Garroth's Past
Season 1, Episode 68
Post Date

July 25th, 2015



Written by

Aphmau & Jason/Dom

Directed by

Aphmau & Jason/Dom

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"Cry of the Wolf"

"Eastern Wolf Tribe"

"Garroth's Past" is the sixty-eighth episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 1, and was uploaded on July 25, 2015. It runs for 19 minutes and 57 seconds.

Blurb Edit

"It's snowing outside and Aphmau decides to take a look. But looking at the snow has her thinking about a lot of questions unanswered."

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  • The thumbnail for this video features Laurance.

Video Edit

Garroth's Past Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep

Garroth's Past Minecraft Diaries S2 Ep.68 Roleplay Survival Adventure!

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