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"Out of Time"

"End of a Lifetime"

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*the episode starts off in the evening, a few hours or maybe minutes after Aaron's capture. 2 GF helicopters are seen flying past a few trees near the docks, only 1 staying still, 2 GF soldiers standing outside, while a pilot tries to ready the helicopter for take off*

GF (walky talky): status report.

GF female: mostly quiet here. a few guests had shown up but we've pointed them back towards the crowd

GF (walky talky): what?! don't send them here. the crowd is in an absolute panic! we are critically injured and there's a riot taking over a dock cruiser near the villas!

GF female: do you need backup?

GF (walky talky): immediately! abandon the post and make towards the shopping sector.

GF female: yes sir!

GF male: everything's gone to heck..

GF female: *contacts the pilot* Rodríguez, we're getting out of here. can you provide support from the air?

Rodríguez: wait what? we're leaving?!

GF female: lieutenant just said we're needed in the shopping centre. guests are going nuts and there are injured people there.

Rodríguez: you're gonna have to give me a second. I can't get off the ground that fast

GF male: don't worry. just radio us when you get over watch. we're headed out

*the 2 GF soldiers leave, Rodríguez starting up the helicopter, but as soon as he gets it starting, Toby sneaks in and places his hand on the GF pilot's shoulder*

Rodríguez: *gasps*

Toby: hello *gives the pilot a beating and throws him out of the helicopter* it's not like it belongs to you anyways *shuts the door*

Rodríguez: *flips over on his back* c-captain?! *Toby takes off, but once he gets in the air, the ground shakes* ah! another earthquake?!

civilians and GFS: *screaming*

Toby: *gasps in fright*

*an animation starts, a short one though. in the middle of the lake of Starlight, something white rises up from the sea, only the top of it comes out though, what was it?*

*with a whole bunch of scientists working on machines, a GF soldier coming in*


scientist 1: it's.. holding together.

scientist 2: all this stone and earth. I'd be surprised if we didn't lose a few systems

scientist 3: the gravity wells haven't been activated more then a millennia, there's just so much weight above it

scientist 1: *walks over to machine and analyses something* the haze matrix is down. we won't be able to focus the cannon.

Michael: *comes in* what about its ability to collect?

scientist 1: ah that system. it looks.. *turns around* fine.

Michael: *walks in closer* good. none of the other rooms matter. how's the prototype room? the one we found the old man in.

scientist 2: *typing, then turns around* it's in the middle of the cannon, it hasn't received any damage

Michael: *grins with an evil smile*

Zack: MICHAEL! *making Michael's expression go neutral and turn his head around with Zack far behind him at the doorway* WHAT DID YOU DO?!

Michael: *looks at the ground with a frown*


Michael: *neutral expression while walking* what does it matter? *stops* you, were so willing to put Ein in harms way. I just assumed you felt the same way about your daughter.

Zack: that's NOT the same!

Michael: *chuckles* what allows you to value the life, of one of your children, over the other? either they both matter, or they don't. you made your choice with Ein! and I just balanced it out*

Zack: that KID, was a monster!

Michael: and who's to say he wouldn't have been, if you stuck around? you were never, able, to sense how useful, your offspring were. *laughs softly* he had such a longing for greatness. and he valued his heritage above everything else. he, needed, a leader.

Zack: you and I both know he was born that way. you just liked to see people, suffer beneath him. that's why you liked him so much

Michael: such potential.. to bad his ego got in the way. he was never able to think 2 steps ahead, and therefore was a liability. I almost killed him myself for his arrogance. in the end he made his own choice to serve me. he was just a pawn.. like she was

Zack: she didn't deserve to die!

Michael: *chuckles softly, he glares at Zack with complete evil* Zack.. do you forget your place..? all that you wanted, all that you were willing! to sacrifise.. what's done is done! *Zack shows his teeth in anger* don't you dare undermine my decisions again..! or else.. I'll have to subdue you, *turns around* JUST. LIKE. EVERYONE OF THESE, MINDLESS. DRONES. *walks up tiny stairs* GET THE PROTOTYPE ROOM READY.

scientist 1: it'll be ready in less then an hour. *runs off to his objective*

Michael: *frowning expression* bring Derek and the old man there. when they're finished..

GF: yes sir!

Michael: I want them to see it firsthand! and Zack.. *Zack looks at the ground, calming himself down a little bit, looking up at Michael who has a grin* you'll be the one who activates it.

