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"No More BEDTIME!"

"Xavier's Plan

(Opening song playing with Aphmau on her laptop looks like she's on YouTube search page or something)

(Someone knocks on the door)

Aphmau: (Says to her self) Did Tere forget her keys again (She says out loud) I'm coming I'm coming

(She walks to the door and opens it)

Aphmau: LUKA

(She hugs Luka)

Luka: Well some ones happy to see me

Aphmau: You have no idea ever since break has been over I've been looking for some social interaction

Luka: Hmm ,what about your roommate

Aphmau: She's no longer in the break show she'll be in like the next two days...I think

Luka: Oh so you were all by yourself

Aphmau: Yeah

Luka: Oh, you poor thing, know wonder your room looks like a landfill

Aphmau: Huh

(Aphmau looks around at her room pizza boxes on the ground clothes all over the place milk cartons everywhere with poopies on the ground)

Aphmau: Oh, Yeah

Luka: did you do this all by yourself in one week?!

Aphmau: Well.. surprise

Luka: You poor thing.You are playing video games all this time weren't you

Aphmau: I was also watching a lot of cat videos and learned a lot about memes

Luka: Okay stop, Let's get this place all cleaned up and then we'll have our coffee. Let me get you a pumpkin spice latte.

Aphmau: But they don't make those anymore

Luka: they don't but i do come on

(They cleaned up everything)

(Luka sit on aphs bed)

Luka: Now i can enjoy my coffee in a nice clean environment

Aphmau: So this is more for you huh

Luka: Yep so tell me anything new with you

Aphmau: No not really

Luka: *laughs*

Aphmau: I'm serious nothings happened just me by myself what about you

Luka: me