Halloween Party
MyStreet S3 EP14
Season 3, Episode 14
Post Date October 29, 2016
Duration 16:35
Written By Aphmau
Produced By Dom
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"Laurance's Baby Brother"
"MyStreet Trick or Treat! PT. 2"
"Halloween Party! PT.1" is the 14th episode of the third season of MyStreet and the 74th episode overall. It premiered on October 29th, 2016.

Blurb Edit

"Lucinda is in charge of the neighborhood Halloween party this year and she's determined to make this party great!"

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Lucinda leaves her house to prepare for the Halloween Party, conjuring decorations in her yard in advance. She spreads them all over the street before Aphmau notices, amazed with how thoroughly she decorated. She then says she's surprised Lucinda is awake, excited for Halloween.

Aphmau continues to compliment her, Lucinda asking what she wants and insisting until Aphmau tells her she wants nothing in a hushed tone, telling her it really was a genuine compliment. She suggests they hang out more, even though Lucinda is busy with her potion shop during the night.

After complaining about not being able to decorate, Lucinda lets her set up and decorate a table. She's interrupted by Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan showing up, Katelyn having brought the strawberry puffs that her dad made for the party. Kawaii~Chan sighs in relief, having thought the two were going to fight.

Aph comes back, all four of them excited for the Halloween party that night. Katelyn asks what their costumes are going to be, everyone insisting their costumes are going to be surprises for the others. Afterwards, they all volunteer to help Lucinda out with setting up.

The scene cuts to the party, Aphmau leaving her house to show off her werewolf costume to a matching Aaron standing outside. She howls, getting teased for it, before she notices "Katelyn" standing behind her. She asks where Kawaii~Chan is, getting a confused reaction. KC laughs and compliments herself to Aphmau, for her to be confused again. Aaron starts to tell her the truth, stopping mid-sentence.

Garroth and Travis greet Laurance, Dante, and Gene, after Laurance and Dante have trouble finding the costumes to match the other two. Travis questions Gene for not joining them, and he says he prefers things like vampires instead. Laurance says he wishes his baby brother was there, Travis just saying he'd like to stay away from babies for a while. On Gene's suggestion, they turn around to find a group of toddlers behind them, all four screaming and running away while Gene laughs.

Lucinda watches the party in her Pikachu costume, glad with how it's turning out. She's interrupted by someone calling out to her, turning to see Ivan with a couple of friends. She tells him it's a neighborhood private party, and that he can't be there, only for him to insist she has no idea whether he's a part of it or not. She says he can stay, but she never wants to see him again afterwards.

He asks his friends to give him a moment alone with Lucinda, admitting he messed up, and that what he did was an accident. Lucinda reprimands him for it, brushing him off and angrily saying that him cheating on her with another girl couldn't have been an accident. He again tries to apologize, Lucinda telling him to leave her alone. He starts to keep talking, Laurance interrupting him and suggesting he leaves as well. Ivan listens, walking off, and Lucinda tells Laurance about how her and Ivan used to date, but she doesn't want to talk about it.

Laurance approaches Ivan, demanding to talk to him. He asks him to leave again, telling him his presence is ruining the party. Ivan denies him, Garroth coming over and asking if everything's okay. Travis and Dante join them, Travis repeating that he should leave again after saying Lucinda's told him about Ivan. After reiterating that he doesn't want to leave, Ivan suggests a scaring contest- whoever scares the partygoer he chooses the most wins. If he wins, he stays. He chooses Aphmau, Garroth almost revealing they know Aphmau before Laurance cuts him off. Travis does the same after Ivan leaves, Laurance saying he feels more comfortable scaring her over a complete stranger.

Zane approaches Aph and Aaron, wearing the costume that Aphmau apparently bought for him. Gene teases him, Aphmau complimenting his costume and getting Gene flirting a bit in return. Aaron and Zane get frustrated with him, before Ivan appears behind Aphmau and scares her, making her jump. She's shaken up after, before dragging her friends along to participate in party activities.

Laurance and the other three boys decide they have to step up their game, continuing to scare Aphmau while Ivan does the same. She ends up extremely shaken, Laurance frustrated with the fact that they're losing the contest. Aaron and Zane get onto their case about scaring Aphmau, yelling at the four for it. After Laurance explains, Aaron says he has a much easier way of scaring Aph than what they're doing.

Aphmau asks Laurance to leave her alone when he approaches, but he tells her that Aaron wants to break up with her, and she screams at the top of her lungs, starting to cry. Ivan yells out in frustration at his obvious loss, Laurance mocking him for it. He insists he'll win somehow before walking off and leaving Aaron to comfort Aphmau and tell her it wasn't true. Aph attacks Laurance, Garroth, Travis, and Dante for it.

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Trivia Edit

  • Lucinda's costume is a reference to Pikachu, from Pokemon.
  • In the background, dozens of cosplayers can be seen dressed up as: Rainbow Dash, Jack Skellington, Saitama, Ness, Spider-Man, Papyrus, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and even Ross himself is there.

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Halloween Party! PT.1 - MyStreet Lover's Lane -S3 Ep

Halloween Party! PT.1 - MyStreet Lover's Lane -S3 Ep.14 Minecraft Roleplay-

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