do not see him again until Episode 2 of Season 3.

The Side StoriesEdit

Garroth is one of the main characters in Aphmau's MyStreet series.

Beach Vacation Edit

Garroth is taken to the beach with Aphmau, Laurance and the others. He tells Aphmau that her bathing suit could attract other men in a shy way, and so Laurance teases Garroth about obviously liking her. Also there was that one fan going crazy about Garmau.

Island Vacation Edit

Garroth is brought on a vacation to an island theme park with Aphmau, Laurance, and the others. In one of the episodes Garroth is tricked by Laurance to make him think that Aphmau is in love with Prince Reese, so they throw a pie at Reese and instead it hits Zane, who sets off a bomb, and they all end up in jail.

Movie Date/ Dinner After Movie Edit

Garroth finally gets the courage to ask Aphmau on a date to the movies. Later, he and Aphmau sit together at dinner. Laurance gives Garroth a confidence potion and he makes a fool of himself by flirting a lot with Aphmau and dancing, but they get over it and enjoy their dinner. He gets slightly uncomfortable when their waiter, Esteban Julio Montoya Dela Rosa Ramirez, flirts with Aphmau by showering her with compliments.

Slumber Party Edit

Garroth is one of the guys who decide to sneak into the girl's slumber party, steal all their pizza, then have a slumber party for themselves which was ruined. Later, he agrees to have a slumber party all together. "uh... Don't I know you from somewhere? your eyes look familiar." Aphmau: "nah, I probably just remind you of some hot girl you like." "I uh... I gotta go feed my cat..."

Carnival Days Edit

Garroth is brought to the Fall Carnival by Aphmau and the others. He and Dante fight because Garroth teased Dante about liking Nicole. Later, he and Aphmau go through the haunted house together. Aphmau trips and falls on top of Garroth because she sees her kissing Zane. Later, he and Aphmau go to Dino Land and dunk Zane in the dunk tank.

Trick or Treat Edit

Garroth and the other boys are accidentally turned into kids by Lucinda. They go trick or treating with Aphmau and wakes up a few hours later, still wearing their costumes, but in their adult size and not recalling anything from the trick or treating. Lucinda accidentally threw a temporary witch potion on Aphmau, giving her very VERY revealing clothes. Garroth's nose starts bleeding, and he passes out from shock. he was also seen blushing a bright red along with Dante when the potion is thrown, along with a gasp, but Dante did not pass out or get a nose bleed.

Appearance Edit

Garroth has golden-blonde hair that flows the to right, and cyan/teal blue eyes, and pale skin that 'radiates like the sun'. In Season 1 he wears a silver chain mail armour set with a cross; which is believed to be the O'khasis crest (As almost everyone in the family wears a black cross). He also was always wearing a helmet. In Season 1 Episode 37 we see Garroth's face for the first time.Under his helm he is a nice and really, REALLY attractive guy.

Towards the finale of Season 1, he received brown chain mail armor with a blue cape which he designed himself in the past which was given as a gift from Katelyn. In season 2 he is seen wearing the same set of armor.

When he takes his Jury of Nine form he grows in size and gets a full set of iron armor. There is a blue feather coming out from the top of his helm, and in the center of his armor is the same black cross as on Zane's clothes. When he snaps out of his trance, the armour is the same, but his face is a bit more faded, and he emits a blue particles aura.

In the Minecraft Diaries Side Stories, Garroth wears a white undershirt, a blue plaid jacket, and blue jeans.

In Minecraft MyStreet he wears a dark blue jacket and a black shirt. He also wears gloves and light brown jeans.

Raised as a knight, he wears clothes that are similar to it. In other media, he wears blues, whites, and occasionally tan. 

In Season 2 Ep 82 he is shown wearing a blue shirt and jeans. It also seems like he is wearing dark brown shoes.