*with Aaron, still in his ultima form, lying down on a big stage, perfectly his size, with a muzzle around his mouth. multiple GF guarding him of course, 2 however pointing rifles right at him. then we enter his mind, completely covered blank with white. Aaron in his human form, having both knees on the ground, completely broken, tears rolling down his face, his eyes having such a heartbroken look on them. behind him however, was a lady, kind of similar to Aphmau, but it wasn't her, it was presumably lady Irene herself (I think)*

L.I: Aaron. can you hear me.? *Aaron doesn't reply* Aaron. they are going to do something horrible to you. you cannot stay here.

Aaron: I deserve this.

L.I: what happened, do your determination?

Aaron: you told me to accept who I am.. but in the end. they were right. I am a monster. murderer.

L.I: no. this doing, was not of your own. someone wanted you to fall.. he wanted you to suffer.

Aaron: it's all my fault.. everything.. it's my fault..

L.I: you have the power, to leave this place. the power to prevent further destruction.

Aaron: I don't want to.. anymore... I just wanna vanish.

L.I: Aaron. *touches her chest* my power, is a dying light, on its last breath. *shows her eyes and her voice gets a little more lighter* you cannot, come back from this.

Aaron: just let me go...

L.I: if they take you, your soul will not return to this dream. you will cease, to ever exist again. and a third lifetime will never be possible.

Aaron: I just want to die...

L.I: *looks at the ground and takes her hand away from her chest, looking back up shortly* the man I knew, lost everything. somewhere, I decided to give it back. I'm sorry, I couldn't save them. *a little look on Aaron's expression* please. stand.

*with Zack, who walks through the corridors with empty rooms on the side, except for 1, he walks over to it*

Zack: it won't be long now.

Derek: *angry expression, sitting down* I heard, what you did. your own daughter.

Zack: that wasn't my decision.






Zack: *looks at the ground, then looking up* I don't care. I'll have everything I want, everything I've dreamt of for years. I'll be so rich, I won't have to lift a finger for the rest of my life. (2 words. coward! slacker!)

Derek: yeah. and who's gonna be there with you? who are you going to share your fantastic future with? that's right, no one.

Zack: I don't care. *shakes head* it doesn't matter.

Derek: *looks at the ground, with a sad expression, looking back up* what, happened to you..? why did you become like this..?

Zack: because I realised, I wanted something no one else would. eeryone was content, living out their little lives, with their little families. I wanted more. they were just in the way.

Derek: she wanted to find you.. she wanted you to be there, for her big day.. she knew you walked out, and she still wanted you there... *a little look on Zack's expression* you have no idea what you've done.. but you've lost...

Zack: *gets even more angry, showing his teeth* that is just so, EASY, for you to say. *puts away his teeth* LOOK AT YOU! you TOOK all of our wealth when you locked us away! you got to live in luxury, WITHOUT DOING A DAMN THING! and now look, look at what you've lost. was it worth it? now your son will die because of you.

Derek: *a terrified expression* Zack! please! don't, let them do this to him! let them take me instead! please, she was supposed to marry him! he made her happy! I'll do anything! PLEASE! *Zack gets surprised and back aways* PLEASE ZACK! I'LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT! *Zack looks at the ground* please...

Zack: *angry expression and looks up* I'm sorry. *walks off*

Derek: Zack wait. he doesn't deserve this.. let them take me.

*by the time Zack gets to the end of the corridor, he looks down the way he came before exiting*

Derek: *bangs on his cell door, eventually gives up and sits down next to it with a sad expression* what have I done...? Rowan. was I, a good dad...?

Rowan: *turns around and is right next to the door in his cell* huh?

Derek: in your opinion, how did I do..?

Rowan: *sits down next to his door as well* Derek. you, are one of the best fathers, that I have ever had the grace in meeting in my lifetime, you did your best with what you had, with what life dealt you. (off screen, with Derek) you never hesitated to do, what you felt was best for your family, even, if it meant, playing the bad guy. (on screen) you're strong, and courageous and you've persevered, through some of the worst hardships that any man could've faced. (on screen with Derek beginning to cry) y'know. your dad, (on screen) he asked me, that same question, the night before he died. he was so worried about what would happen to you.. (off screen) he gave up, everything, so he could protect you and your brother.

Derek: and.. in the end, he just wound up dead..

Rowan: *stands up and speaks through the door* he gave his life for you..! that terrible night, the night your mother and her family.. were killed. he transformed into that, beast... as soon as he found out about what happened. and then the guardian forces thought he killed them. I don't blame him for what happened.. he loved all of you so much

Derek: and he was never there when I needed him.

