Phoenix Drop High Garte
Full Name

Garte Ro'Meave






Late 40s



Hair Color

Dirty Blond

Eye Color

Dark to light blue

Professional Status

Ro'Meave Corporation




Zianna (Wife)

Personal Status



Garte (Diaries)

First Appearance
Voice Actor


Garte is the father of Garroth and Zane, the adoptive father of Vylad and the husband of Zianna.

He first appeared in the episode "First Kiss", where he is about to calm down Garroth and Zane bickering, but left the room to finish a phone call for a business deal.  


Not much is known about Garte's early life. 

However, sometime during or before he met Zianna, he secured a job working for an unknown company, where he is a businessman.  

At one point when Garroth was young, he along with Derek and Zack purchased the mansion up in the mountains during a flashback of the finale of MyStreet Emerald Secret. He was later mentioned by Derek at Starlight in call about the return of Zack.

When Garte meets Derek at Starlight, he was shocked to realized that Zack has returned on the island, planning on doing something bad to Garroth and Zane, since Garroth was affected with a Forever Potion in his youth. They then plan on making an escape route while Derek meets Zack to question his plans.

Melissa overheard the two conversing about Forever Potions and Garte had no choice but to explain what's going one.

He was horrified to see that Garroth has seen Aaron's eyes and is undergoing the werewolf transformation, and curses him, calling him a monster. Derek tells him that there's no time to worry about his son and that they have to hurry with their plan. Garroth then tells him that he's ok and Garte hopes that he will recover soon.

A few weeks later, he's still upset about Garroth's transformation and how he was able to endure the pain via Aaron's eyes. Zianna reassures him that Aaron will transform him back once everything is over.


Garte has short bleach blond hair, blue eyes and is considered tall. He wears a black suit with a white undershirt, accessorized by a blue tie, a shade darker than his eyes.

Personality Edit

As we know right now, in Phoenix Drop High, Garte is a revolutionary man. He doesn't agree in fighting when Zane gets into Garroth's skin. He's mostly at work and being a businessman helping the family. Garte is friendly to Aphmau when he talks about when they were younger.


  • His appearance on MyStreet Phoenix Drop High marks the first time he has appeared in any series. The episode in which he debuts in is also the first time he receives a speaking role, voiced by HeySuezo.
  • Is confirmed by Zane that he has a preference for Garroth and that he urges him to be like his brother.
  • When sad and upset, he likes to watch zombie movies.
  • In “Worst Idea Ever,” Zianna confirms that Garte has a collection / into collecting minerals.
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