As of Season 2 Ep 87, Garroth wears an O'khasian armor set consisting of black chainmail and silver armor with the exception of a blue chestplate with the black Ok'hasis cross. He also wears a silver helm, however after he removes it to reveal his identity to Zianna, he never wears it again.

In Season 2 Episode 92, it is revealed Garroth has a new form, later revealed to be a relic form from the Ro'meave relic which is highly likely Edmund the Protector's relic, consisting of blue armor and orange gauntlets and boots. His hair also become more gold, his sword increases in size, and he emits a gold aura.


  • The name Garroth is a variant spelling of the name Gareth, a Welsh name based off of Gahariet, a French name of unknown meaning. It may ultimately have a Welsh origin, possibly related to the word "gwaredd" meaning "gentleness". It is also the name of one of the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legend. The knight was the youngest son of King Lot and of Morgause, the half-sister of King Arthur, thus making him Arthur's nephew, as well as brother to Gawain, Agravain, Gaheris, and half-brother to Mordred.
    • Whether it is intentional or not, it should also be noted that Zane's personality is very much like those of Agravain and Mordred, while Vylad is similar in personality to Gaheris. It may also be a coincidence that Aphmau is similar in personality to that of Lyonesse, the woman with whom Gareth falls in love with and marries in the legends.
  • The surname Ro'Meave was likely inspired by Ro'Maeve, a location in the game Final Fantasy XI. The name Meave itself is an feminine Irish name meaning "Joy", and is loosely connected to the Irish name Maeve, derived from the traditional Irish name "Méadhbh", meaning "She who intoxicates". It is rooted in the Irish legend of Queen Maeve, one of the main protagonists of the early Irish legend Táin Bó Cúailnge.


  • Garroth seems to have a similar appearance to Levin (especially Levin's 15-years-later appearance in Season 2), and Levin even mentions people have told him this. However, whether this actually means anything is unknown.
  • Some MCD fans ship him with Laurance, along with the ship name Gaurance or Larroth, because in Autumn Side Stories Garroth had Laurance against the wall and started "flirting" with him, and they accidentally kissed on MyStreet Episode 20, The Play Part 3.
  • Garroth's voice actor is TheDragonHat.
  • It is revealed in Episode 44 of Season 2 that Vylad is the uterine sibling (also known as a maternal half-sibling) of Zane and Garroth. This means that Vylad has the same mother as they do, but a different father.
  • Brendan said in a Side Story that Garroth resembles Buttershy from My Little Horsies, a parody of the character Fluttershy from the show My Little Pony. This may be because Garroth is shy but kind hearted, similarly to the character.
  • Usually, Garroth is too kind and shy to be able to come up with insults.
  • Garroth was last seen in the dream dimension in Season 2 Episode 77, Promise but Travis says a theory that she might only be able to see him when she needs his advice at most.
    • We will now never know because he is officially back as of episode 81 in season two, His Choice.
  • His Jury of Nine form is mistaken for a shadow knight form by a lot of fans, even the Voice actors get confused!
  • Lilith's middle name is Garnet which refers to Garroth as Aaron said "Her middle name is Garnet". The name Garnet is named after someone special that Aphmau "lost", who is Garroth.
  • The voice actor says he uses a smoother voice when he voice acts for Garroth in McD. Probably since McD has a more serious/deeper feel unlike MyStreet which is more silly. 
  • Garroth is older than Aphmau, specifically by one year. 
  • He is named "Stutter King" by the fans. This is because he stutters, a lot. 
  • In Episode 90, Garroth mentions that he is a few inches taller than Zane. Overall he is the tallest among his brothers. 
  • It is revealed in episode 92 (S 2) that Garroth absorbed the Ro'Meave relic (possibly one of the divine warrior relic) from Zane. 
  • His design, prior to the face reveal, is the White_knight skin from the CustomNPCs mod.
  • Garroth is one of the only characters to have a canon and confirmed last name. The only others who have confirmed last names are the 4 other members of Garroth's family, Nicole, and her father.