Rowan: *turns around* he was always there, even now. you know this. sometimes, a bear, needs to sacrifice their own well being, in order to protect their children, you should know that better, then anyone else. *Derek gets a bit curious on this and turns to a surprised expression* he made sure you would be okay.

Derek: *his pupils shrink, realising something* did he.. did he ask you to watch over me?

Rowan: *laughs softly* I don't know what you're talking about.

Derek: you've always, been there for me. ever since then, everyone else left, but, you..

Rowan: he didn't want you to grow up alone Derek.. so I, made a promise, if anything happened to him, or your mother, then I would be there for you. *Derek goes back to a sad expression, with tears* he loved you, and every action he took, was to protect, you.

Derek: everything that I haven't done...! I really was, a bad father..! Melissa, Aaron. Rachel... I'm, so, sorry... *breathes in* I just wanted to keep you all safe..

Rowan: Derek. Aaron, is still here and he needs you.. don't give up on him. he has as much potential as you did.

Derek: *serious expression and stands up* no. he has more. he always has!

Rowan: then let's do something about this.

*with Aaron, the GF from earlier (in the science room) approaching him*

GF: it's time.

*Aaron in his ultima form stands up*

*with Aaron in his mind. Lady Irene still being there with him, Aaron not even looking like he flinched*

L.I: you can't come back from this. you need to be the one who saves yourself

*in the real world, the GF'S begin to escort Aaron to a room, rifles being pointed at him from behind. but as he gets escorted, Zack watches with a sad face as a grandson pays the price for something of his grandfather*

*with Derek and Rowan, both handcuffed, and escorted as well, to their very own front row seats to an execution*

GF 1: on your knees. *Rowan being the first to kneel down*

GF 2: Michael wants to witness, what happens.

Derek: *kneels down, trying to get himself free of the handcuffs immediately*

Rowan: I've been trying. it's no use.. these aren't ordinary cuffs.

Derek: w-we need to break free *immediately when Aaron walks in, he gasps* Aaron, what, did they do to you?

*Aaron continues to walk, stopping in the middle of a circle, 7 octagons pieced together inside it. 3 GF soldiers pointing their rifles, while 1 had no need to*

GF: lay down!

Michael: *walks into the control room above, pointing to the side, signalling the GF officers that they were not needed anymore, the 4 of them all leaving, Michael then grinning evilly at Aaron* beautiful, isn't it? being able to see, such a beast, completely subdued

Derek: *angry expression* I can't let this happen.

*in the control room, a GF officer approaches Michael*

GF: sir. there's been no sign of the blue sword in question. we've scoured the perimeter

Michael: (off screen, where a bit of the ground was cracked* I already told you, you are not going to find it here. she already, took it, back.

*the GF leaves, Zack coming in*

Zack: *sad expression* what is it going to do to him?

Michael: *grins* the celestial cannon. *we're shown giant blue device, held up above the ground on the roof* ,a device, so powerful, it could move meteors, comets, anything, that threatens our world. *normal* and it was fueled, by the souls of an entire civilization! however, that fuel can be used another way. *with Aaron lying down* it can be used, to create objects of absolute power, objects, known as relics. *normal* over thousands of centuries, relics became lost to our history, completely unknown to mankind. objects of myths and legends. but I lived for so long, held one in my hand at that, that only I, know of their capabilities. *evil expression* but they have a lifetime. made a few hundred, or thousand years *with Derek and Rowan* and in order to create new ones, sacrifices must be made. *angry expression* the goddess Irene! was not the matron history paints her as. her powers came, from an individual human soul, that she, cultivated into a relic. her own, daughter! and she did it *a long shot of the crack on the ground* in this, very room. *with Aaron (ultima)* and now *back to Michael with a grin* it's my turn.

Derek: let, him, go! take me instead!

*Michael looks at Derek, a scientist leaving at once*

Michael: *laughs* Derek, I already told you. you don't have what I need. not anymore. *with Derek and Rowan* his, uncontrollable curse, blinded by rage. his curse will produce a relic this world has never! all I had to do, was break him down. and make sure, he had victims to take

Derek: you.. *angry expression* you, planned this?!

