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Dark Teal

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Shadow Knight

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Head Guard of Boboros

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(Possibly) Alive




Gene (MyStreet)

First Appearance

"Don't Drown!"

Voice Actor
  • Castor (S1)
  • Alejandro Saab

Gene is the tertiary antagonist of Minecraft Diaries: Rise Of Phoenix Drop & a minor antagonist in Minecraft Diaries: The Realm Protector.


He is the older brother of Dante. He is a Shadow Knight and is responsible for Dante being forgotten by their parents and their entire village. He first appeared in "Don't Drown!" when he was talking to Vylad about Phoenix Drop. In "The Lord's Journal," he and Sasha knocked Aphmau out while she was reading the old lord's diary. He has appeared a bit throughout the first season, mainly in talking to Sasha in the Nether.

He had become the head guard of his village, Boboros, but through trickery and deceit, though still, he loved his brother as seen in Dante's Brother. Dante respected and looked up to him, even though he knew how Gene got his position. When Dante was 12 years old, Gene fell in love with the daughter of his lord. A little before this, he discovered that he has the power to alter anyone's memories. He confessed his love to the girl, but she didn't return his feelings. He planned to break into her room at night, and alter her memories so that she loved him. It almost worked, but Dante told the guards of Gene's plan, and Gene was sentenced to execution. He found out his brother told on him when he was sentenced, and sworn revenge. After that, he returned as a Shadow Knight and erased everyone's memories, even their parents'. When he came to Dante, he said, "I'm going to you leave you to rot. No one here is going to remember you. Not even our mother or father. So now, you wander this world alone. Someone needs to remember." and left his brother by himself.

When Zenix returned to the Nether, Gene released all the prisoners, but with the active Nether Portal, he loses the betrayer who killed his own Shadow Knights, Vylad.

Gene later informed the Shadow King about Laurance and Zenix's rebellion weakening in Season 3 and, when Aphmau, Katelyn and Garroth were in the Nether, attacked Laurance under Shad's order while he went off after Aphmau. After Zenix appeared and saved Laurance, he retreated from Laurance's fort.

Later in Episode 7, he was summoned to Shad's chamber about the death of the Heart of Darkness and was ordered that Zane must be killed for stealing the relic and that it could fall in Aphmau's hand while gathering all of the relics to defeat Shad.

In Episode 8, he summoned the Nether Portal in front of the Phoenix Drop Capital and have the other Shadow Knights attack the villagers and look for Zane. He also mentioned that Aphmau must be killed and Alina be spared to be taken to the Nether should they encounter them.

After a failed attempt to find Zane in episode 10-11, Gene and his army arrived at the outsides of a Phoenix Drop where he arrived at Dante and Kawaii~Chan's house (supposedly brainwashing Kawaii~Chan as well) and evilly welcomed Dante for a reunion between brothers.

Gene revealed that the reason why he meet with Dante is because he is looking for Zane, and because he has the power of memory alteration, he manipulated the entire village of Phoenix Drop, including Kawaii~Chan, into thinking that he's always been a guard at Phoenix Drop and that he'd been away from the village so they miss him. When Dante refused to help because of fear of what he'll do to Aphmau and Alina, he once again manipulated everyone's memories, this time he erased their memories of Dante, even Kawaii~Chan's, just to traumatize and push him to find Zane.

While he is with his love Kawaii~Chan, Dante attacked him and he easily deflected his attack. When he was about to kill Dante for revenge on what he did to him, he was stopped by Nekoette~Tan and Dmitri, causing him to be distracted from focusing on his memory powers, causing the entire village to snap out of the manipulation, and confronted him. Hoping that the entire village will have their memories completely wiped out for good, he teleported away from his brother.

In Season 3 Episode 21, Gene is seen being thrown into the wall by Shad in the Nether Fortress, and Shad yells at him for not retrieving Zane and instead tricking his brother. Shad than issues a guard to take Gene to the 'torture chamber' as punishment, and the guard drags a screaming Gene away from him.


In Season 1, Gene has black hair with lighter highlights, turquoise eyes and a completely black outfit with brown gloves and mask.

In Season 3, he wears the traditional Shadow Knight armor.


Gene is a loyal Shadow Knight general who will carry out any request from the Shadow Lord with virtually no remorse. He is a very heartless person who will do anything he will want to do. Gene is also extremely vengeful at Dante, due to what he did in his life, completely ignoring how his brother couldn't predict what would happen to him. Because of his powers to manipulate memories, he is very cruel and sadistic, willing to bring his brother endless despair, possibly even to the point of overkill since he already made their entire family and village forget he even existed. This is shown when he repeated his revenge tactic by erasing everyone's memories about Dante in Phoenix Drop and making Kawaii~Chan believe that she was married to him just to get her to find info about Zane. Although he would most likely not undo his curse if he obtained any info. His undying hatred towards his brother however gets him distracted from his tasks at hand, as he once returned to the Shadow Lord empty handed with no information on Zane.


  • The name Gene is a Greek name, meaning "Well Born".
  • He is Dante's older brother.
  • He was the head guard of his village before he died.
  • He has the power to alter anyone's memories.
  • Gene was killed because of Dante's actions.
  • Some fans speculated that he was the mysterious man helping Aphmau and Laurance against O'Khasis in the war, but that has been disproved (Aaron).
  • The element of Gene making Kawaii~Chan believe she is his wife is a time-honored tradition of evil brothers coveting their brother's wife. One of the most famous examples of this is in "Hamlet", where Claudius murdered his brother King Hamlet, father of the title character, in order to marry his sister-in-law Gertrude. At this time, it is unknown if Gene will meet a similar fate of being stabbed with a poisoned sword and then forced to drink from a poisoned chalice.


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