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Her Grief
MC Diaries 2 82
Season 2, Episode 82
Post Date

April 5th, 2016



Written by

Jess and Jason/Dom

Directed by

Jess and Jason/Dom

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"His Choice"

"Ivy and The Wolf"

"Her Grief" is the eighty-second episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 2, and was uploaded on April 5th, 2016.


"....Aphmau falls into despair."

Episode Overview[]

The video starts when Garroth is fixing up the docks talking to himself if he should help Aphmau or not. It moves on to Aphmau's old house. Lilith watches Aphmau cry and think to herself. Katelyn knocks then walks in. Katelyn stutteringly talks to Aphmau about her past, and what she knows and what she went through. Before that she puts down a tea set/tray for her. She also states that they still haven't been able to find Laurance or Vylad. She also tells Aphmau about the village and Garroth. The last thing Katelyn said was about Lilith and how she will be strong like her father. Aphmau breaks out into tears and the next scene rolls in. Katelyn walks down to see Garroth working. She walks away and Garroth looks up wondering who that was.

A flashback rolls in, Garroth tries to talk to Aphmau on how sorry he feels and not being able to do anything. Aphmau faints and Dante comes with his blades. Dante asks what happened and Garroth asks if that was Dante. Dante asks what happened to Aphmau and if she is alright. Dante walks out of her old house and speaks to Garroth. He says she hasn't eaten anything Kawaii Chan left for her. She spends all her time looking after Lilith. Even Levin and Malachi can't seem to reach her. She hasn't left her house for days, since the memorial. He asks if he is sure he (Garroth) doesn't want to see her.

Garroth disappointed and devastated replies saying, what would he say or do to comfort her, because he feels like it is his fault or the main reason this whole ordeal happened. Dante says it isn't and Garroth just feels it is. He starts to wonder where Laurance is, because he could put a smile on anyone's face even if they weren't happy. He starts to say that this isn't the Laurance he knew. Dante implies that Vylad and Laurance must be together because they haven't seen either of them. Garroth surprised says that he thought Vylad had died. He says that he was gone for barely a moment and everything has changed. He starts to list starting with Levin becoming the Lord of Phoenix Drop. Dante explains the job isn't easy right now. He says that was no small explosion and there was no way people didn't see it, including Tu-La. Garroth wishes that there was more he could do. Dante says he would help him if he could, but he has his hands full. Garroth starts to ask him a question but shakes it off. Dante says if he (Garroth) needs anything he can come to him for help. Garroth starts to walk down and see's the dock broken down. He starts to think, then gets to work on it.

He gets a flashback on another event, he is down by the docks and Aphmau asks what's wrong. He says he needed fresh air and Aphmau says of course he does, because he has been wearing the helm, as long as she has known him. She asks if he is still punishing himself and he explains he left the whole village down. She listens, then tries to make him feel better. She says things can happen, she needs him and he can talk to her about his problems. She says gets some sleep. The next scene comes and he says I haven't forgotten. He puts away his hammer and walks to her house.


  • The episode features full voice acting, including scenes that aren't cut scenes.
    • This may have been done to keep the sorrowed atmosphere, considering that it is Aphmau who has fallen in grief. 
  • The thumbnail for this episode features Aaron's sword and bandanna



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