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The Guardian Force is a legion of soldiers in search for the Ultima, and the main group of antagonists in MyStreet: When Angels Fall. They fought an Ultima before when one attacked Bright Port, so they know how dangerous an Ultima can be.

Ever since Michael got into the picture, he slowly took full control of the entire legion under Toby's nose, turning their goal from protecting civilians to being Michael's henchmen. Their goals now were to imprison and manipulate werewolves, find the celestial cannon, and to make sure that the Ultima goes on a rampage.

Michael had them put the entire island under lockdown to enforce fear of being trapped with an Ultima and other werewolves. They would use both physical and armed force on those who attempt to enter or leave. After brutally decimating the beach resort, the Guardian Force forbid guests from accessing the area while also not paying attention to any lost items.

When Michael mentally forced a guard to kill an unarmed and cooperative civilian just because it was Derek’s daughter, Toby started to believe there was a mole in the group. Michael also assumingly had Rachel executed by gunfire moments after her capture.

With only Toby left not under his control, Michael sent him on a false mission to the werewolf refugee camp so Ein could use a forever potion on him. Ein told Toby that his men no longer follow him and now serve someone more worthy of being in control. When Toby managed to escape with Daniel, he was ordered to be captured. Toby contacted J.O.N. to retrieve the werewolves in the cave and watch out for a dangerous human, but she kept saying that she needed to know his location. Toby realized what Ein said was true when J.O.N. mentioned Ein's name, with Daniel mentioning to Toby that he never told her that.

When the "evacuation" started, the trapped guests in Starlight were gathered in the main walkways and were told to make their way to the boats at the south of the resort. In reality, there were no boats, as pointed out by one of the soldiers. Another guard told him that they won't make it there anyway. The Guardian Force instead lead the guests to the pond, where they were forced to witness Aaron going on a rampage. A massive majority of the guests accidentally looked into Aaron's eyes and died from transforming into werewolves. When Michael confronted Aaron, it was revealed that he orchestrated Aaron's grandfather's rampage as well, with the only flaw being Toby's father killing him. After capturing the Ultima, the Guardian Forces made sure no one made their way to the docks.

It is later revealed that Michael's control over the troops made them less observant. It is also revealed that their weapons were only loaded while barricading the island and hunting down the Ultima.

Trivia Edit

  • In general, the Guardian Force could be considered antiheroes or anti villains. Their duty is to protect people, but the way they do it is questionable. This does not refer to Michael, Elizabeth, Zack, and Ein however.
  • "Guardian Forces" was also the name of one of the Twitter accounts from Joseph's wordsearch that contained a tweet reading J6yTr9", which was part of the hyperlink for the unlisted second trailer of MyStreet Season 6. This also means that the group of protagonists on Starlight likely will refer to themselves as "The Lycan Resistance".
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