Your beautiful smile always makes me feel better

-Garroth, Season 1, Episode 68
"M'lady" - Every single day

A broken heart isn't something anyone can help me with.

-Garroth, Season 1, Episode 93


-Garroth (Jury of nine form), Season 1, Episode 100

Go, I'll hold him off...This is my fault... I should've known better.... Lord Aphmau, I love you.... Now go be with someone who deserves you... I SAID GO.

-Garroth, Season 1, Episode 100

Now, Lets end this Zane....

-Garroth, Season 1, Episode 100: "The Amulet's Secret"

L-Lord Aphmau I thought you were Zane...

-Garroth, Season 2, Episode 9: "Dream or Reality?"

If this is a dream I want a chance to do this... *Kisses Aphmau*

-Garroth, Season 2, Episode 9: "Dream or Reality?"

I wish I got to know you better as a person rather than just protecting you as my Lord.

-Garroth, Season 2 Episode 15: "Sasha's Rage"

"Sometimes I wonder if you're real, or maybe if I am just having flash forwards to things I should've done."

-Garroth, Season 2 Episode 15: "Sasha's Rage"

I understand what you mean. I will try harder to allow myself to express how I feel to others. It is selfish of me to close myself off where they can't help me...

-Garroth, Season 2 Episode 27: "Dante's Dilemma"

Who kissed better?

-Garroth, Season 2 Episode 27: "Dante's Dilemma"
  • Laughs* You look cute flustered.
-Garroth, Season 2 Episode 27: "Dante's Dilemma"

I mean, I just didn't... I didn't think that, uh...

-Garroth, Season 2 Episode 27: "Dante's Dilemma"

I... uh... Gotta go feed my cat...

-Garroth, Most Side Stories

  • Groans APHMAU! urgh....
-Garroth (injured Jury of nine form, Season 2 Episode 76: "Back to the Temple"

I told you, it was just a scratch!

-Garroth, Season 2 Episode 77: "Promise"

"Aphmau...*cries*...I'm sorry.."

-Garroth, Minecraft Diaries Season 2, Episode 81: "His Choice"

"I wish I could do more. With everything going on I feel so USELESS! "

-Garroth, Minecraft Diaries Season 2, Episode 82: "Her Grief"

"I feel like I let the entire village down...Letting Zenix attack like that..Especially while you were away finding Levin's mother... "

-Garroth (Past), Minecraft Diaries Season 2, Episode 82: "Her Grief"

  • Past Aphmau: If you ever need someone to talk to I'm here for you.Never forget

-flashes back to present-

  • Garroth: I never forgot...
-Garroth, Minecraft Diaries Season 2, Episode 82: "Her Grief"

Aphmau: "Garroth, wait!"

Garroth: "For what? For you to make up some reason for this to be okay? This whole time... I was waiting for you. But you moved on. *holding back tears* forgot about me.

The thought of you kept me going when I was fending off Zane.

All those moments under the tree. Were those lies, too?

...I would go to the ends of the earth and back for you.

I would die for you.

  • crying*

And now I don't know what it means... if it means anything...

...I was such an idiot."

Garroth, Season 2 Episode 98: "Garroth"

Shipping Edit

Garmau Edit

Fans want Aphmau to end up with Garroth. The ship has been officially named 'sunk' because of Aphmau choosing Aaron, one in her pregnancy, and two he was angry and left her. In episode 100 of Season 2, he does say he'll be there for her. Now that Aaron is gone there is a possibility for this ship to happen

Garrance/Laurroth Edit

Laurroth or Garrance, also became known when Garroth had Laurance pinned against the wall (in the fall side story episode, FALL-ing For You) and started "flirting" with him. Also, Laurance joked that if Garroth saw him that he would kiss him too! In MyStreet Episode 20, he and Laurance kissed because Laurance threw the potion on Aphmau instead of him. The ship isn't canon, but rather looked toward as a joke by Aphmau.

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