Phoenix Drop High 24
Season 1, Episode 24
Post Date June 3, 2016
Duration 13:32
Written By Aphmau
Produced By Dom
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"Who's Coming to Dinner?"
"Aphmau Has a Baby!?"

"Heartbreaker" is the 24th episode of MyStreet Phoenix Drop HighIt premiered on June 3rd, 2016. 


"Aphmau walks a day in Dante's shoes."

Episode OverviewEdit




  • This marks Cadenza's first full appearance. She is first seen in "Werewolf Class" as a club representative, most likely sewing. However, only the back of her head is shown. 
  • At the end of the episode, Jeffory and Katelyn are broken up. The reason for their separation is left unknown.
  • Since Aphmau won the bet against Dante, he will no longer be the influence to his flirtatious side. However, this may be too late as the present Travis is more affectionate and playful.
  • Dante mentions having four girlfriends, two of whom are Kawaii~Chan and Nicole.
  • It is implied that while Aphmau was under the disguise of a male student, she took on the name Adrian, from her Pixel Painters episode "The Ro'Meave Sisters."
  • Before the episode aired, KamiWasa and MegaMoeka, the voice of Jeff and Sasha, were "flirting" on Twitter prior to the episode airing. 
  • According to Katelyn and Jeffory, final exams are about to happen. This suggests that the current season is nearing to summer and the end of the school year.
  • The episode is one of the few that uses a popular pop song, specifically "How to be a Heartbreaker" by Welsh recording artist Marina And The Diamonds. In the episode, the song has been "nightcored", meaning the pitch and speed have been altered (this was likely used to avoid copyright infringement), and the version of the song used in the episode can be found here

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Heartbreaker - MyStreet Phoenix Drop High -Ep

Heartbreaker - MyStreet Phoenix Drop High -Ep.24 Minecraft Roleplay-

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