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Garroth's Little Secret
MyStreet 2 13
Season 2, Episode 13
Post Date

July 14, 2016



Written by
  • Aphmau
  • Castor
  • Kristina
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"Baby Lifeguard!"

 "Garroth's Little Secret" is the 13th episode of the second season of MyStreet and the 48th episode overall. It premiered on July 14th, 2016. 


"Aphmau faces the ocean, but she's not the only one who has to face something! Dante and Aaron wonder where Garroth has been running off to."


The episode begins with Aphmau attempting to swim at the beach. After Aphmau goes in Dante brings up the tour tickets that he won. Garroth runs off in the middle of the conversation using his excuse "I have to feed my cat". Dante and Aaron ask each other what has he been doing when the title card plays.

Aaron and Dante tell Aphmau that Garroth is constantly running off using the same excuse. Aphmau tries to talk to Garroth but is tricked into looking away. They then find him in the shoppe trying to ask about an order. They follow him more to hula lessons where Garroth is told lessons are canceled.

Aphmau then tells Garroth that they have joined hula lessons with him. Later Garroth says he needs to do something real quick. Garroth then heads outside to put down a bowl of food. We then see Garroth was not feeding a cat but a dog this WHOLE time.



  • As of this episode, a week has passed since Aphmau's swimming incident. She has yet faced her fears, matching her swimming skills with toddlers.
  • According to Dante, the cruise tour is approaching. He also mentions that Eric and Sylvana gave their tickets to him and Teony as an apology for kissing them.
  • During the flashback, a clip of the season one episode "Aaron and Aphmau" is shown on television.
    • However, the group sees this as a movie, despite having themselves in it. The characters were also speaking in gibberish, similar to the tv show Peanuts.
  • Garroth appears to use the excuse "I have to feed my cat" frequently.
    • His odd behavior began in the episode "Travis In Paradise." He was first seen asking the clerk on grass skirts but said it was for Kawaii~Chan.
    • While he was at the clerk checking on his order, he tells that the grass skirt he ordered 2 weeks ago has not arrived. Similarly, "Travis In Paradise" was uploaded 2 weeks ago.
  • According to the Hula Instructor, less people has participated in hula dances because of the Meif'wa incident caused by Kawaii~Chan.
  • At 5:23 if you slow down the video you can notice Garroth standing to Aphmau's right
    • This is because Garroth hid there instead of running farther. The idea was for the scene to change before that.
  • Garroth's other secret is that he has a dog
    • Later it is revealed he rescued it
  • The thumbnail features Garroth shirtless with his hula attire, but this does not occur in the episode.