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January 9th, 2019



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He Confesses...?

"HEART POWERS ACTIVATE!" is the 2nd episode of 'Heart Point'. It premiered on January 9th, 2019.


"3 weeks until prom? Let’s do this!"


Aphmau continues to confuse Cyrus, Nakano, and Theo in the dorm as she goes on about hearts and stars. She mentions meeting Beatrice before she passed out, and when questioned by Nakano she's greeted with another game window: this time, a choice between going after Beatrice and reassuring her friends that she's safe. She chooses to pursue Beatrice, and is seemingly teleported out of the dorm, shocking everyone.

Beatrice appears behind her after she's called in the common, and explains to Aphmau that she gave her this gift because she likes her. She explains that it's the gift of insight, and that Aph can now instantly tell how anyone feels about her from a glance- and that the stars represent friendship, while the hearts represent romantic feelings. She realizes Cyrus had four hearts and immediately remarks that it isn't her business, and Beatrice tells her that the only way to get rid of the 'game' in her vision, is to win it by winning someone's heart. She disappears again before she explains anything else. Cyrus finds Aphmau from her yelling, but she's presented with another choice: to greet Cyrus, or to process her emotions elsewhere. She chooses the second, and is teleported away again.

Aphmau is teleported to the roof, where she looks out at the sunset. She's interrupted by a punk senior, who uses this spot to ditch class often. They get along despite him wanting her to leave his spot, teasing each other. Ryo mentions a kid sibling, and once he learns Aph's name, he recalls that his kid sibling hangs out with her. He introduces himself as Ryo Nakano, and leaves. Just before he does, though, a heart appears above his head, and when Aphmau notices her face flushes red. She gains a burst of confidence, shouting off the roof that she's going to find a new boyfriend and have a dream prom. Below, Theo and Nakano hear her and start for the stairs to go get her.



  • There's a hidden wolf plush on the kitchen counter of the Common when Aphmau is talking to Beatrice.



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