Michael: of course I did. there's a reason the ultima is feared! and I just made sure he had reason to kill! *with Aaron (ultima) your son could barely control himself! it, was, MASTERFUL! *with Zack* and now, he's in just the right state. a cursed soul with blood on his hands, and a broken mind. ready to accept whatever fate! awaits him. *with him* it will make it easy to control


Michael: I don't need him to. because at this point his soul, is so corrupt, and broken. that this relic will be fueled by destruction! it will be more powerful then anyone can imagine! *with Derek and Rowan* then, once I have it, I will break into her realm! and I will kill her! slowly. *with Michael who has an evil expression* ending the cycle of rebirth and making me, the MASTER OF THIS WORLD! *a more calmer expression with a grin* everything here will be mine! to play with.

Scientist: sir! it's just about ready.

Michael: *turns around* Zack~ show me your loyalty

*with human Aaron and Lady Irene*

L.I: please, Aaron. *moves closer*you need to be the man I remember, you need to stand up and fight. *Aaron doesn't respond* remember when you saved me from those wolves? *moves closer* when you saved Garroth. when we stopped Shad..! this man, he is worse. *Aaron still doesn't respond* he will take you, *moves closer* and use you to kill more people. he will kill everyone you know! and you'll be gone! only you, can prevent this *moves closer* please, Aaron.. I need you.

*with Michael and Zack, Michael runs to Zack and points at a red button*

Michael: the console is right there. when they give the "all clear", activate it! and may I remind you, of what will happen! if you refuse.

Rowan: *tries to break the handcuffs and breathes in frustration* they won't break! we need to do something else!

Derek: *surprised expression* Aaron! you need to get up! GET OUT OF HERE! *Aaron doesn't reply, let alone even move*

*after a few seconds, the blue thing from earlier starts to glow and lets out an electrifying noise*

Scientist: *turns around* sir! it's just about ready

*with Aaron and Lady Irene*

L.I: you need, to at least get up and run.. *moves closer* I cannot do this for you! if I do anything more, I will fade from this world. *moves closer* I will die! if I save you.. *Aaron doesn't respond..*

*with Michael and Zack. Michael starting to lose his patience, still pointing his finger*

Michael: do it..

*Zack says nothing, but holds his hand above the red button, that is presumably, probably supposed to activate the blue thing. but before he does, he looks at Derek*

Derek: please, please, please Zack.. don't.. please.. don't! please! don't!

*Rowan says nothing, but we're shown a little second of his worried expression*'

*with Aaron and Lady Irene*

L.I: Aaron, Aaron! *while moving* say something! *stops in front of Aaron* Aaron! AARON!

*with Michael*

Michael: *furious expression* WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! PRESS IT!

*with Aaron and Lady Irene*

L.I: *moves to the other side of Aaron* please do something! anything! please!

*with Rowan and Derek, both surprised. then with an enraged and impatient Michael, who pushes Zack out of the day and presses the button himself, finally back with Aaron and Lady Irene, Lady Irene looking up at something, starting up an animation, an emotional one...*

*the animation starts off on the outside of the building that is still floating on water, in the middle of it, we see a blue light. we then go back to Aaron who still refuses to get up, ready to accept his fate. but by the time his death is given, a barrier is placed, it protects him, for now. Michael watches with Zack at the back, completely shocked. we then see, Lady Irene is using her power to protect Aaron, Derek seeing this and being completely worried. however, Lady Irene starts to lose the fight*


*Derek hears the goddesses call, shocked. he stares eye to eye with Rowan, Rowan giving him a tiny nod as if he's saying goodbye. and he was... the agent distracts the guards by shoving 1 over so the other can have a look, that giving Derek the opportunity to leap into action, Zack watching with complete amazement. then, as Derek runs to his sons aid, we see 3 non mine craft drawn flashbacks. the first being him holding Aaron as a baby for the first time, the second being him playing with Aaron. the last being a romantic scene with Rachel.. finally, as he gets close to him, Aaron raises up his head, his human form showing also, his tears shredding, but being curious on what he's looking at. he doesn't look for long though, because Derek pushes him right out of the way, sacrificing himself for his son. Aaron watches this standing up, he is shocked, human Aaron is still on his knees, looking straight at his father, until Lady Irene saves him by teleportation. afterwards, Derek stays in the middle of the light, giving himself up for use*

*the animation is done, first we see Rowan standing up and looking at 2 of the GFS who are now stunned on the ground, then we see Michael beginning to stand up unlike all the others beside him, including Zack. he is enraged on what just happened*

Michael: *while walking over to the red button* no.. no. no. No! NOOO!

*now to end off the episode, we see, right in the middle of where the light struck Derek, Derek being removed of his physical form, and stays floating, not able to move, as a relic.*